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How to Prove Vote Rigging in Your Precinct: action plan


In the caucus states vote counts have noticeably been in error. Through charting of election results there is the suspicion of vote rigging in the primary states. This has yet to be firmly proven. In other words, no one has come forward with certifiable proof that the votes have been switched. The only way this can be achieved is to get an actual re-count of the individuals registered to vote at any given precinct.

There is an entire system necessary to document election rigging in specific precincts. To do this all that is necessary is to poll the voters, known as an After-Action Exit Poll. This polling can be done either in person or over the phone. The in-person method is ideal.

In-Person Method:

Precincts are essentially neighborhoods. You can find precinct maps online. What is really needed is the voter roll, which is the full list of all registered Republican voters.

The voter roll is interesting. It lists people not in alphabetical order but, rather, by street address.

With this method the activist simply walks the precinct, knocking on doors. Here, it is important to wear Ron Paul paraphernalia, shirts, hats, buttons, and more, to make a statement. You can thus gauge the visual response to your presence. You’ll need a clip-board and two forms:

• After-Action Exit Polls
• Court-Certifiable Affidavits
• Presents (bumper stickers and buttons, an nice added feature)

You may identify yourself as a neighborhood resident, who is doing a Citizen’s Honesty in Voting Poll. You can also say, once identifying the Ron Paul supporter, that you are with RonPaulVoteCount.org and that your job is to ensure that everyone’s vote counts.

Once the Paul voter is identified, ask the person to fill out the Poll on-site. Then, provide a copy of the affidavit and relate the importance of getting this done. Mention that you’ll follow-up to get a copy of the court-certifiable affidavit. Give the voter the option of uploading the completed, notarized affidavit to www.ronpaulvotecount.org. Yet, still, mention that you will follow-up in order to procure the signed affidavit or to be sure the document was uploaded.

Telephone method:

Call every registered voter. Identify the Paul voters and fill out the After-Action Exit Poll on their behalf. Send or email the voter a copy of the affidavit. Follow-up to make sure the affidavit is procured in your hands or uploaded to the site.

Board of Elections: what you will need

To prove the rigging you’ll need two things. These are the voter rolls and the poll tapes. The voter rolls area lists of all people who voted at the precincts. This is presuming no voters were specifically purged, which is possible some instances and DID occur in caucuses. That is an added advantage of canvassing the vote count, since such voters could be identified. The poll tapes are the tapes spat out of the voting machines at the end of the voting. Ideally, such tapes list the total number of voters plus the line total for each candidate.

The whole tape is unnecessary. Only the end is needed.

Each board of elections is obligated to provide these. Usually, the voter rolls are provided freely at a cost. Regarding the poll tapes these may be freely provided. They may also be hung in public view for several weeks. Often, though, there is resistance to freely giving these. Special requests may have to be made.

It is critical to do this immediately. In every instance possible this must be done BEFORE the vote count is certified. Thus, particularly in the most recent states, in Montana, South Dakota, New Jersey, Arkansas, and especially in Texas and California, the efforts must be quick and aggressive.

If even the slightest evidence of election rigging is discovered, shut down the county board of elections. In other words, halt the certification. Do this with the following letter: http://www.libertyusapac.org/wordpresspac/2012/06/21/letter-...

Once evidence is accumulating demonstrating fraud, submit that data to two sources:

www.ronpaulvotecount.org (fill out the witness affidavit)

This is critical to prevent overlap. Be sure to coordinate all efforts with local activists to prevent duplication. So far, the voter rolls and poll tapes for all of Travis County have been purchased and will be in my possession. It is suggested that local activists also attempt to get the poll tapes. Anyone who needs the voter rolls for Travis County should contact me.

Right now, precincts 238 and 247 are being called. Anyone who would like to canvass these two precincts please be in touch.

In Brazoria County there are a number of highly suspect precincts, notably #12, #27, #46, #47, #51, #61. All such precincts must be heavily called and canvassed.

In Santa Cruz a team of activists are canvassing and calling. Travis County, Santa Cruz County, and LA County are the only places known where there are such activities. If anyone else is doing this, please post it, here.

Regarding California, I have been promised the full lists of all SuperVoters, who were mailed in San Francisco County and Humboldt County, among others.

This is the complete system. You WILL prove election rigging if you get out there and do it.

Note: the easiest thing to do is to knock on doors. You simply ask if there is anyone in the family that is a RP voter or supporter in that precinct. Then, you’re off and running! Find families of voters. Document them.

Check your precincts. If the numbers seem even remotely suspicious, investigate. Don’t stop until you prove the real count. The tools you’ll need to achieve this are all posted on www.LibertyUSApac.org. Regardless, they are listed below, under “Tools.”

Let’s get this proven BEFORE Tampa and upload all proof into the Websites, especially www.electionfraudremedy.com. So, let us strike out like the swarm we really are, freedom fighters “In it to win it!” And we’ll never stop, until we win. God bless you all, proud of every one of you.

Efforts completed thus far:

This is being done in Travis County, precincts 238 and 247. In 238 a total of 8 Ron Paul voters have been identified out of a total of 59. In precinct 247 a total of 3 of 15 have been identified. People are, right now, calling the rest of both these precincts. Precinct 238 is fairly large. If anyone wants to help, let me know.

Key links:

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Travis County votes by precinct:
Brazoria County votes by precinct:


(this one may be slow to load)

Tools to prove vote rigging:


(source for court-certifiable affidavit; also witness affidavit, which can be used for evidence of vote rigging)