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EXCLUSIVE Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter Interview About Ron Paul And Campaign

Mat Larson's newest video:

Doug Wead & Jeremy Richter will be interviewed by Josh Tolley and Tracy Diaz TONIGHT at 9:00PM EST on Ron Paul Tribune

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Just watched the video.

and have a couple of remarks.

His point about Rand Paul is well taken. "That's how politics is played... He (Rand) actually has a chance to become president" (speaking of 4 years from now). Doug Wead knows where a lot of skeletons are hiding, and his body language, demeanor, etc. is 100% authentic when he talks about Rand in that video. He seems to be hiding some cards on other points, but with regard to Rand, he's shooting straight.

With regard to Paul Festival, his comments include "Dr. Paul is trying to figure out what the right thing to do is" and "Dr. Paul has to be responsible for his name and how his name is used" and "I don't know what they have planned, or who they've invited, or who they haven't invited, and all the details of it, to be able to speak intelligently on it, and I'm sure he doesn't know yet either... But so many people are interested in it, and want to go down there, that I suspect that he will respond to that...(he referred to a Gandhi reference then, about people uniting when "things are really, really bad" because then they are ready to compromise) "I urge people to be patient and wait to see what Dr. Paul's decisions are about some of these things." (then Wead went back to Rand). Eventually he did say he would be happy to appear at Paul Festival himself, if it could be worked out.

"There is a commitment to stick with him (Dr. Paul) through this convention and this campaign. Because unity brings success."

THEN, the question was asked about the Veterans for Ron Paul march, and (now I owe an apology to the poster who responded to my question about vetting, because NOW I see his/her point) Wead kind of sat back and said "Fascinating. Yeah, that's fascinating" and "I would encourage anybody who's planning anything to try to vet it with the campaign, so that what Dr. Paul's doing, his message and his plans, aren't unintentionally disrupted or hurt."

There is a little more to the video that is WELL worth watching.

Mary......it still doesn't answer the question

Why is it that in 2008 we didn't have this problem with a liberty festival. We had many people and bands and all kinds of things and many speakers, too. Ron Paul was the focal point then, and he would be the focal point at the festival now so, I just don't get it, and nobody has explained to me why it can't work out this way this time.

The campaign and Dr. Paul need to be specific if they want Adam Kokesh to step aside, then they should ask for that, and I sure wouldn't be sheepish about it. Why? Because there are too too many supporters trying to make plans to come to this celebration, so if they want this to be a success, somebody needs to step up to the plate and start communicating.....and they need to do it now.

I, for one, am frustrated, because I have airline tickets I have to buy, and I'm coming clear across the country so I would really appreciate if somebody would get this together and figure things out now. This isn't a chess game. If Ron wants to manage the whole event, good. I sure don't mind. He would need to be careful who he invites, too, as far as that goes.

Now is different

Because we have 500 plus delegates and a chance to implement our strategy. In 2008 there was nothing to gain or lose at the convention. Now the roots has to be on the same page as the campaign to ensure they don't accidentally destroy all we worked for,

So kokes, Paulfest, the GJ speaking spot, all should and need to be vetted with the campaign PRIOR to the convention, so the campaign can ensure Dr Paul's strategy is carried out properly

I know, it's frustrating,

but it sounds to me like Dr. Paul has not yet decided what to do about Paul Fest. There is also the issue of rules of SuperPACs, and how candidates are NOT supposed to coordinate with these PACs. (Of course, there was that article I linked to today about Romney's campaign coordinating with a SuperPAC, so really they don't have much high ground to cast judgment from.)

Wead's message was, be patient. That sounds like good advice.

There are a lot of reasons why 2012 is different from 2008 (existence of SuperPACs, much more grassroots support for Paul, successful delegate strategy, the fact that Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for Pres, etc.) Hang in there. At least regarding Paul Fest, it seems to me that some decisions will have to be made soon or it will become apparent that the Liberty Unleashed PAC has its own agenda. Let's wait and see.

