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Ron Paul’s Legacy, Audit The Fed Has House Majority And July Vote

Congressman Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve Transparency Act, HR 459, has been given a July vote and currently has a House Majority in support of an Audit of the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul’s final months of service as a Congressman may yield an Audit of the very institution he has spent the last 20+ years railing against and warning about.

Senator Rand Paul waits to push forward S. 202, HR 459′s counterpart in the Senate, where such a majority is not apparent. Surely the Senate will be the toughest step in getting an Audit of the Fed signed and executed, but a monumental task attracts monumental men and women willing to spread the information.


LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2012/06/22/ron-pauls-legacy-au...

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Yes, it will pass in the House, but not in the Senate

Why? The 17th Amendment made the Senate the most corrupt body in the country. Special interests (banks in this case) get way more bang for their bucks by buying 100 votes versus buying 435 votes. Repeal the 17th Amendment and Amerika has a chance.

Dr. Paul's Legacy?

I sure hope Audit the Fed is not Ron Paul's "legacy". For god sakes, this man has led an intellectual/philosophical revolution. I believe his legacy to be one of much greater ramification. He inspired myself, my friends, and my fellow DP patriots to believe in the idea of liberty again. Ron Paul has stayed positive in the face of so much ugly resistance. He is a model for courage and conviction, an inspiration for this generation and all of freedom's posterity.

What is Ron Paul's legacy to you?

Anarchy is peace, government is war

Those within the beltway are

Those within the beltway are just breathing a sigh of relief if that is all his legacy is. But I think we know its going to be having an impact for many decades.