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Tesla Free Energy suppressed by govt and corporations in energy business

I watched the first 41 minutes of this film so far:


I knew Eugene Mallove personally as he used to have a store in Framingham where he sold telescopes etc.

It is no wonder that aside from those of us who know of Ron Paul I still encounter people who have never heard of him at all thanks to the MSM blackout.

I do fear for his life given the threat to the profits of those who are reaping in the interest on the production of Federal Reserve Notes by the Fed which Ron Paul wants to abolish after a thorough audit.

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Do you work for one of the

Do you work for one of the oil companies?

One thing we agree on is solar is not economical. What we don't agree on is why it is so expensive. Big Oil has done everything they can to keep it that way. As I mentioned a friend of mine owns a thriving solar business. He schooled me a few years back on big oil and solar. He is pretty clever and managed to work around them. I didn't retain the particulars but, the bottom line working in the system that big oil created increases the cost greatly. Without a doubt big oil is doing everything they can to slow solar by keeping it very expensive.

I would venture to say that you also would advise big oil doesn't fix oil prices? The price magically goes down every 4 years for elections. Reality is big oil would be pretty dumb not to protect themselves from competition. I would not blame them.... The problem I have is when they use the government for that protection.

When are you going to concede

When are you going to concede that you're wrong? You stated that you can't buy a solar panel that doesn't come in a Mobil box. You have given no explanation of why a solar panel from Schott, Sanyo Electric, or Kyocera would come in a Mobil box. You apparently let your friend in a failing solar power business do your thinking for you.

There is a good reason why solar power is expensive. Sunlight is very dispersed. While the aggregate power from sunlight on the entire country is huge, the amount hitting any square meter is very modest. Furthermore a solar panel can only convert about 15% of the solar energy that reaches it to electricity. This is not an oil company conspiracy, it is due to physics. Other factors: In high latitudes you don't get full sun for much of the year. In a place like New Hampshire the winter sun stays low in the sky and is above the horizon for only about 9 hours. You have to greatly increase the amount of solar panels if you actually want electricity in the winter. Of course you generate no power when it rains or is overcast or at night. So you need enough panels to generate far more power than your home uses while the sun is shining, and a way to store the electricity. The batteries can cost as much as the solar panels. The high cost of the batteries is not an oil company conspiracy either. If you can make reliable and cheaper batteries please do the world a favor and start a business making them. Solar panels lose about 8% of their efficiency over the first decade, and another 5% each following decade. So after about 30 years you have to replace the solar panels. Well before then you'll have to lug those big heavy batteries off to the recycler and buy new ones. The bottom line: Unless you attach a very high premium to being able to get off the grid, solar power doesn't make economic sense in most parts of the country. This is not because in some mysterious way oil companies made them expensive (just how is Mobil keeping Kyocera's solar panels expensive?). It is because of the basic physics.

Oh yes, you exhibit the typical mind of the conspiracy theorist. If I don't believe that evil oil companies are suppressing solar power then I must work for the oil companies! If I don't think that Bush plotted 9/11 then I must be a PNAC member!

Never... Because it is

Never... Because it is true... Big oil is all about greed... Crooked, rigged, always has been and always will be. They totally gamed solar.

Today I had to laugh seeing the price for a gallon of gas at $3.25. Amazing how all the things the industry claims drives the pricing alines providing cheaper gas for elections years. I suspect after the election a event (refinery fire, storm, ect..) will send the prices up to $5.00 a gallon. I would bet the farm on it. This is all natural nothing to do with being rigged?

You may want to stay away from goggle and actually talk to someone who has been in the solar industry for some years. They can explain how much big oil helped. You are correct panels come with a new name on the box these days. I had to laugh when I went to my friends web site they are all made in China. So big oil has moved the true solar industry to China? I'm sure that is good for us also.

Keep your head in the sand... The Rockefeller gang are good people and worked hard to bring the price of solar down. They want world peace and affordable living for every person on earth. They are fighting for your liberty. Sleep well.

So you concede that solar

So you concede that solar panels can be bought in boxes that aren't labeled "Mobil"? Well, that made my day. Those Chinese and Japanese solar panel manufacturers are not owned by oil companies, despite your paranoid imaginings. "Big Oil" did not move the solar power industry to China. Chinese businessmen, in collaboration with a government pursuing mercantilism policies, decided they could make money building solar panels. They used a combination of cheap labor and smart engineering to under price everybody else. And that is why the Solyndras went under and the Chinese solar panel manufacturers currently dominate the industry.

