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Why I Will Not Be Going To Paulfest And Why Its Name Should Be Changed For Ron Pauls Sake; a call to arms

Sorry guys, but as a die hard liberty and Ron Paul fan that lives in the outskirts of Tampa, I CANNOT; I WILL NOT go to Paul Fest (please change its name immediately) because it will be an embarrassment to Ron Pauls 2012 campaign within the Republican party and even he knows it which is most likely the reason for Bentons statement of Ron Paul NOT GOING TO PAULFEST (he cant be seen with GJ or schiff who will be speaking there).

I had saved up for 2 three day VIP passes and planned on going out and screaming my lungs out for Ron to show the establishment status quo neocon shmucks that they CANT hold a candle to him and his message in comparison. However, with recent invitations going out to Gary Johnson and Peter Schiff (who prematurely endorsed GJ) will be there and have speaking slots.

The Paulfest has really thumbed their nose at Ron Paul and ALL of us Ron Paul supporters. I cant believe the shortsightedness of those who are running this thing. I understand Gary is a great guy, I personally would choose him should Paul somehow NOT win the nomination, but to throw in the towel before the fat lady sings? Cmon now? That is what the establishment WANTS (maybe they have some hand in this some freakin how by a longshot).

They would love for there to be ANYTHING to bash Paul for cause they know that delegates ARE NOT BOUND by petty state convention rules. They stated in 08 "delegates may vote their conscious and are free agents on any ballot without recognition of any binding". You know what they will be badmouthing about? Nothing credible unless we give them something. Do not feed the RINOs or they will steal the nomination FOR GOOD with this.

They will say "hey look its the end of the Revolution lol@Paul for having libertarian candidate and endorser at his festival!!! see he really is a sellout and will endorse Gary Johnson if he doesnt win the nomination, what a sore loser make sure you DONT vote Ron Paul so that ALL the ron paul people leave the GOP already and we can go back to warmongering in peace"

Please, as a REAL Ron Paul supporter do not attend a Ron Paul fest that is Ron Paul in name only since he WONT EVEN come to it now because of who all else will be there. No different than a RINO (republican in name only). I understand the GOP have treated us HORRIBLY and DISGUSTINGLY this whole way, but the steps to winning are first they laugh at us (check), then they fight us (check), then WE win (pending). Itd be awesome to have a party for all of us RON PAUL supporters, but if that means we need to save that party in our pants till after the convention then so be it, I can wait 1 more day to do so, IVE WAITED 5 years for RON PAUL TO WIN IM NOT GOING TO SUPPORT ANYTHING THAT COULD POTENTIALLY RUIN HIS CHANCES AT THE LAST GODDAMN SECOND LIEK THIS.

Personally, I would go up against my own party (republican) just for Ron Paul, dont dare doubt that for a second and think I wont do my best to protect him from a different threat. I know Gary Johnson isnt our #1 enemy (hes more of a ally in the cause of liberty to be honest), but as long as Ron Paul has 5 states (which he does) and is on the ballot and has a speaking slot (which I bet my life on will be announced as we get closer and all the delegates have been selected the RINOs just wanna keep saying rMoney is the nominee so that RP will have no credibility at state conventions and can win more rMoney delegates easier), WE ARE STILL IN IT TO WIN IT. Not hand off ALL THE TOTAL ACCUMULATION OF WORK, SWEAT, TEARS, MONEY that we have all so generously poured into this effort, only to have it ruin us at the end.

We are better than this, we are smarter than this, its why we are ALL ON RON PAULS SIDE CAUSE WE HAVE A WORKING BRAIN BETWEEN OUR EARS. This is about RON PAUL AND until the RNC convention proves us and Rons message wrong by ... you guessed it ACTUALLY nominating rMoney. Until then rMoney is just a presumptive egotistical neocon that HAS NOT WON THE NOMINATION.

Dont do me the favor because personally I dont give a frick about me. DO RON PAUL THE FAVOR. Make Ron Paul look like the most amazing person to step into the ring the past 100 years. WE HAVE TO LEVERAGE RON PAULS GOOD NAME and nobody elses if we want to win this.