VIDEO Doug Wead

I just uploaded the video of the Doug Wead interview to Youtube


Can you enable the video for mobile playback please? Im on an iPad

All viewing options will be

All viewing options are enabled with no ads, it looks like it took longer to process than I expected, it should be good now

I only caught the last 10-15 min.

But it seems that the message is to stay the course and stick with Dr. Paul until Tampa, some things are strategy....don't abandon ship before its over. Also vet things with the campaign so as not to unintentionally disrupt the effort.

HOW to vet things with the campaign,

please? How is one to vet an idea with the campaign? I can think of many times when I would have liked to check in with the campaign but that's not so easy. How is one supposed to do that? This is a grassroots effort and it seems to me that we have all had to do our own thinking and strategy.

I've e-mailed the campaign from their website and I have NEVER gotten a response. So if I'm missing something, please fill me in.

If you are in CA I can help

If you are in another state, the campaign has state leaders and that is who you need to get in contact with.

Thanks, Granger,

but I'm in FL. Tampa, in fact. Do you know who to contact in FL?

Here you go Mary1

State Director: Mark Cross – markc@ronpaul2012.com – 407-908-2749


I will find out

I'll let you know as soon as I find out, probably Monday.

"Vetting".....I think he's referring to

Adam Kokesh. This is why I kept bringing up the FACT that the Festival managers would give Dr. Paul his own "venue", his own "building"/"arena" at the Fairgrounds, and Dr. Paul could have his own management team manage everything during the time he would be there speaking.

I cannot see any conflict of interest regarding this matter, even IF there is some friction with Adam K. and the Campaign.

Doug was obviously talking about Adam, I think. I don't know what has ever happened prior, but FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THE SUPPORTERS.....Dr. Paul will you agree to speaking there?

Speaking at the Fairgrounds would make it SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT for all of us, since plans are being made to come, to get hotels nearby, and any other place would or could be a TERRIBLE INCONVENIENCE for all the supporters.

Give it a rest...

The fairgrounds, even with his own tent/venue/whatever is not a controlled environment. These promoters are flying by the seat of their pants and the campaigns images as well as Ron's safety are far to important to risk.

He is doing his own event. If these promoters cared about Ron or his campaign they would get out of the way. They are distracting from what's important, Dr. Paul's presence at the convention. Instead they wish to compete with him, by throwing an event baring his name and having other presidential candidates take the stage to speak to his supporters.


The official campaign event is the only one that matters.
The others are distractions which are totally unnecessary, and possibly even counterproductive.
There's always somebody looking to make a buck off Ron Paul's name.

TO vet, not A vet... :)

to vet (verb): to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, validity, etc.: An expert vetted the manuscript before publication.

a vet (noun): Adam Kokesh, for example.

Funny. No offense!

edit: cepivon, I see now what you meant. He WAS talking about the Veterans' march when he spoke about vetting plans with the campaign. My sincere apologies.

Debbie's picture

That was a fantastic interview with Doug Wead - he is a

gracious and smart person and explained many things to the grassroots.


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I couldn't get into the chat

I couldn't get into the chat room. Did you have to be a member? More importantly, what was discussed?

Sad to hear that you had some problems with the chat room... I

suspect that it may have been because you do not have a newer version of Adobe Flash? or your browser? We do not require anyone to be a member to watch, chat, or participate in anyway unless the individual chooses to join our social network. If you have any more concerns you can reply here and I will check back later today or tomorrow. The link to the full interview is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7EhX5gepZc Have a great day.

JustLiberty4US's picture

Thanks a bunch for your

Thanks a bunch for your reply. Maybe it had something to do with using an IPad. GREAT discussion;watched it on YouTube.


They did NOT tell Doug about the PAUL FESTIVAL &....

that Ron would have his own building on the fairgrounds to "manage" with "his own team" of people on Sunday.

Insane---no matter how much I typed---they never told him this....unless I missed something??

Paul Fest was mentioned, and

Paul Fest was mentioned, and tracy was trying to look at the questions askedfrom people who asked ahead of time on the pages that were listed above.


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