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EXCLUSIVE Doug Wead and Jeremy Richter Interview About Ron Paul And Campaign

Mat Larson's newest video:

Doug Wead & Jeremy Richter will be interviewed by Josh Tolley and Tracy Diaz TONIGHT at 9:00PM EST on Ron Paul Tribune

Thanks for the video upload, ALLRonPaul


The direct link to the show is http://show.ronpaultribun...

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You can also ask Doug Wead questions ahead of time by clicking below:

Here is the link to the questions that have already been submitted:

Check out the main live video voice chat room at: http://chat.ronpaultribun...

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Whooo Ha Cherry Soda!!!


Me and Tracy Diaz Conference

Me and Tracy Diaz Conference called Doug to Make sure there is no issue tonight, he said he has it on his calendar for tonight!

I was nervous talking to him so I let Tracy do most of the talking lol

embedded video?

can a mod embed the video?