We will all be in Tampa. The MSM and the GOP CANNOT BLACK US OUT WHEN WE OUT NUMBER THEM a million to one in Tampa. Rise up RONbots. DO NOT GIVE UP ON PAUL. DO NOT GIVE UP ON AMERICA. We need now more than ever to stand for what we believe and as long as Ron Paul is still awaiting the delegates decision on the floor of the RNC in Tampa, ITS NOW OR NEVER good ol Doc AINT GETTING YOUNGER. Do not spit on his long arduous efforts to claim POTUS for ALL OF US.

DO NOT WEAKEN OUR STATUS IN THE GOP BY THWARTING OUR EFFORTS, this is almost benedict arnold status. If you want Gary Johnson so bad why dont you marry him? jk that was just my attempt to bring humor to this very serious situation we all need to step up to the plate and hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th, 1 man on base, 2 outs, 2 strikes, down by 1.

But in all seriousness, have courtesy and respect for Ron Paul; his candidacy depends on it. Please if you are a die hard GJ fan wait atleast till 2 seconds after the nomination to hop on his bandwagon should that be the route you choose. I want to run for congress in 2014 (first year of eligibility) and if we dont have these inroads in the GOP I will not beat the RINO who voted cispa sopa pipa ndaa if yall up and leave. Im an honest son of a preacher man (lol at that song) and money cannot buy me. The future of our movement as the GOP HEAVYWEIGHT is coming, believe me I have true grit and Im a third or fourth the age of these old guard status quo establishment neocons and i see them for exactly what they are. VIVA LA MF REVOLUTION

PS I will go if they reverse these bad decisions even if Ron doesnt come, but he most likely WILL come should they DO THE RIGHT THING. :)

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Hi Granger!

I've been to VA clinics and hospitals and I know what you're saying.

The point is those people are trained for combat. The average Ron Paul supporter is not. Who else would be there to help the supporters, if not our Veterans for Ron Paul, should things get hairy? At least this way, our people have a chance to come out of there okay.

The Veterans March is to demonstrate support for Dr. Paul at the RNC. This is something every delegate should see for themselves. The vets will be at PaulFest for however long that is going on but, they will be marching to the convention to pay tribute to Ron Paul.

Did you see the video of the DC March? It was very impressive and all I could say the whole time we were watching it was, "Thank God those guys are on our side!" I would feel better knowing they are there for our people, just in case.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Hi Nonna!

You know I come from a military family? Training also means knowing when and how to back down.

In all sincereity, I pray to God, that the March is beautiful and inspirering, and thouches hundreds of millions Americans hearts and souls, and opens Ron Paul's message to the world on a higher level.

I can even say, that I hope Tampa Bay would rather ALL the events leave everyone happier and more eager to return for the good memories everyone at ALL the events experienced.

Maybe my fears (fear being false evidense appearing real, is too much Daily Paul?)

Well, I can cure that, and would rather that, than anyone having any problems, it's just I do think the warnings of past events and police experiences should not go unheeded.

i agree

Ron Paul should attend, and speak to ALL OF HIS PEOPLE- not just the fraction who get in the sun dome. On the other hand Gary Johnson is honoring Ron Paul (and all of us) by attending Paulfest, and speaking to the issues our movement cares about. the GOP nomination (I believe) is shot. if there was any chance that RP would have the plurality in five states, the GOP can just decertify them at their convenience. how can RP be nominated if he's not even allowed in the convention? moreover, even if the delegates are unbound, Romney wins. I want to be wrong, but...

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Gary Johnson is "Honoring"

Himself...he's speaking at Paul Fest because the LP Fest in Cobb County went bust! It had nobody..had nothing going..cancelled itself.

Gary's taking care of Gary...simply stated.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

sorry i don't get it

so somehow if people attend paul fest then ron paul can't win the nomination?

is it ok for me to chew gum that week or will that totally destroy rons chances too.

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I wont be going...

