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Obama is the son of Marxist Frank Marshall Davis

Evidence from filmmaker Joel Gilbert.


Have a pretty day!


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There is nude pictures

There is nude pictures believed to be of Obama's mother in this guys apartment.

They do look like her.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

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please oh please oh please go mainstream

this really appears to be true. I wonder what my conspiracy doubting husband will say about this.

The Rabbit Hole

Open and shut the way I see it. One must ask; if this is true, serfs like us can not possibly comprehend how deep the rabbit hole actually goes.


I prefer "peasants."

It's got that nice homey ring.


Soon to replace BFF.

Fellow FEMA Camper.

If he is...

If he is then BO is a natural born citizen no matter where he was born since both of his parents were US citizens. Then he clearly has presented a fraudulent birth certificate and I believe that is a felony and grounds for serious legal action. Thumbs up or thumbs down?


It makes no difference,

as far as I can tell. Congress is unwilling or unable to view ANY evidence about our president. Let's see what Judge Terry Lewis says on Monday (he is supposed to make a decision about the hearing from last week).

Thumbs up

Thumbs up to his mom for sticking her ass in the camera.
Pretty much sums up what she did to this dumbass country.

No he is not.

Malcolm little (X) is Obamas daddy.
here is a pic on Malcom X http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/coma/images/issues/201105/... [edit] OK that pis was photo-shopped. :( try this one: http://mxmeans.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/malcolm_x_nywts_3...
Notice how they look sort of alike?

Here is a pic of Frank Marshall Davis http://www.reformation.org/en-frank-marshall-davis.jpg
Notice he looks NOTHING like 0bomba?

I ought to have a monument over me when I die. Not for anything I've done, but for the foolishness I've put a stop to!

Grover Cleveland — our 22nd and 24th president

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that does look like him

either way- it means he's a commy.

I'm so tired of all this

I'm so tired of all this pussy-footing around Obama and his exposed frauds perpetrated wilfully against the American people with his deception, cover-ups, lies and abuse of presidential powers. I don't want him impeached. I want to see him charged. Congress, the senate and the DOJ need to restore their own credibility and do the job they were sworn to uphold. I give up on the media. Its duplicitous agenda is just as disgusting.

Fat Chance

Yeah like his real mother is Madeliene Dunham. Yeah sure right. NOT!

His father of record is hussein obama the first. That's what we go by unless otherwise noted by the crock of sh/t himself. Oh wait, but he lies so much no one knows what the truth is. Time will reveal. Just wait. Our prayers are stronger than the gansta gov that we have.

Keepin' it real.