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Crony capitalism in a small town...

I always ask questions such as who is the franchiser? Who will own the business? Who is the developer and what is his position within the community? I dunno, the recent article over the hullabaloo with the Woodland Station has raised a lot of questions for me. It seems that the developers are hell bent on developing everything, and of course the city is merrily issuing bonds and spending other people’s money, not yet made in an uncertain economy. I know, lets invite the big corporate businesses into our community.

Let’s send all of the money downstream like we do our water. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the bulk of the fast food and convenience stores here in town belong to a huge and the same corporation. The last I checked it was a corporate entity from South Carolina in which Muzzak owned a forty per cent share. Sorry the name escapes me because it has been a lot of years since I researched the subject. Now when big corporations come to town and put down stakes they are looked to as creating jobs that have health benefits and dental benefits and of course the retail tax that they will contribute to the city. But what do they really contribute to the local populace and economy? My experience is not too much really, they are more like leeches mostly siphoning off the bulk of the money for export. How about instead of looking to give us more places to spend our money that those so concerned with the money think of some ways to promote the creation of stuff and wealth instead of selling out to corporations that will simply siphon off the communities wealth? Maybe promote local artisans who create useful stuff more? Promote tourism more? How about issuing bonds to help local people set up local businesses and assist those locals in keeping those businesses viable.


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Crony capitalism isn't capitalism any more than a banana republic is a republic. So often people bemoan "big business" when the problem is petty corruption. The editorialist's article notes this in the treatment of Ute Inn vs Bier Works, and it is the heart of the problem.

Corruption is not merely anti-free market, it is outright theft, working as an in-kind tax-to-welfare system using regulatory mechanisms.

It's a mix whether when non-local businesses come into town, whether the add value (actually create jobs) or if they're parasitic. I think it's the case that when new retail gets tax breaks or gets zoning variances not available to locals, they are stealing in-kind, skimming profits forever removed from the community and adding negative value. Big corporations don't HAVE to be corrupt--corruption thrives because of the government, not despite the government.

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This is a general statement

This is a general statement but....

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My family's business is growing into new areas, money which we take and basically export back to our small town. Its a fact of life. Doesn't mean I don't want to provide more for these communities. Heck we would have more money to do more if there were less REGULATIONS. A recent project has us worrying about INTERNATIONAL standards for R-value on insulation. Which has added time and money to the project. That is just one of the many things.

Then we go to the banks. They have a junk load of regulations to follow even for small town banks.

Anyways, I can understand the complaint. But understand that a free market would not give assistance to the small or big.