As soon as they announced that Gary Johnson was going to be a speaker, I knew it was not going to be my "cup o' tea." they have conceded the nomination and there hasn't been a convention yet.

I will write him in if he does not get the nomination...I am not for sale. Not to Romney, Johnson or Schiff...

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

Paul supporters are smarter than this

Ron Paul supporters know how important Paulfest/Ronvoy is toward getting our delegates to Tampa. We know Romney benefits the most if Paulfest is not a maximum success. We Paul supporters are smart folks. We have this an uncanny gut instinct, that I am gonna have to trust will see through people who attempt to demonize this event that will provide our delegates with affordable transportation and accommodations to Tampa.

Anyone reading this I'm not gonna tell you what to think or tell you not to buy this guys bull, or ask you to trust me for the truth. Some of you are young and this is your first rodeo and you don't know who or what to believe. In your gut you already know the truth. Paulfest is important in maximizing our odds of achieving what we all hope to achieve in Tampa, the GOP nomination. I'm not asking you to trust me. I'm telling you that I'm trying to convince myself that I can trust you to trust your instincts.

I also trust that Dr Paul will speak at Paulfest if his security team gives the thumbs-up. To many factors at play to make that kind of commitment this early on. My guess (my instinct) is it will be a last minute, spur of the moment decision, and unannounced.

I see Paulfest as a big bust

I think it would serve Romney, Tampa Corporations/s and the RNC to take Paulfest, as in shakedown and massive arrests on many levels, no ID, bust, cigerette lighter, bust, brought in your own water? Bust. And to have this made into national news. They will not say much about GJ if anything, certainly not mention any of the other speakers, but mention Ron Paul repeatedly, showing Ron Paul as a leader of misguiding youth, letting them do drugs, smoke and drink, while showing how the all powerful police state is protecting the people of Tampa, how Ron Paul people are outlaws, drug dealers and users, law breakers.. It could be something as simple as driving into the parking lot without a seat belt.. bust.. Tampa's revenues for courts will go up, RNC can hide their shenannigans, MSM will make it appear as if the RNC was right to out Ron Paul.

As a dead head, you've seen simular stuff, and as the dead no longer tours, that has not stopped the police state from growing and busting raves, surround the places searching everyone, and if the folks at Paulfest riot, they can make the police state's and the many forces who have been invited to come and work with Tampa's day.

I don't think Ron Paul will speak at Paulfest because he knows what we are up against and he's not going to lead people to be set up and give the police state what they want.

I hope I'm wrong, but I see more benifit to busiting Paulfest to the estbalishment's credit, than not doing anything and ignoring Paulfest.



scraping the bottom much?

digging up month and a half old comments to bump your propaganda campaign. pathetic. shame on you. lol
But I think you're right and you've convinced me - I'm not going to Tampa. Well it was really Ron Paul 2012 HQ, but I'll let you take some share of the credit for it too because you're probably right, and I wouldve continued to dismiss you out of a stubborn willingness to risk getting my head beat open and hauled away to the Gulags if it meant getting as many of our delegates as possible to the convention.

Paulfest no longer has the importance it did prior to the official campaign announcing they will finally do something to provide financial assistance for the delegates. There's no purposeful reason for non-delegates to even go to Tampa now except to be a spectator or, as you said, get into trouble. HQ is covering the bill for the delegates. That is good news, and a relief. I don't have to spend $2500 and miss a week of work to go to Tampa. So what I'm gonna do is this; stay home, go to work, come home, watch it all on the square plastic screen, and give that $2500 to Gary Johnson instead.

Don't Blame The Granger

I commented to this : http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2655142
at approx timeframe 14:22? AFTER noticing it in "ACTIVE POSTS" today.
That DPer set the wheels spinning to where we all are now.
I won't apologize for my response bc if it wasn't me, it could have been anyone else..it is interesting how things are both changed/unchanged in almost two months though.
Glad to see HQ is assisting, Thank you for being there in the beginning.
There still IS a reason to go to Tampa...The Sunday Sun-Dome Speech,
and to cheer on the Veteran's March...what you do with your money is your business..BTW: Is Richard Gilbert speaking at the Fest?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

No thanks

"There still IS a reason to go to Tampa...The Sunday Sun-Dome Speech, and to cheer on the Veteran's March..."

