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Could Ron Paul become GOP's Vice Presidential nominee?

This is a question coming up more and more in various news outlets. Not because Romney is going to pick him, but because of a fear that Ron's supporters could make it happen in Tampa.

Whatever your opinion about whether or not delegates are bound or unbound...They are certainly not bound when it comes to Vice President. Another thing to consider.... Looks like the Senate may end up 50/50...Since the Vice President is President of the US Senate...Ron would be deciding any and all ties.

Please don't shoot the messenger..I am not pushing for this, but starting a discussion about if it's even possible since it seems to be a hot topic in the press. However, if it became our only realistic option...I think I would lean towards having Ron in the Executive branch over nothing at all.

Here are just some of the articles discussing this possibility. Do a Google search..There are lots of them.

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Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/20/ron-paul-vice-presi...

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he cant be the VP because he will be the nominee. Maybe Romney will get lucky and be the VP. I dont think Mittens knows enough about American history or Austrian economics to be a good pick for the times we will soon face with 16 trillion in debt. He and Paul Ryan dont understand Government intervention is bad not just domestically in our policies but foreign too. They have no real plan to cut spending or the debt at all. Bunch of Rookies.

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Why could he or would he except the vice presidency. If he did he would tour over mittens who is not fitten to be president. What is RP a lap dog? Compromise to be part of the power structure is wrong. The idea is a joke.