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Ann Coulter On Alex Jones c. 2003

Ms. Coulter must have had a word with her publicist after this appearance:


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haha, now that was funny. I

haha, now that was funny.

I wonder why, suddenly, ann thinks this president has so much power, but the last one didn't

That was great

I only started listening to Alex in '07 or '08, and I had no idea she had been on his show. He really worked her over after giving her many chances to come clean on some issues. She really showed her hand when she said she didn't believe the Patriot Act™ allowed the secret arrest of American citizens, that she hadn't read the bill, and that she wasn't going to. The only flaw in Alex's delivery was ripping her apart at the end. I know it must have been just too tempting after her chicken dance around his questions, but it surely didn't help his chances of getting other neo-cons on his show.

ann coulter must really need to try to sell book

can't believe i am seeing the day with ann coulter on alex jones. i think it is a good sign that the neocons are going down.