My group never had any plans of going anywhere near the downtown convention area. In fact we specifically planned to avoid that part of town and both of those events. Because from EXPERIENCE we know that is the most likely place for confrontations to occur. Down there ain't no game, the closer you get to ground zero. That ain't nothing like you've ever seen on Shakedown (make Deer Creek 95 look like a game of touch football). Down there is the big blue and black Kevlar wall of nightsticks and teargas. Down there is where SEIU protestors get thuggish with Tea Party Patriots and all hell breaks loose. The riot cops move in and hell gets even uglier.

No our plan was work. Volunteer what we do and what we have to something positive and kind to give back to everyone for all the work they have done the past 20 months, and maybe raise some money for wounded vets. Which means stay at the grounds of Paulfest and labor at something for the benefit and enjoyment of others all weekend. You know, the kind of stuff that makes Ron Paul look good and doesn't antagonize the cops to beat and arrest you.

Besides that Sun Dome only seats 11k people. I wouldn't want to take up a seat that someone who hasn't shook hands with Dr Paul dozens of times, could be sitting in. That seat best serves our future liberties with maybe some youngin' who has never experienced the kind of energy that can alter your life, sitting in it.

I have no idea who all is scheduled to speak at Paulfest. Like I said our mission to Paulfest wasn't for the bands or speakers. If Richard Gilbert is speaking I'm sure that info would be available on the paulfestival website.

Scraping the bottom?

I don't know what old comments I was digging up that offended you. My propeganda campaign? This is like 4 years old and I never saw it on DP: http://rnc08report.org/printer/216-printer.shtml

What makes you think I care how you invest YOUR money? I think it would be a bummer to have your head bashed in and spend a month is jail, but I'm not here to stop you, or cheer you on.


yeah scraping the bottom

"I don't know what old comments I was digging up that offended you."


Original comment:
Paul supporters are smarter than this
Submitted by SFTS on Fri, 06/29/2012 - 17:39

I see Paulfest as a big bust
Submitted by The Granger on Mon, 08/06/2012 - 16:07

Notice the date/time stamps? 6 weeks. You're on this site darn near everyday. But it took you 6 weeks to get around to replying? C'mon now really? And I'm not offended by it. Or at least I wasn't at the time. I just think it's pathetic you Romney backing Jack Hunter Republicans have to scrape the barrel months deep just to bump your anti-Johnson and anti-Paulfest headlines to the top of the active topics list. I'm now a little offended that you mistake me for some greenhorn national campaign newbie, to wet behind the ears to know these things. Play the little Miss Innocent "I don't know..." game with someone else. This isn't my first rodeo, sister.

I think it would be a bummer to have your head bashed in and spend a month is jail, but I'm not here to stop you, or cheer you on."

I think it would be an even bigger bummer if those delegates and alternates who already got their -heads bashed, -bones broken, -arrested, or -stood in a parking lot for hours in the rain/snow/blazing sun with hungry bellies and no rest rooms, or -sat in a hot stuffy gymnasium for hours, after staying awake all night -memorizing Roberts Rules of Order from cover to cover - it would be a bigger bummer if THEY could not afford to get to Tampa. Because at the time (6 weeks ago) the Ron Paul 2012 wasnt offering ANY assistance to them, and a bunch of whiny-asses such as yourself were jeopardizing the one and only event organized to help them get there.

I was willing to get my head beat in if need be so those delegates could get to the convention to nominate Ron Paul. Others here were willing to jeopardize our delegate count and the nomination, over one individual speaker at the event. But I'm the recipient of all the negative (-1) feedback. As displayed and witnessed here daily, their intolerance of Gary Johnson runs deeper than their commitment to see Ron Paul nominated.

So it took 6 weeks to reply. First time I saw it, actually.

My bad; and I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner.

