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The Fukushima Fixation Might Be a Obsessive Compulsive Mental Disorder

I am tired of a some patriot Broadcasters fixated on Fukishima constantly. They act like that Nuclear Power plants are the only source of radiation in the air that can kill people. These people are whacked and do not know science very well.

Before they scream and scare the hell out of people with radioactive particles falling out of the sky. They need to look at science. Salt water has every element in the water including uranium. Russian students I talked to say there is more radiation coming from volcanic ash from the eruption in Iceland then from Japan. I am not worried about the long term effects of radiation in sea water because nature does clean itself up. What is in the air will dissipate. The risk they scream about that the end is near I believe is over blown.

There is just as much background radiation that is natural that is more fetal then what is happening at Fukishima. For those people who claim to be patriots and still talking about Fukishinma. We have bigger problems here that can use much more of our time and attention than being fixated of what is going on in Japan. To me Fukishima is not a crisis anymore. To those who think it is, it is just a fixation

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