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New Gary Johnson Video: Ron Paul Is Better Than Me (For Libertarian Republicans) And I Voted For Him

Maybe Governor Johnson could make this his next 30 second ad.
Sorry Legalize, I had to.


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State by state rules regarding 3rd Party and write-in campaigns

If you are going to write-in someone in November you should at least know the rules. This post explains the rules on a state by state basis:


This is an example of an application to be a write-in candidate. You will notice on this application that Ron Paul himself will have to sign this application or write-in votes in Connecticut will not be counted or reported. How many states have the same rules to have write-in votes counted and reported?:


Educate yourselves before you vote!

Anonymous Libertarians

I could not vote for Johnson

I found a much better person to vote for if your thinking of voting for Johnson. I think their policies will be the same:


Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Give me a break

Now you're acting like Fox News taking everything out of context.

Give ME a break...

You suggest I'M acting like Fox News, but yet the only thing you did when you "joined the conversation", was suggest I dial back on "personal attacks" against a few people who DESERVE to be "personally attacked", as all they've been doing for a week or two now is personally attacking Dr. Paul and the integrity of his campaign, as well as bad mouthing supporters. You seem supportive of this.

De criminalize Liberty!

YOU give ME a break

I don't care who started it.

As if you're finishing

something? Do I look like I care?

De criminalize Liberty!

If you can see me, you are

If you can see me, you are unusually gifted.

To Michael Nystrom...

Please pardon me if I have spelled your name incorrectly.

You have done us ALL a great service with the DailyPaul website. It is the best thing since sliced bread. And I recently read a post you wrote indicating no particular desire to convert it to the DailyRand after Ron Paul retires.

And I agree,

BUT there certainly will be some call for SOMEBODY to do a DailyGary or a DailyJohnson.

I hope you will consider.

How about

How about "DailyLiberty"?????

We need to stop being a cult of personality.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

The ONLY MAN I would vote for over Gary Johnson.....

is, of course, Ron Paul.


UNLESS Ron Paul gets the nomination - I am voting for GARY JOHNSON!!!!!!

I already have my bumpers stickers and they go on the moment I hear that there is absolutely no chance for Ron Paul.

Haven't you heard?

According to people like "John Ashman" "legalizeliberty" "TrevorDardon" and a few others, Ron Paul has already conceded and Mitt Romney IS the nominee. And they claim this is truth. They are liers.

De criminalize Liberty!

What's a "lier"?

You couldn't look it up yourself?

Lier - a person or thing that lies, as in wait or in ambush...

So, I know where you were going with that, but now that you mention it, they could be LIARS AND/OR LIERS...Did you have a point?

De criminalize Liberty!

Mr. Realistic gary j


Will the Libertarian party ever win a U.S. House or Senate Seat?

Ron Paul's not out yet.


John F


And the choppy editing of this video does nothing to help the OP's point.

And the fact that you join the conversation

for the sole purpose of critizing the "choppy editing", doesn't do much for you either. Took me a matter of maybe a minute to "edit" this video together. And it was simply to prove a point TO A PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL. I made my point. And I will continue to make my point to this particular individual every time he decides to disrespect Dr. Paul OR his supporters. Also my original point didn't need any help, as it was quite clear, but thanks anyway.

De criminalize Liberty!

I see.

I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were targeting this public thread for one specific individual. My bad.


Oh no need for apologies...

but apparently you misunderstood. NOWHERE did I say I was targeting this public thread for one specific individual,but nice try. I simply said the video was edited together for an individual, hence the reason it took but a few seconds to "chop sloppily" together. Sorry you felt the need to join the public thread simply to offer an insult. Maybe next time I have to make a "gary video" to prove a point to an individual, I'll take plenty of time to make sure it's edited together very well. Perhaps a Gary Johnson "attack ad" would seem appropriate, seeing as how he's trying to get on the national debate stage with Obama and Dr. Paul come November, so technically as of RIGHT NOW, Governor Johnson IS an opponent of Dr. Paul. Who knows. The way a handful of people have been acting around here the last week or two, it seems as though that's what it's going to come to.

De criminalize Liberty!