Yeah, I'm here everyday, and everyday I find more reasons to not like GJ or fraudfest even more. I don't support either; and furthermore, I won't support anyone connected with it.

I don't see you as some greenhorn. I'm sure as hell not going to play innocent with you, or anyone. People tell me all the time, "Oh you're so sweet. You're so nice." I tell them, "No I'm not. I'm honest and it just so happens to work for you today." I see no reason I need to insult or call someone names. I prefer to compliment and encourage folks, but sometimes, like when I see a sham, I tell it like I see it, whether they like it or not.

Why aren't those delegates who were hurt finding personal injury attorneys and suing the individuals who hurt them?

Ron Paul's nomination isn't all that important to me because unlike you and the anti-GOP cowards at DMTfest, I am an heir to Ron Paul's message, and I am seated on my GOP central committee and making Ron Paul's message materialize in my couty, while you party and spew MSM BS about the GOP you're so busy hating.

"ronpauldelegates" have had a list up for months for chip-ins for ron paul delegates, and most if not all at this point, are maxed out. Ron Paul delegates have NO business at GJmarijuanafest. Any money coming from that fraud is bait to sink that delgate.

Ron Paul Republicans have work to do, and this is no time to party. IF I was to go to Tampa, I wouldn't go near fraudfest, I would see Ron Pauls event (brought to us by the RNC), and I would go to a few RNC dinners and seminars.


I volunteer is a soup kitchen on Modays, feeding between 85 and 100 homeless, so you can't guilt trip me on hungry people. Life isn't fair, it's all about making ther best with what you've got.

You most certainly are

You most certainly are a Republican. The stereo-typical self righteous, fear mongering, tightass kind that the neo-cons love to have in their party. Almost to stereo-typical to believe.

I went to the Paulfest website and checked out the names of the people involved with Paulfest and what I found is not a list of frauds, but rather a who's who list of the modern liberty movements most courageous individuals, trail blazers, and early pioneers...
Peter Schiff, Thomas Woods, Lew Rockwell, Chuck Baldwin, Walter Block, Michael Scheuer, Gary Johnson, Jerry Doyle, Sheriff Richard Mack, Judge Jim Gray, Deb Robinet, Gigi Bowman, LoLA Steffi Capraro, Tom Porter, Susan Wolfe, Stewart Rhodes, TMOT, Jordan Page. (not to take anything away from those I did not list, because those I listed are off the top of my head from memory. apologies if I misspelled someones name.)

These people that you call "frauds"? I call them heroes. And I seriously call into question the credentials and credibility of anyone who refers to the people on that list as "frauds".

"You most certainly are a

"You most certainly are a Republican. The stereo-typical self righteous, fear mongering, tightass kind that the neo-cons love to have in their party. Almost to stereo-typical to believe."

Haven't you noticed? Neocon republicans aren't as smart as Granger. Self righteous? No. But your comment was nasty and uncalled for. You talk trash like you're a youtube poster. It doesn't suit you. Like I say to my new pup...."be nice!" ;-)

yes self righteous

she made some comments and derogatory references along the lines of DMTfest, ganjafestival, frying their brains, stoners. She used those words in a derogatory manner to stereo-type Libertarians, and anti-prohibitionists, and pretty much anyone and everyone attending Paulfest are all nothing but burned out trouble making hard drug users. Be afraid. Go anywhere near them people or their event and horrible, terrible, bad bad bad things will happen to you. Stay away.

I let all that slide, and didn't even bring it up in my reply to her derogatory self righteous comment. But since you pushed the envelope. Wanna know why I let those comments slide and why I call her self righteous? Because I know Grace. Like in real life for real know her know her. It's been a while, but the stories I could tell would probably burn off both your ears. Ain't that right Gracie? The reason I let it slide is because she don't need me airing her dirty laundry around here. Do you Grace? No, THAT would be "uncalled for". She has her act together; even switched Republican and all. Upstanding! But she got some nerve to say the stuff she said. If she wasn't being self righteous, she was being a complete total hypocrite.