There are increased domestic supplies of natural gas and oil, mainly due to fracking. That, along with a flat lined economy keeping demand low, has caused the oil price to go down. If gasoline prices go up you call it an oil company conspiracy, and if they go down you call it an oil company conspiracy. Since gasoline prices are always either going up or going down, that makes your oil company conspiracy theory a non-falsifiable hypothesis.

Your belief in the power of Big Oil is almost quaint. Nowadays most of the world's oil reserves are controlled by state oil companies, such as Aramco, Statoil, Petrobras, and Pemex. The Exxons and BPs of the world get what's left over.

So you are sure you don't

So you are sure you don't work for big oil? Exxon Mobil and Shell are two of the largest corporations in the world. Energy is the worlds largest industry.

It must be nice to live in a dream world. To think these corporations play fair and that the evil over seeing them are nice people who want everyone in the world to thrive.

Solyndra was never meant to thrive. To lose that much money in that short of a time is simply criminal. That was a scam from day one.

To believe it is good that American manufacturing moving to China and giving them our technology is good for the US. (the cost of doing business in China). America sleeps as our corporations build China to rule us.

Do you believe the gas companies fracking the park lands and Colorado mtns. is a good thing? They move from sight to sight completely destroying the mtn. tops with roads and platforms. Fly over and look down (unreal) and the government took over this land to preserve it? When they are done they leave the mess. The contracts call for them to clean up yet they don't. In the end they will go bankrupt leaving huge messes for the tax payer. Not to mention the damage they have caused to many.

Do you think a one world government would be good for us as well?

There you go again. I must

There you go again. I must work for one of those evil oil companies!

Yes, Exxon and Shell (and BP) are very big companies. But Aramco and Gazprom are even bigger. Exxon can't control the price of oil. OPEC can, to a degree, when it's members cooperate. Corporations try to make profits. If you oppose that, what the hell are you doing voting for Ron Paul? Yes, corporations will sometimes cut corners and can do a lot of damage. That's why we need some sensible rules and regulations. (I do think we need more regulation than Ron Paul does, although it's often better done at the state rather than the federal level.)

Somehow I knew that my mention of "fracking" would set off another one of your rants. (You don't think, you emote.) I simply stated that fracking is what has caused natural gas prices to plunge, and oil prices to fall by a lesser degree. That is a fact, regardless of whether or not fracking is despoiling the earth. I think fracking has to be properly regulated, and that hasn't always been the case. Of course doing things right will cost money, and cause gas and oil prices to go up. I'm okay with that, but no doubt if tougher regulations push up the oil price you'll be the first to howl about an oil company conspiracy.

I never said whether it was good or bad that American solar power manufacturers were undercut and forced out of business by cheaper Chinese solar power manufacturers. I merely pointed out that this is what happened, and that the fantasy world of yours in which Mobil controls the solar power industry just ain't so.

And yes, I am unsurprised that in a thread about solar power and alleged oil company conspiracies you throw in a question from left field about whether I want world government. Sheesh, cut to the chase and ask me if I'm a reptilian.

Maybe you work for Apple

Maybe you work for Apple since they are now the world's biggest company, right? ; )

ummm... not defending Apple

ummm... not defending Apple with the Media narrative. Although employees of Apple keep killing themselves in China. Must be so nice working for Rockefeller's dream country. He thinks highly of China's government...

Oh by the way he happens to be one of the heavy hitters in big oil, and banks....
I'm sure you will like living in his ideal world... NOT

Interesting to see how you

Interesting to see how you responded. Aaaaaaand I'm done.

It's very easy to see through

Have you noticed as this Video picks up steam... The media is running counter articles? Try MSN.

It's very easy to see through you... no more questions are needed..

You are Exhibit A of a

You are Exhibit A of a general principle: When arguing with a conspiracy theorist you will inevitably be accused of being a part of whatever conspiracy he believes in.

A conspiracy is President

A conspiracy is President Bush claiming weapons of mass destruction, Obama supplying guns to drug gangs, Nixon's water gate.

This is not a conspiracy ....it is simple greed.... The greed of big oil isn't a conspiracy it is simply evil. The greed of the families atop these corporations and banks (all the same) are greed and evil of demonic levels. They have no problem with the fixed system they have created causing so many so much hardship. I guess you consider it a conspiracy that Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Morgans are evil and control big oil, government, currency, and everything else. It's really not a conspiracy. It is simply a well thought out plan falling together. Isn't it interesting how these men never show up on Forbes list of the richest? Yet they have controlled the Fed for a hundred years. Some Mexican telephone exec is the richest in the world.. LOL... I guess I would have to call that a conspiracy the richest men in the world hiding in the shadows. You seem to be blind to these facts and the media portrays the truth in your eyes.

