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We are forgetting what Tampa is about

We are forgetting what Tampa is about.
Please watch these videos and remind yourselves. This isn't a party or if it is Jordan Page will be 100% right on dancing at the death camps.




and one from Rebel Inc.


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I will be going to Tampa. I will be pledging my resolve for the principles of Ron Paul. I will further spread the word that while Ron Paul has laid down the Torch of Liberty at the front door of the convention center, Gary Johnson has picked it up and is sprinting to the finish line. The GOP has strong-armed Dr. Paul that in order to preserve his son Rand's future in the Republican Party, the good Doctor must not make a scene and up-stage Romney at the convention. Gary Johnson is our only hope.

While I am glad to see Gary Johnson supporters here

I am sitting with my liberty Presidential candidate. Ron Paul has not laid down the torch. Please don't listen to MSM lies

we all need to go to Tampa

this is important..if you don't feel your vote counted at the polls show up for this and prove who you are and what you stand for