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Probably just a fantasy, but...

Just hoping....what if, Ron ran as a third party...got in to the debates with the two other clowns, dressed them down and did what he has always done: exposed more people to the ideal of Liberty. Now, admittedly, his chances of outright success would be a long shot, but at a time when most people are paying attention, the ideas would be heard...
Meanwhile, Rand takes the position of continued support for Romney...just as he has said he would support the republican nominee all along...this would be in defiance of his father's own independent campaign. This would endear the (supposed) republicans to Rand for life, as he picked "party" over fidelity to his father.
Worse case scenario...either Obama wins or Romney wins (the same person in my opinion), but Rand gains control of the entire party and the crap that happened in LA - never happens again.

And Rand, or another True Republican, who protects our inalienable rights, finally rises to the Presidency.

We are in a new phase and we have to think strategic.

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...it is a fantasy. though more like a delusion.