Opec controls oil? If opec rules oil why do they use US dollars? I would imaging any fool in control of it would only accept their own currency. Why would they allow US dollars to rule the oil.... One reason and only one... The above mentioned families rule big oil. If you control the money supply you control everything.... It's fully rigged wake up (head out of sand).

The perfect conspiracy- The entire mainstream media blacking out Ron Paul... That is a conspiracy...

BTW you passed on the world government question... Again easy to see through... You will find these folks you defend could care less about you and your family. Just a bunch of useless eaters.

Yeah, I passed on the world

Yeah, I passed on the world government question. You have the childish notion that I'm obligated to answer every silly question you come up with.

Here's your lollipop: O--

And you are promoting a conspiracy -- that oil companies deliberately destroyed the solar power industry. You are incapable of understanding that the inherent limitations of solar power are perfectly adequate to explain solar's limited penetration of the energy market.

Again it is not conspiracy...

Again it is not conspiracy... It is greed.. They protect big oil at all cost. Just as they protect the Federal reserve system... It's all hand in hand... Same controllers...

If only we could get rid of

If only we could get rid of the corruption in govt and media we could solve most of our problems.

But that would take a r3VOIution

The people would have to grab hold of their institutions.

It can be done


Oh noes lol.

I have seen countless perpetual motion devices online. They seem to go forever because they minimize friction in a magnetic field or a vacuum to reduce resistance. If you could indeed create a perpetual device that is only half the battle. These devices if perfect will create a net energy of 0. What you put in is what you get out, it just stores the energy in a visible way that makes you go cool!. whatever the case, as soon as you put a load on the object it will slow and stop. Now if you could create a huge gravity field until atoms start to fuse now your talking. Just look at the Sun!! Its a careful orchestration of HUGE explosions ready to tear itself apart only to be kept in balance by its own massive gravity. Unfortunately we are not that advanced yet, as Michio Kaku puts it, a class 3 civiliation can harness the power of the galaxy, a class 2 civiliation can harness the power of the sun, a class 1 the Earth.. And we are not even at 1 yet :((. Keep dreaming.. and I mean that in a good way! as Einstein said "Imagination is greater than knowledge".

2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Yes, organized things do disintegrate into chaos. Ask any tree fallen in a forest and rotting (disintegrating) back to the elements that gave it birth. But wait - that is only half the tree's life cycle. It first sprouted from a tiny seed then over time assimilated to itself elements from the earth and sky to build for itself a mighty trunk with branches and leaves. In this process it spawns new seeds that went on to reproduce itself - endlessly.

The above is a word picture wherein the first half is described by the dogma and doctrine of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics but what about the second half? The death and disintegration of the tree is covered by the mighty 2nd Law of Thermodynamics but what about the other half of the tree's life cycle? What law describes how the seed births, assimilates to itself to create that which later dies and disintegrates? Are we to base our universe view on only one half of a complete cycle? There is another law but it is not as popularly recognized for its existence and importance. This law is called the Law of Assimilation which describes the assimilating dynamics of Life and growth.


Free energy devices will make use the the Law of Assimilation (accumulating energy) more so than it gives up energy to chaos.

More scientific illiteracy.

More scientific illiteracy. Every second the sun bombards the Earth with enormous numbers of photons concentrated in the visible part of the spectrum. Since the Earth does not continuously get hotter and hotter, an equal amount of energy must leave the Earth each second. This mostly takes the form of thermal (infrared) photons. Because an infrared photon has less energy than a visible light photon many more thermal photons have to leave than visible light photons enter. This increase in the number of photons represents a huge increase in entropy, more than enough to balance all the local ordering reactions that take place in living things. Life does not violate the second law of thermodynamics. Really, do the people here think that physicists are unaware of the existence of trees?

But plenty of people with little real education believe that we can create perpetual motion machines, and that only an evil conspiracy of government and corporations keep us from having them. It's embarrassing to see so many of them voting for Ron Paul, as it buttresses the media image than only conspiracy theory promoting nut cases like Ron Paul.

dear jackass

you dont deezeerv puksuashun or rebuttle

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

dear jackass

you dont deezeerv puksuashun or rebuttle

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

I would say the movie was

I would say the movie was right on the money with everything else... I'm going to have to say he is onto something...

