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Ron Paul to John McCain: Syria is none of our business!

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Seems as if he's one step away from telling.......

It seems to me as if he is a half a step away from really telling it like it is. He used to just stick to non intervention and that we can t afford it, but it seems like he's letting it rip now. He mentioned going to war for oil, and i've heard him talk lately about going to war for their natural resources and all the propaganda is necessary to promote the war machine. I'd love for him to get that prime time speaking spot at the convention and tell the world about the banking cartel, the petrol dollar, false flag attacks, and a lesson on debt slavery.

Is there any doubt...

that every Ron Paul supporter delegate in Tampa needs to vote for Ron Paul on the first ballot?

F McCain

When is that mentally insane war monger going to retire? I have seen enough of him. Its as if his sole purpose in life now is to cause death around the globe. GO AWAY!

Those f-in videos of kids while Paul was speaking was ridiculous. I mean, you could pull thousands of videos of messed up kids and people from the US and put them on tv. Nothing worse then propoganda. So glad I don't own a television anymore. I am much happier spending my money on range time and ammo.

Traitor and war criminal

Sealed all the MIA records to hide his cowardic. He is a symbol of what is wrong with Nepitism as is Rand Judas Paul.


'We have to take over Syria...

... to then take over Iran. Its all apart of their plan...

And I'm just trying to wake the American people up to this.' ~ Dr. Ron Paul

When injustice becomes law - rebellion becomes duty.


CNN plasters video of injured 'Syrian' children over Ron Paul

While Ron Paul is talking about not intervening.

I wonder why they never show the Palistine Children

That Israel blows up...why don't we save them? oops..my bad shhhush don't speak of that

cause that would be

cause that would be "anti-Semitic," sigh rolling eyes

President Paul has been BRINGING IT!

His confidence is now up to the same level as his intelligence. I'm proud to be an American again! GO PRESIDENT PAUL = PEACE!

Great job President Paul

Our President had to talk over all the graphic propaganda BS they were showing. I hope people are waking up. At least the Interviewer has a nice intro. and seemed respectful.

Ugh John McCain

I cannot stand this man. He is one of the Keating 5. He probably supported and voted for the funds that went to the Mujahideen and that created and sponsored Al-Qaeda. Then spoke on behalf of the legislation to indefinitely detain those who support Al-Qaeda. He is a criminal through and through and a bigot to boot.


Ron Paul hits one out of the park!
He has no real competition, just media made phoneys!
Hats off to the man who did the interview.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

US Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

Great intro and great interview with our next President.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Good interview

and the interviewer seemed very respectful of Dr. Ron Paul.

Ron Paul says Iran is no threat because it is surrounded in 45 US military bases. They have to go through Syria to get to Iran, for the OIL.

As always Dr. Ron Paul was the statesman and his answers were right on the mark. Thank you Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul for President 2012 for the USA and the world!


that interview didn't go the way they wanted, did it?


It Sure

as hell didn't!

I loved every second of it too. You could almost here the control room shoutng in the interviewer's earpiece ........'SHUT HIM UP'....lol.....and Dr. Paul did not miss one point either did he!