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What is wrong with having a Plan A and Plan B?

Plan A)Support Ron Paul 100% for the republican nomination and for president.If Ron Paul is on the ballot in the general election whether it be as a republican,independent or third party,support him 100% and vote for him of course.If Ron is not on the ballot move to plan B.....Plan B)Support and vote for Gary Johnson.This seems like the obvious choice and I don't understand why we can't all agree on this.I feel fortunate to have this plan B option in place.I have much more hope for this election than in 2008.

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I guess I thought we had three Plan A's going at once here.

Plan A1 - Get Ron Paul the Republican nomination.

Plan A2 - Take control of the more local levels of the party, like in Iowa, for example.

Plan A3 - Find liberty-minded candidates for the other offices (House, Senate, Governor, State Legislature, etc.).

This should always be our focus. And even after November, plans A2 and A3 still can be worked on.

As far as Plan B? Nothing wrong with that at all. No need to publicly tip your hand about your Plan B at this time, however.

Worry about Plan B when you have to, and not before.

A better plan "A" was to seek the GOP and Lib nominations.

In the past, when smaller parties were more common, an election could be won by securing the support of minor parties as well as a major party. Reagan running as a Republican and on Conservative Party ballot in New York state is a not to distant example of what had been more common previously.

Somehow, in the present day, running for two nominations concurrently is considered disloyal to a major party. In a healthy democratic election process, it would be normal.

Dr.Benjamin ,I totally agree with you

I thought the same thing,especially because there were so many people who would not register republican to vote for Ron in the primary but said they would vote for him in the general.Frustrating.Of course,the media would have spun the "disloyal" angle over and over.

Nothing wrong with having a Plan B.

Just don't expect that other people are going to have the same Plan B as you do, and it will all work out fine.
We can't agree on it because Johnson's positions suck, Mr 2 Days 9 hours.

BigT ,Yes I am a new member to the DP

But I have been sharing Ron Paul vids on facebook to my friends over the last year and have managed to get some of them to vote for Ron in the primaries.The great video titled "urgent message from the troops support Ron Paul" seemed to get people to reconsider their support of obama or romney.I will try to prove my intentions are true in the future posts I make.Take care

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Positive energy is always welcome;

: )

We want HOT soup, yet the waiters are serving us cold soup.

I don't know about you BigT but I am more against GJ all because of the Waiters trying to serve me this dam cold soup.

I mean I am hungry, I would probably eat it, but the tireless pushing of this cold soup has just put me on a diet.

Sorry, not voting for GJ.


PS. GJ needs to get less pushy waiters.

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The system cannot be reformed. We are learning how they deal with attempts to reform or even slow down "the abolition of man". I will not legitimize the system by "voting" for my own lesser evil overseer. Ron Paul is the only one I trust, and they seem to have gotten to him somehow. Doesn't matter anyway. The fix is in, it's rigged and TPTB are flipping the masses the bird....and most are oblivious to it. All you can do is try to make the system irrelevant, educate others to the evil, the tyranny, the economic illiteracy. Fight the evil with good. It's going to get ugly, they are determined to kill us off, probably starve us to death as they are working so hard to control the food supply and access to food, even your own gardens and livestock. Maybe if the states start nullifying. But in my neck of the woods, the local crats are all over Agenda 21, School to Work, taxing the property owners to the hilt....for the "schools". The people are dumbed down and who knows about elections because they use those computer cheating enablers.

they got to him somehow

somehow is because not enough of us went to the Republican Central Committee metings and faced his opposers. We allowed his opposers to operate in secrecy in the wide open by not attending their meetings, not getting a seat, and not having a vote, and not holding THEM accountable.


Those things are all important within the political paradigm, but something more happened for the campaign to just shut down and start parroting the old media.

I don't agree

That something more was able to happen because he didn't have the people going to the meetings, taking seats and supporting him where ne needed the most support, ON THE INSIDE.

My committe has more open seats than seats taken. Opportunity he understood and asked us to partake. Too many of us did not do that.

Imagine of those empty seats were all filled with Ron Paul Republicans.

What ever happened would have hit a wall, US. Instead.. they walked right in abnd told him, YOU DON'T HAVE THE PEOPLE.

He doesn't. Not on my committee. Not on any committee I know.

Even if that is so

we would have had the people if the state controlled propaganda ministry hadn't blacked him out and marginalized him. Even that was changing exponentially with his rallies. We were gaining momentum and supporters. It was becoming a lot harder to paint DR Paul as a crazy and a loser. Then the plug was pulled. I don't agree with you.

I am currently undecided as to what to do.

On one hand, my very obvious preferred choice is Dr Paul, but on the other hand, breaking the duopoly of this corrupt two party system is as equally important. We need a paradigm shift in politics; There must be a distinct, and clear difference in what our proposed nominees beliefs are. I guess that if I must make a decision when pulling that lever, and Dr. Paul is not an official option, I would consider voting for GJ. My knee jerk reaction to what has gone down over the last few years is to go ahead and write in Ron Paul anyway, but I think that giving the Libertarian party a boost in percentage of population may be an equally disturbing sign to send to TPTB. If only GJ could express a better understanding of the all-too-important Constitutional money issue...

Breaking the duopoly

As we face a NWO global government, can you see how "breaking the duopoly", could result in losing the REPUBLICan Party and establishing a American Democratic Party by, for and if our government, representing corporate interests and not we the people's?

Honestly, what the hell are you even babbling about?

Your thought process is incoherent.

I'm not denying the Agenda 21, NWO thing happening, but a vote for obamney IS a vote for a Government representative of corporate interests.

NO, if I must make a decision, and Dr. Paul is not on the ballot, then what I AM saying is that I would consider voting for Gary Johnson. I will not vote for bank controlled puppet A, or bank controlled puppet B.

Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul, but he is at least a step in the right direction.

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I will vote for who Ron suggests.

You don't understand plan A to begin with

Plan A is, you join the GOP and get a seat on your Republican Central Committee. You fill your committee with Ron Paul Republicans, you become a delegate for Ron Paul, you vote for Ron Paul's Republican nomination at the convention, and then you campaign for Ron Paul through November election.

Plan B is, you join the GOP and get a seat on your Republican Central Committee. You fill your committee with Ron Paul Republicans, you work with the rEVOLution in your county, and state, on issues, and vetting Ron Paul Republican candidates, and possibly become a candidate with confidense.