That's what we GJ fans have

That's what we GJ fans have been saying all along!

That he has been supportive of Ron Paul to the extreme so you can't say that he has been "running against" Paul or "competing with" Paul or anything like that.

How could you ask for anyone more supportive of Ron Paul to speak at Paul Fest than the guy that flew to Houston to ask for Ron Paul's blessing before making his 2012 announcement?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

No no no...

This is NOT what "you" GJ fans have been saying!
What you've been saying, for a week or two now, is that Mitt Romney IS the nominee and Dr. Paul has conceded. You're wrong and you're deliberately misleading people (whether that's the intent or not). Thousands and thousands of people visit this site every day, and you are misleading them into believing that Dr. Paul doesn't have a chance. At all. You should be ashamed at your continued efforts (you and a handful of other people) that are continuously pushing Gary Johnson. I like Gary. I MIGHT vote for him IF Dr. Paul doesn't receive the nomination, and he doesn't run third party. Before you and a handful of people started really pushing Johnson, I pretty well had my mind made up that the one thing I would want to happen IF Dr. Paul didn't receive the nomination, was for Johnson to offer the VP to Dr. Paul. You people are changing my mind, because you have forced me to look deeper and deeper into what Gary Johnson really stands for. Stop pushing people away from our other POTENTIAL options. Right now, at the DailyPaul, Dr. Paul should still be discussed as though HE is the ONLY choice.

You're making Johnson appear as a "libertarian moocher"

Also, I agree with the following comment left by user "Treg" on another thread - I'm not surprised you were included Ashman.

Treg: What hostility towards libertarians?

I have not felt any and I am on the DP everyday.

Oh, do you mean the hostility about GJ and the LP?

Well that all has to do with John Ashman & a few others who continue to flog it to the point of rejection. It reminds me of the restaurant customer who is in the mood for hot soup so much that just about any soup will do and the waiter then proceeds to pump and promote and never shut up about the one cold soup he has, so much so, that the customer starts to dislike the waiter. The customer asks the waiter if the soup could possibly be heated (by reading a few libertarian basics like Economics in One Lesson, Libertarianism in One Lessons) but upon hearing "What for?! Its still a soup!" immediately changes his mind, pushes back from the table and says, "I think I am on a diet". That is right, even though they came for soup, they now don't want to even hear the word soup (or GJ). Voting? Voting for cold soup? Really, I'm on a diet.

But the BIG IMPORTANT QUESTION is this: "What is the most effective LIBERTY ADVANCING strategy?" Is it simply voting GJ? Why was the r3VOLution created in the first place and what is its goal?

In answer to that "BIG IMPORTANT QUESTION", many old-school libertarians in Arizona (think Freedomsphoenix.com )decided to move the liberty message OUTSIDE of the echo chamber called the LP.

We started & branded the r3VOLution in Arizona, where the non-ideologically pure can join in if they agreed with us on JUST ONE THING, not the whole thing. And what was that one thing? "Do you want more freedom?" If the answer was yes, then you can join us.

Back in 2004, 05, 06 we grew. It was a blast "coming out of the closet" and walking out the LP doors. Done with the LP. (notice the LP today stands for "Lack of Principle". What is the evidence? They voted Bob Barr over Mary Ruwart. They passed over Murray Sabrin for Gary Johnson. Read Murray here: http://www.lewrockwell.com/sabrin/sabrin-arch.html)

The fact is, The Libertarian Party is a Failed Liberty Advancing Strategy.

Yes, I am saying the LP does not work. Read here: http://www.dailypaul.com/239219/the-libertarian-party-is-a-f...

"So what works?" "What must we do to keep Liberty ADVANCING and politically winning?" "What MUST WE DO TO ADVANCE LIBERTY?"...or "Why join the r3VOLution?" Well to answer those questions, please Read: http://www.dailypaul.com/217383/go-libertarian-or-go-freedom...


De criminalize Liberty!

