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Electoral Reform: End the two-party duopoly!

I am curious what most Ron Paul supporters are planning now. Surely, the idea of delegates going to Romney is terrifying. Is he going to run independent or wait? I think he needs to stay in the game to try and keep them honest, and try to keep his ideals alive! But I think he should work with others, and aim for what's preventing him from being heard, and his policies from being considered: the reign of the powerful two-party duopoly..


The two-party winner-take-all electoral system is not a great idea, and everyone knows it. It's divisive, simplistic, corruptible and undemocratic.
Vote for electoral reform this election, and you will never again have to vote for the 'lesser of two evils' at the risk of 'wasting your vote' on a party that truly represents you. End the two-party duopoly!

Who is to blame for our diminishing civil rights and power to control our government? The liberals, the conservatives, the president, the previous president, the Congress, the courts, the corporations, the terrorists, the U.N., the media, the Federal reserve, big banks, and money in politics?

With so many problems, it is important to focus on the root cause, where concentrated efforts can give rise to tangible, door-opening results. I contend that the first step for everyone, whether liberal, conservative, concerned about civil rights, war, abortion, immigration, gun control or any issue, lies in our electoral system.

Our winner-take-all electoral system allows only two parties. They become massive, corruptible, and broad in their rhetoric but minimal in their differences. Around the nation, most voters view their opposition party as tyrannical and evil, while their chosen party is simply “the lesser of two evils.” They do not vote for a third party, even one closer to their political ideology, because it is viewed as a wasted vote. That is not democracy.

At worst, it's a completely corrupt and orchestrated dog and pony show, draining the citizens of their freedom and money. At best, it's simply one of the most inefficient, inept, unrepresentative and unresponsive forms of government in the modern world. Either way, it's got to go.

It is not specified in the constitution to that the USA must use a winner-take-all system for the electoral college, federal, state, or local elections. Our government at all levels could change this any time they wish. But what incentive do our two bloated parties have to support this move for democracy, when it clearly puts their political power in jeopardy? The change can come from within our governmental framework, but there is much work to be done.

I am no extremist, revolutionary, or radical free thinker. These ideas are simple, rational, and common-place. Many people, most a good deal older and wiser than I, have been making the same arguments for years. Most Americans I talk to agree that two massive parties is not working. Countless advocacy groups and think-tanks have been trying to facilitate greater democracy and freedom for years. Through Instant Run-off Voting, Choice Voting, Proportional Representation, or a variety of other different voting systems, we can have a much more representative, responsive, responsible and voter controlled government.

I will gladly help one of these groups in their endeavors, but I believe the most important thing is to unify all groups motivated for change and greater representation and focus efforts unilaterally on the most accessible, root level of all our problems: The Two-Party System.

It could be as simple as 1-2-3:
1: Spread the Word and Make your Commitment.
2: Discuss, Mobilize, and Form a Consensus on Reform Candidates
3: Vote and Keep Them Accountable
(step 4, after a more democratic electoral system is in place, vote for any candidate or party knowing that your vote has value!)

Please read more and discuss at this blog:
Twitter: @electoralreform
Please sign the petition here: http://signon.org/sign/electoral-reform-coalition?source=c.u...
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ElectoralReformCoalition
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/125823220889351/

Please read more, discuss, repost, tweet, and contact your favorite activism groups. Let them know that the road forward is together, and the future is a more democratic electoral system and a more responsible and representative government!

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Eliminating the GOP, or reducing it to third party, and then we have the Democratic Party represent All American Citizens at the UN for the NWO?