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"Who Destroyed the Middle Class?"

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I read some where the property from 2008

housing bubble held by Fannie and Freddy are soon to be liquidated. The current value is somewhere around $8 Trillion. The properties won't be sold though any type of auction where common folk can buy, but to investors that can spend a Billion at a time.

Real nice of the FED to liquidate US Taxpayer assets to the rich and exclude the people that really took it in the shorts. The $8 Trillion is not part of the Federal debt yet but I'll bet they will be tacking it on soon, during the liquidation process.

I am sure this won't be done until the election is over, Obama whats to preside over the currency crash. Good chance to appoint himself a life time position of POTUS.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I know plenty of people under

I know plenty of people under the influence of psychotic drugs that have a great grasp of inflation reporting and monetary policy. :)

I don't follow...

but, it is probably the psychotic drugs. :)

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