Ron Paul HAS conceded! But

Ron Paul HAS conceded! But he puts it in a way as to avoid taking the wind out of his followers in advance of the convention. He just basically says he doesn't have enough delegates. Even Rand Paul says he can't win. Sorry, that's the truth. I mean, look, you could say that it's not impossible that aliens will land tomorrow, but it's also beyond unlikely too. But as I said, if you guys pull off the impossible, i'l vote for him.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Hey John Assman...You're a LIER

and you should leave the DailyPaul.

"Ron Paul HAS conceded" LIE

"Even Rand Paul says he can't win" LIE

"that's the truth" LIE

"But as I said, if YOU GUYS pull off the impossible, i'll vote for him."

Notice how you say "you guys" because YOU are not a part of this movement. You never were. You're not here to support Dr. Paul. You never were. You're a coward hiding behind falsehoods, and you should be banned for intentionally spreading them, as well as the other handful of people here that are obviously sympathetic to your propaganda.

De criminalize Liberty!

I've never claimed to be a

I've never claimed to be a big Ron Paul fan.

I see him as a flawed candidate. I am not shy about saying it.

HOWEVER, he's better than the alternatives, with the exception of Gary Johnson IMO, and I would make the strategic choice to vote for him over Johnson if you can get him the nomination because Gary could always have his shot in 2016 or 2020.

So I don't know how speaking out loud about what I think is being a coward.

Ron Paul AND Rand Paul HAVE conceded the nomination. It's just that you're not listening.

But maybe you're the one too scared to listen.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Which is why you probably shouldn't

say some of the things you say. I hate to tell ya, but I see every human as being flawed. Pretty sure Ron Paul is human(unless those aliens your always talkin about know otherwise).

Funny, you CANNOT simply provide evidence that "Ron Paul AND Rand Paul HAVE conceded the nomination."

I've listened to Dr. Pauls messages and videos, and I've seen Rands "endorsement" of Romney. If these are what you speak of, I would still ask you to SHOW EVIDENCE, as these don't fit that description. Put up or shut up. I don't have a problem with hearing either, so that's not it. Definitely not scared of Gary Johnson leaving Dr. Paul with "negative 2.95% of the vote"

Interesting you sign "Ron Paul 2012. If not, Gary Johnson 2012"...You ADMIT you believe Gary Johnson is BETTER than Ron Paul...But yet, if that's the case, why would you vote for Ron Paul before Gary Johnson in a general election??? Oh that's right, because you know that Ron Paul HAS A BETTER CHANCE AT WINNING..So you don't vote on principal, just based on "who can win", or??

De criminalize Liberty!

"Moving forward … we will no

"Moving forward … we will no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted," Paul said in a statement. "Doing so with any hope of success would take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have.

"WITH ANY HOPE OF SUCCESS". I know it's hard for you to read between the lines, or understand the carefully crafted logic of what he is saying, but jeez, what does he need to do, put it in neon for you?

"Well, you know, my first choice had always been my father," Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) said on FOX News' "Hannity" tonight.

"HAD BEEN". What does that mean to you?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

I think you should pull back

I think you should pull back on the personal attacks.

My deepest apologies...

You must be much smarter than me since I misspelled a word...As I respect your opinion, I think you should mind your own business considering the only people I'm "personally attacking" are either personally attacking other people first, pushing Gary Johnson bullsh*t OVER Dr. Paul, as well as attacking the integrity of Dr. Paul, his campaign, AND his supporters. Thanks for the suggestion, but no thanks.

De criminalize Liberty!

Yes we can,

because he IS running against and competing with Ron Paul, supportive of him or not.

Lets just say 29% favorable rating of obama and romney POLLS in november

31% want to write in Ron Paul

3% see GJ and say, oh, well hes almost as good as ron paul, hes been very supportive of him, ill vote for him instead.

Ron Paul ends up with 28% instead of 31% and Obama or Romney win the nomination.

Totals end up looking something like:
29% Obama (+1person over Romney) winner!
8% GJ (3% of Pauls original supporters)
6% went to all other candidates in this hypothetical

and Gary Johnson who supported Ron Paul, just pulled votes away from him, so dont give me crap about he isnt running against him because he is.

This is completely made up, but there is no circumstance in which GJ is NOT running against him.