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"Elektable" Facebook Page Now Live!

Hi Everyone,

The Facebook page for the new Ron Paul short film "Elektable" is now live. It can be found here:


Please join as a fan and share with others. This will dramatically help this piece go viral. There will be lots of content being posted this week to this page, including a trailer for the film, Behind-The-Scenes galleries, other videos and related news articles.

We're almost there! Just 5 days away!!!


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T Minus 4 Days.

Look forward to it

But deep down inside I really wish you would have created a non-fictional documentary, Fahrenheit 911 style, with all the compelling footage from the state conventions.

Having said that, still excited to see your piece.

I want the mp4

We need to burn 2500 copies for Tampa, I want to distribute them with my friends here locally in the bay area as the delegates come in they each need one. Got lightscribe too :) Working on a comprehensive battle plan map as we speak. Cant wait for this video!!


Looking forward to It.

thanks for your hard work!