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Resource Based Economy vs. Libertarianism

What are people's thoughts on this video? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVUz6uUi9AU&feature=related

I just came across this video and watched it and it pretty good. The reason i posted this is because i saw that post from the other person about the Zeitgeist thing. Now, before anybody starts an argument or debate here, all i want you to post is, if you have watched the video and what your logical and rational conclusions are. Don't post about how TVP is NWO because i will NOT respond. The Venus Project recently even put out a video clarifying they have nothing to do with the NWO, the Resource Based Economy will not allow corporations and big government to survive. And instead of believing all these negative conspiracy theories about The Venus Project, then just take the ideas from the things you learn, the ideas that you think are good, and discard the rest of what is said. Take those individual ideas and grow them, add in other angles.

Now please be responsible, mature and rational here. We are not just trying to restore America, we are trying to change the world for the better. It doesn't matter who created/started/lead's any movement, the only thing that matters is the people who carry on the ideas of any movement. You can merge ideas, you can come together as a whole to decide as a whole (when the time comes) on where to go from here.

Ron Paul and his message, to me, provides us with a great restoration and then transition into a newer, better, safer and freer civilization. It's time to stop putting people in power and instead take our power back and lead ourselves.

I am not trying to start arguments here, i am merely trying to get people thinking and seeing a bigger picture that can all be made reality, because of Ron Paul and Ron Paul, would go down in history as the man who inspired all of it. Out of Ron Paul, our future can be great, greater than it would be if we as America just rebooted our system with our original principles in place and believe that nothing bad could ever happen again. It's time to evolve, it's time to adapt, and quite frankly i am a BIG dreamer.

I have ADHD, my brain works differently, and i honestly believe if we can get our shit together then we can bring our world into a never before seen type of system where everyone and everything is truly free and volunteerism and respectfulness along with common sense and love for each other, can bring us world peace. No dream/idea is too big, just ask Ron Paul.

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Not necessarily incompatible..?

I don't have sound on my computer so I didn't take the time to watch the vid.

I will say that my view of the free market may be different than most. I don't see the market as some great engine of growth as is declared by staunch defenders of capitalism. I see the free market as a natural byproduct of a free society--untainted by legal tender laws, engineered inflation, usury and corporatism. A truly free market doesn't necessarily invoke the spirit of an Austrian economist; it simply allows for multiple forms of currency and spurns intervention. IMO, a resource-based economy isn't incompatible with the free market; I believe it enhances the marketplace.

With that said, some interesting takes on 'the science of rational allocation of resources...'
*"Deep Economy" by Bill McKibben
*"The Gratis Economy" by Andras Kelen

Lest someone read these and label me a collectivist, I couldn't be further from that. I am an ultimate individualist, and as an idvidualist I recognize the natural right of others to associate as they see fit. If they want communism, then they should be not be hindered in their endeavors; if they want capitalism, then they should be suffered to freely engage in the marketplace. Individuals recognize the rights of other individuals. If I feel communism is a flawed ideal, then I should not be forcibly subjected to its yield and vice versa.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

I'm surprised that this

I'm surprised that this didn't get much of a response. I've spent a lot of time thinking about a resource based economy and had mixed feelings about it. My main concern with it was that it really looks a lot like communism, and in some sense I guess the zeitgeist movement is close to pure communism.

And even though I had these thoughts I really can picture a world where we do have the freedom to whatever we want. In this world somebody wouldn't have to pay just to get a life saving operation, shouldn't we as a species have survival as a number one priority? We have the technology and capability to grow enough food to feed civilian in third would countries that may not even know when their next meal is.

I don't even think things like this would even have to get rid of capitalism. There's still things that we've grown accustomed to but aren't quite essential for out survival and well being. Things like this can still be traded with a stable currency. I liked your use of the word evolution, because I think for us to evolve as a species it's in ALL of out best interests to ensure every human to live with what they need, and after that is when a person works for money to buy material things.

I guess to make a long ramble a little bit shorter, I'm saying that this Resource based economy will be there and provide us with clean and efficient energy, and basically uphold every basic human right regardless of their gender, nationality, or any other conceivable form of prejudice.

"I hope all supporters of Liberty will remain deeply involved...I will be right there with you."-Ron Paul