See Realdeal I was being a nice dog. I always try to "be nice". I'm mean only when I have to be and only towards those who all but beg for it. You tell your pups "be nice". I tell mine "easy". Serves the same goal. Just difference in style.

That's not exactly correct

I did not say, "frying their brains (though being the event is happening in August in FL, could be true) or stoners, nor did I say anyone was a hard core drug user, or burned out trouble maker. I don't suggest anyone should be afraid, (FEAR false evidense appearing real). I do think that Ron Paul's credentialed delegates have better things to do at the convention than paulfest, and, It could spell trouble for them, but I have no facts on that, just my own intuition ringing bells.

I'm not into the bad, horrible trip. I do think PAUL fest is a fraud by calling it that and saying it's in honor of when some of the speakers have dissed Ron Paul like Adam Kokesh. I don't see the event as honoring Ron Paul, but giving MSM fodder they can, and will use against him.

I'm game to hear stories about me. Go for it. Burn off both my ears and anyone else who's interested.

If I've got dirty laundry, tell me, tell everyone. Maybe there are some lessons there?

What a person does in their own home is one thing, what a person does in the name of another... well, that's where I have an issue.

Call it Garyfest, since most seem to want to vote for him and didn't want to do things Ron Paul's way.

And most of all, have fun, be safe.

Some are frauds

and some are opportunists out to sell their latest YouTube, MSM product, all in the name of PAUL.

Besides Ron Paul, and Rand Paul, the heros in Tampa are the Ron Paul Republicans who did what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do and became national Ron Paul Republican delegates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IA3ZvCkRkQ

I realize that we all have

I realize that we all have our own ways to send the message of liberty far and wide. I know some people have run for office. Some people write books and teach classes. Some people are artists, bloggers and musicians. I myself went the way you did as best I could. I attended my state convention as a delegate. I stopped short of becoming a national delegate because I knew there were scores of people who wanted to go. That says so much about my state of Iowa. You would be proud, Granger. They were the smartest, politest, most determined and dedicated people I have ever met. If you go to Tampa, look up the Iowa delegates and alternates. You'll see what I mean. Thanks for the video. I'm a Mariah fan.

Right ON Realdeal

I'm done venting about paulfest. I responded to someone.. SmudgePot I think, and I was re-reading my post, and for sonme reason, this feeling came over me, that I really don't wish anyone any harm who is going. Everyone knows how I feel about it, and I'm going to get over it and lay off (Lord hear my prayer). It is what it will be.

I think Rand getting a pseaking spot at the RNC really did the trick for me/. It signaled that we have arrived. We are going to be seen and heard, and this gives my soul some rest.

I LOVE Ron paul Republicans, and you are correct, I AM PROUD of them, smart, polite, most determined..wonderful to be in the company of and with, and why a seat on a committee is better than a meetup.

This is my tribute to the Garyfest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RWfSUWVP2I

just got this an hour ago from Doc:

Dear P.,

This is it!

The Republican National Convention is just around the corner, and the establishment is about to find out what you and I have known all along this election season – the future is ours!

So on August 26, the day before the Convention convenes, I hope you’ll join me at a special rally to celebrate how far our message and movement have come this year.

The event will start at noon at the University of South Florida’s Sun Dome.

The University is located at 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620, and you can find a map and directions HERE.

More information, as well as a link to RSVP, will be available soon. But for now, please save the date!

I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to meet our campaign’s supporters at our events this year, and I hope to see you in Tampa on August 26!

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Didn't the campaign come out

and say they were putting together something for RP supporters? I am not attending Paulfest, While I will regret not seeing Rebel Inc. I will not pay the outrageous prices they are asking. We have 5 people going and 2 are veterans. We decided if RP puts one together we will go for that and the march for the veterans. We aren't even planning on staying close They are asking 700.00 for condos for delegates..crazy money involved in this.
In 08 RP charges 10.00 or 15.00 tickets and we seen some awesome speakers. The people involved this time want money and that takes away from the poorest of the supporters attending but hey you can only do this every 4 yrs huh?

