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One significant difference between Democrats and Republicans I have personally noticed.

Now, as far as the parties themselves go, there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two, but I'm thinking more about the general voters of the two parties. The everyday Joe and Jane Voter, if you will.

With Republican voters, they in general are receptive to messages about small, less-to-non intrusive government in Washington. They have a mutual general distrust of government in general. Yes, they still have a belief that government, even from Washington, has more of a role than what we generally think is acceptable, but by and large, they seem more cautious about the role of government in the lives of Americans.

When a Republican does things they don't approve of, with many of them, they seem to me anyways that they'll publicly admit disappointment and anger with the party and the people in it when they stray. They differ from us in they're more forgiving to their team for these transgressions, but it's more about not who they are (Republicans), but who they aren't (Democrats).

"Yes. GWB had too much government and spending and debt. But what choice did I have? Vote for a Democrat? Then it would have been even worse?" "Yes, maybe we shouldn't have jumped so quickly into Iraq. But what choice did I have? The Democrats were on board right away, too. And besides, what about the Serbia? They were all for that one."

With Democrats, it's ALWAYS about more government. Especially federal government. To me, they ALWAYS come out in favor of whatever decision comes from their people on their team. When they take a position that makes more sense from their ideological point of view, it's only because a Republican has the reigns.

This is only my perception. I'm sure others have a different one. Maybe I personally know more level-headed Republicans and conservatives than I do Democrats and liberals.

I'm just curious if others have noticed what I did, or the opposite. Either way, no matter what happens with THIS election cycle, I feel it's important to always understand EXACTLY where these two sides are coming from, because we want long-term success in building this movement, too. We need to know who we can influence now and in the future, and who we have no shot at bringing on board.

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