I would also say to your mention of eduction... Do you mean the dumbed down version they offer these days? The one that does not teach critical thinking? The same schools that produce no results? How many scientist and doctors have been produced but can't seem to cure anything.... The doctors push pills and then more pill to counter the pills... all this effort yet cancer is winning... The scientist can't figure out if the sun or pollution is heating the world (or if it is even getting hotter). Scientist have been busted knowingly putting out bogus reports claiming it is pollution... For some people power and money is worth any amount of suffering for the rest of the world. Look at the Federal reserve scam. So yes anyone who can think for themselves should question everything.

The sort of people who

The sort of people who believe in perpetual motion machines are the ones most likely to have attended public schools, which nowadays teach more political correctness than real science.

A lot of scientists don't cure anything for the simple reason that they're not in medical science. My brother studies the interaction of the solar wind with the earth's magnetosphere. He's never cured any disease. Who would expect him to?

If you had learned any critical thinking you would be especially suspicious of anyone claiming to have found "free energy".

Okay how about all the

Okay how about all the scientist that are in the medical field...

Why is it scientists can't figure out if the world is getting hotter.. It's pretty simple to me it is... I would have been under a huge sheet of ice not to long ago.... I say warming... Why are we warming hmmm maybe that big yellow ball in the sky...

Science has been hijacked just like the media...

Medical science does not look

Medical science does not look stagnant to me. AIDS used to kill its victims in a few years. While there is still no cure, there are now drug therapies that allow a person with AIDS to live a reasonably normal life for decades. I would call that progress. It is childish to insist that scientists be able to come up with a cure for some tricky disease in a timely fashion just because you want them to. Some problems are just hard. Complaining about medical scientists because they haven't cured most cancers is like calling mathematicians useless because they still haven't proven the Riemann Hypothesis.

As for climate change, there is general agreement among the majority of scientists who study the problem that the earth is indeed getting warmer. That's why ice sheets are breaking up in the Antarctic. Climate is a very complex system so it shouldn't surprise anyone that there are still some uncertainties about the causes of the warming and the relative importance of the various causes.


AIDS was CREATED by the CIA in the 1960s for their POPULATION CONTROL agenda!!!!!!!!!

Doctors are REPTILIAN slaves of their Pharmaceutical overlords from ARCTURUS!!


I was going through your posts on this thread and they are very educated.

Cancers are a number of diseases with common symptoms so naturally there are different methods of combating each with varying degrees of success.

On climate change I'm ambivalent over:-

1)Is it natural or man-made.
2)Is it good or bad for mankind.
3)Whether it makes economic sense to combat it.

I do not buy the argument that it is an Al Gore conspiracy.

As for free energy, there is a thing called zero-point energy which has been scientifically demonstrated( You might know it as vacuum energy )but it is very minute to be used.

I am putting my hopes on fusion, whether in the form of sunlight or new technology here on earth.

My parents recently made a house which uses solar panels for heating water and lighting. As the technology becomes more efficient I believe private users will get more and more of their household requirements from the sun. This will be fantastic for the more libertarian minded :)



"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Thrive is a great video! Another link to Mad Electricity if

anyone is interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdPoOAVAuFQ

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

No Cover-Up Here!

The History Channel Special Modern Marvels Nikola Tesla - "Mad Electricity"... Has Been Removed from Youtube.

Worldwide Wireless Free Energy, Field Effects, Levitation, Directed Energy Weapons (RF Radio Frequency, EMF Electro-Magnetic), Ronald Reagan Star Wars Program (SDI), HAARP (Patent owned by GWB Sr), Mk-Ultra (Mind Control), Earthquake Machines (Dustification), Weather Modification, Death Rays, Proton Beams, Lasers, AC Power, Radio, X-Ray, Solar, Remote Control, Electric Motors, Robotics, Nucleo Magnetic Spaceships, VTOL Aircraft, Neon Lighting, Modern Computer (Logic Gates), the "Ether", "Faster-than Light", Tunguska 1908 ... Patented or Invented by Nikola Tesla 100 Yrs Ago!

Veterans Today presented a story of the Death Bed confession of "Otto Skorzeny" the German Spy who admitted, along with a "George Herbert Walker Sherff Sr", in 1943 assasinated Tesla.


What are the "Secret Plans" to Destroy the Death Star in the movie Star Wars?

Tesla's Patents! When you know how a weapon works, you know how to destroy it!

thank you--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

This was an excellent movie

Great work and passion in that film. Touches on many topics that Ron Paul supporters are deeply aware and passionate about. The upcoming weeks will be so very crucial. It is time to send a message to all those who would wish to control and suppress. Ron Paul is not alone, many around the world are behind him.