WE ARE FORGETTING this is something we must do. This isn't a party!!

Those outrageous prices

Those outrageous prices? lol. You havnt been to a 3 day festival in a long time have you? The prices are well below average, even at full price. But especially low priced when you consider those "outrageous prices" are paying for reserved rooms and transportation for our delegates/alternates to and from Tampa.

i've been a member here for t

i've been a member here for t least 5 years and i've never done this but people seriously need to stfu and quit whining like babies ... it seems like there are alot of libertarian idiots out there. michael badnarik was right .. get over yourselves you clowns

quit whining about insignificant bs and do something for liberty instead of being an armchair bombthrowing 2 year old

grow the f**k up already

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Couldn't agree with you more.

Couldn't agree with you more.

Good grief!

I want to stand up on a chair and scream "stop" at the top of my lungs. Big f'n deal.... Gary Johnson is going to speak at Paulfest for a few minutes. If you don't want to go, then stay the hell away and pout in a corner. Too many crybabies who want to pick up their ball and go home. STOP IT!!! I sincerely doubt that Gary is going to say anything bad about Ron Paul. I would imagine he will be praising him. But OMG!!!! OMG!!!! They need to change the name of this event because someone other than Ron is going to speak.
Gary is well aware that many of us are going to vote for him if Ron is not the nominee.
Okay, I am finished with my rant.... attack away.

P.S. I am starting to believe this is not about freedom and liberty anymore. It seems to have become a collective mindset of many that it is only right if you agree with them all the time. With so many here becoming so very closed minded, I am afraid this movement will soon fade away. We seem to have more than enough control freaks.

Formerly rprevolutionist

were not close minded, were focused on duh WINNING

theres a huge difference. Gary can wait till after the convention for minds to become un focused should RON PAUL not win the nomination. Until then, this is throwing a wrench in the plans to get him to be POTUS and a huge disservice to all the broken bones and bruises Ron Pauls supporters have suffered. So back off. You can wait a few more measly days. YOUR candidate already won his nomination, but ours, RON PAUL who this site is about is still in the running. If you believe otherwise you are not open minded or smart enough to understand the importance of convention week for RON PAUL and you should shutup and get out of the way of those of us who are in it to win it, if you want to be responsible for the MSM or neocon GOP using this to their advantage I HATE YOUR SELFISHNESS. Save any negative comments on Ron Paul and his chances, WE dont want to hear it. Until Ron Paul is officially declared out you can SHOVE IT. We want a fair chance to beat rMoney as republicans and to beat Gary and Obama and ALL other candidates alike come general election. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THAN SCRAM. PAUL DOESNT WANT TO BE THERE RESPECT HIM. Take all of us out of it. Look in the mirror.

you paying for our delegates?

Ron Paul delegates are not wealthy elite. They're common everyday hard working students and family folks, mostly of modest middle-class means. who don't have an extra $2000-$3000(each delegate) just laying around and/or afford to take 7-10 days off work for an impromptu vacation to Tampa.

If Nate here isnt being selfish, and is really putting the delegates and winning the nomination ahead of his own personal opinion... could it be... he can apparently afford to, all by himself, transport all 500-1500 delegates and alternate delegates to Tampa and put them up in rooms for a week? He MUST BE offering to flip the bill because he sure as hell isn't offering up any alternative suggestions how to get all of them down to Florida.

A "FREE" Ron Paul Rally isnt going to pay for our delegates to get to Florida. Think people!!!

You rude rude little brat.

I hate doing this, but... you have been here for 5 looooooooooong weeks and you attack me for speaking my mind. I have been here nearly 5 years.
I am not throwing Ron under the bus. You however want to throw a tantrum because someone other than Ron will speak for a few minutes at this festival. Well good for you.
And don't even have the audacity to tell me to scram. I definitely don't need you telling me or anyone, for that matter, to shut up.
Again, I am sure Gary will be praising Ron and the movement. But thank God you are hear to tell me I am selfish because I can deal with a small speaking slot for another liberty candidate.

Formerly rprevolutionist