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Ron Paul for President

Each year we allow the media's supposition to sway our vote; then the vote becomes someone else's, not ours anymore. I've been voting that way for years; and now look what we have - the same old stuff, the same old folks, the same old same old, each year making it worse.

This year I am voting the way I want to vote, for the individual in whom I believe - no, not for myself, but for the individual whom I believe will best serve our future interests and the cause of this Nation. So these are my beliefs:

I am tired of working men and women paying income taxes as if their lives, talents and abilities, and time were worth nothing, or should be automatically discounted. I am tired of the FED manipulating the value of money without audit; of delivering our nation into a debt system disguised as credit, and manipulating the economy to the point where individuals have to live on debt rather than pay by cash, all at profits to the banks. I am sick of the fact that the money we earn today has lost its value tomorrow and is worth less than what we paid in labor for it, plus reduced even further by an income tax wrongully applied.

I am tired of the few public officials living the life of trememdous benefits while no one else is able to obtain the same. I am tired of seeing life's work go out the window by the time one passes due to the actions of politicians who pass bill-after-bill, creating out of control bureaucracies of vampires who live by night and day, sucking the blood from working Americans of every level.

I am disgusted with and humiliated by the current Washington example to the general public and foreign nations, making me almost ashamed to say I am an American. I shun the lawlessness and debauchery of many of our elected officials who appear to be uttterly morally and spiritually bankrupt, and yet who lay their righteous decisions upon the backs of the American people at their whim in the name of goodness. I am tired of being a slave.

Enough is enough. I am not a member of any political party, and for good reason: look how the parties control who is in control; how their media moguls dance to their tune; how the real desires of the people are set aside is if they are worthless - look at the choices we are given that are not ours, but theirs.

I am tired of paying for benefits to private political parties, like supplying protection to candidates who are not yet elected; or paying for non-constitutional primary elections to the benefit of these two parties only. They are private corporations, not government entities; why should they receive any benefit from our economy if they choose to have a primary election?

But most of all, I am sick and tired of the Constitution, the Law of the Land, the people's law, brushed aside at every vote, at every proposal, and then used only when convenient. Why, for example, should anyone have to go to the Supreme Court, or any court, to prove what is constitutionally right? Are we really that ignorant of what Right and Wrong is? Justice is not just a punitive measure, Justice is what must be applied to all actions. We are facing that great question right now with the "illegal alien" issue. Justice does not have someone else accept the responsiblity for actions of another wtihout their full agreement.

That's why this year I am voting for Ron Paul. Whether he wins or not is up to God, not me. I am not encouraging anyone to do the same, that is up to you and them. but I am encouraging you to vote for and support whom you know or believe is best, even if its Gunga Din; don't give away your vote anymore. God will give us what is best. That I firmly believe.

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agree,and am voting Dr.Paul,no matter what.

Thank you , my favorite point is this one you made

" Why, for example, should anyone have to go to the Supreme Court, or any court, to prove what is constitutionally right? Are we really that ignorant of what Right and Wrong is" This demonstrates exactly why we have to get involved at every level and position from the top up. For the first time I got involved by attending our state convention. Do it! We need you. It's very rewarding!

I don't think you are tired and sick enough

That's nice that you will vote for Ron Paul. We have something in common.

Instead of being tired of the way things are, I suggest you join the GOP. I was afraid to join, but you know what? I wasted my time being afraid. Just like you are wasting you'r time being tired.

I'm on a Republican Central Committee.. PLEASE join me. Help Ron Paul make the changes you and me want to see.

Stop being tired and get active. We can have fun doing this.

We can vote NO to the UN, and we can tell our memebers why we are voting NO, and we can vet candidates and issues. It's really not that hard. It really doesn't take that much time. Like Ron Paul says, half the battle is showing up.

So come on... let's restore America to constitution government together.

It sure beats being tired.

Sick and Tired and joining the GOP

I both appreciate and respect your beliefs; but joining the GOP would do me no good whatsoever because I would have to align myself with a particular group whose thinking and actions I cannot be responsible for, and one that takes its own side against tat of another; in other words, essentially, there is division and not unity. One is right and the other is wrong. One is left, the other is right. One is conservative, the other is liberal. Unity cannot be achieved under such conditions. We witness this result today.

I am not a "joiner" however, but an independent thinker, although I might agree with some or many of the ideals of any party, such as the Libertarian view, or others. All of the parties, at one time or another, have brought forward good things. But what I am addressing in my thoughts is a resolution to current conditions, which resolution is both spiritual and material. I don't think we have to align with a particular party to see resolution; rather I believe we must serve the people according to law, rather than create disunity through blaming one party for this or that. I believe this way because this is supposed to be the United States (our Federal Government's "style" or name).

You ask me to work together, and brother, that touches my heart. This is what we should be doing, working together in unity to make the so-called American Dream manifest into reality. But all can understand and witness, especially at this time, how powerless Congress and the Supreme Court appears to be when anarchism and progressiveness has no intent of union. That's why I am sincerely sad and why I have made the statements I have made.

We tend to exalt individuals; Ron Paul is no different. I have followed him for years and I sincerely feel he is my own best choice. But I do not think of him as a God, or King, or Star; and I understand that the real power lies in the power of the veto where the President is concerned - a position that needs to be put back in the confines of its own circle. I believe Ron Paul will use the real powers of the President in a legal fashion; but you and I both know, regardless of the will and devotion of the President to the Law of the Land, without unity we will remain in the same condition. And sadly, the media, in order to maintain its ratings and revenue stream, will keep sides at odds in order to have something exciting to say.

Your outlook is terrific; the direction of participation you have chosen certainly will bear good fruit. Thank-you for your kind response.

Guy E. Shannon

I think of Ron Paul as a mentor

Every person on the central committee is an individual with seperate religious and political differences. Some are far more liberal than me. This is what makes it interesting. Like Daily Paul, many of us ehre don't agree with each other.

I was afraid to join the GOP. MSM had poisioned my idea of what and who they are.

There are open seats on central committees. When I imagine those seats being filled with Ron Paul Republicans, even thse who I don't agree with, I begin to think how we could change the GOP to a Liberty party, but we have to join them and overcome them to accomplish that.

Thank you for the compliments as they reflect your moral values which I find respectable, and it's our loss for you to not join with us, not yours.

Peace be with you.

Ron Paul is the only choice

there is too much at stake to turn this country over to another nwo elitist tool. Like our childrens future.

Rant Was Good

...sad also....especially today. Needed a good rant. Thanks.
Doing the same. Voting for Ron Paul. Let God sort it all out.



Applause! The rant was right

Applause! The rant was right on.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home