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New Hampshire passes Medical Marijuana legalization - bill gets vetoed by Democratic governor

time to get a Liberty candidate in the Governor's mansion in NH.

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Does anyone know who's

Does anyone know who's running for Governor this time? I have research to do on them before I vote but don't know where to find the info. Thanks in advance.

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The only 2 I know so far are Ovide and Kevin Smith. See my post below for a little info..

The political fallout on this issue could be very interesting...

... Yes, Democratic Governor John Lynch vetoed the measure, but he is not running for reelection in November:


However, the State Senate, which narrowly passed the bill 13-11, has an overwhelming 19-5 GOP majority; Republican Senators actually opposed the measure 11-8, despite the bill's prime Senate sponsor being a Republican:


I suspect that the bill is popular with the general public in New Hampshire (Granite State patriots, please correct me if I am wrong). So, what happens now on the override attempt (which apparently needs a 2/3 majority)? Will Senate Democrats, who voted 5-0 for the bill, shift toward "Nay" to support the Democratic Governor? Will the 11 opposing GOP Senators shift toward "Yea" to oppose the Governor? And what about the State House, which is also heavily Republican and had a veto-proof 236-96 result the first time around:


If the override succeeds, who will it help at the polls? If the override fails, who will it hurt (remember, Gov. Lynch will not be on the ballot)? I would love to have our New Hampshire patriots weigh in on these questions. Thanks.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

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It will be interesting to watch.

I wonder how the folks in the "Live Free or Die" state will react-- if at all. If they are loud enough and well organized they should be able to pick the four more votes they need for the override.

Maybe only 3 more Senate votes...

... 16-8 would be two thirds.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

are there any candidates

for 2013 governor in NH that support liberty?

I am not sure.

I can't really get answers to my questions from the two cand. that I know about.
Ovide is finally against Agenda 21 but I think he may be a neo-con.

Kevin Smith doesn't seem to answer my questions. So far he did tell me that he voted for if I remember right Newt. Blech! He still has not answered my question on Agenda 21 and it has been a few weeks.

The commercials for both of them sound great. I don't really think either of them are going to be any good though.