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Rand Paul Was Right to Vote Against Mandatory GMO Labeling

Rand Paul’s recent NO vote on a bill requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods is causing quite a stir in the Ron Paul community. Over at the Daily Paul, a very heated exchange is underway including comments like,

He (Rand Paul) is a disaster and votes like this drive good Americans away from the Liberty movement...

Another trusted libertarian site, The Humble Libertarian, posted the following,

"As if Rand Paul’s credibility with liberty activist isn’t already badly tarnished, he voted NO on a bill to require GMO food labeling. This is a very important issue and an issue that crosses party lines. Folks have an 'absolute right' (emphasis mine) to know what they are eating."

Read more: http://iroots.org/2012/06/23/was-rand-paul-right-to-vote-aga...

An “absolute right,” seriously?

When did the federal government gain such a great track-record that we would trust them to tell us when food items are safe? This might be a good time to remember just why Dr. Paul earned that nickname of “Dr. No.” (Here’s a hint. He didn’t get it by voting for feel-good legislation in the name of “safety.”) I’m unaware if Ron Paul has commented on this issue recently, but I see no reason to believe he has reversed his position since providing the following comments to vote-tx.org in 2008,

"The federal government lacks constitutional authority to mandate labeling of products containing genetically-modified food. Furthermore, those who do not wish to consume genetically-modified products should be leery of federally-mandated labeling because history shows that federal regulatory agencies are susceptible to ‘capture,’ where the regulators end up serving the interest of the business they are supposed to control. In the case of labeling, federal agencies could redefine the meaning of ‘modified’ to allow genetically-engineered food on the market without fully-informing consumers of the presence of genetically- engineered ingredients. Instead of federal regulation, consumers should demand that manufactures provide full information and refuse to buy those products that are not fully labeled. Once producers see there is a demand for non-genetically-engineered products they will act to fulfill that demand. Of course, makers of genetically-engineered food should be held legally responsible if they fraudulently market their products or harm anyone." - Ron Paul

Read more: http://iroots.org/2012/06/23/was-rand-paul-right-to-vote-aga...

(Before commenting or voting up/down, please go and read the entire article--including the video from Token Libertarian Girl and some proactive free-market solutions...)

UPDATE: Rand Paul recently linked to this article (up at www.iroots.org ) and added the following statement.

"I am an opponent of the FDA's war on natural foods and farmers. I've stood up for raw milk, hemp and natural supplements. I fought to take power AWAY from the government on these issues. So while there is evidence we should be concerned about GMOs, we should also be careful not to lose our constitutional perspective simply because the end result is one we may desire. That's what we fight against. That's what the statists do. Take a loot at a pretty thorough rundown on the recent GMO amendment. There were many more problems with it, including the potential the FDA could have assumed broad new rulemaking authority if this badly written amendment had passed."

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I see nothing wrong with requiring GMO labels...

though Underwriters Laboratories is the model of a successful PRIVATE watchdog agency. Dr. Paul has said one of the only purposes of government is to ENFORCE contracts. I see part of enforcement is assuring neither party misrepresents the elements of that contract. Those who choose to purchase GMO products should be free to do so. However, we sensible people have a right to know if a product has been modified in such a manner as to make it unsafe.

One way to prevent industries from "capturing" regulatory agencies is contractually banning employees of those agencies from working for the agencies they regulate. This occurs all the time between employers and employees of companies employing cutting edge technology. For example, McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing) had an agreement with UK's Westland Helicopters to not hire each others employees for TWENTY YEARS after they terminated employment.

I respectfully disagree with Rand AND Ron on this one.

Until they can no longer regulate,

they will be corrupted.

If they can influence the market with their regulations, they will be bought.
The ONLY way to stop the bribery is to eliminate the regulatory power, so that the bribery has nothing to buy, and then it will stop.
And so will the "revolving door" stop.

It's the gov't power to intervene, that is the cause of ALL of it.
It's NOT the money, and it's NOT the influence peddling, or revolving door that is the problem. Those things are going to be present in anything, because humans are corrupt.
The ONLY way out is to eliminate the powers to intervene and control the markets with their "rules, laws, and regulations".
The ONLY way. Because then there's nothing that any of these criminal bribers would gain from buying. Simple as that.
In fact, it's SO simple, that most people overlook the idea completely.

Correct.... and it is as

Correct.... and it is as simple as non GMO produces labeling products as such. The market will shift to these products and soon if you have a item not labeled it will be assumed GMO.

Look, regardless

of what anybody thinks about the GMO stuff, and I don't personally like GMO or Monsanto myself, only a moronic idiot would propose empowering this government to "solve the problem".

Because then you'll still have the "problem" which gov't will NOT solve, and also have the problem of bigger, costlier, and more intrusive and oppressive government, TOO.

Let's try to get a grip on reality, people.
This gov't is the gov't that operates "The Drug War", "The War On Terror", "The IRS", The Federal Reserve", "The Bailouts","Biggest debt load in the history of the world", and "name your favorite debacle".
And YOU think they can "fix things" with more regulations?
Better go get your official Communist Party USA Card.

If the government ALREADY mandates...

...what food labels can and can't say (and in some cases what they must, such as in the matters of almonds and other natural things requiring disclaimers to state that they MAY help fight heart disease if making the claim, etc.), then why on earth can't we expect them to also disclaim that they contain genetically-modified organisms?

It's not giving the government any new power they don't already have, what we're seeing here is merely giving the producers an exemption on disclosing regarding THIS issue.

Right emotion being expressed by some here - but the wrong application. The government already has their hands in this pie, they're merely shielding producers of potentially-risky foods from having to disclose *this* fact. Granted, it might be spun and ineffective down the road, but when they already have to disclose (sadly incomplete) lists of their ingredients, nutrition facts, and so on - why can't I also expect them to disclose if they use GMOs?

You're just telling us

that you think gov't works, and that they'll "keep you safe from GMO with their labeling".

Just like they are keeping us safe from those Muslims over there with their "War on Terror" right?

Some people just never learn.

Great. Lets keep watching the states DO NOTHING

while our farm land is infected and our food destroyed. Good Americans trying to protect our food system are trying to use the current system to counter Monsanto IT'S ALL WE HAVE. There is no Libertarian fantasy world. YOU have no solutions but to protect your theory of government. That does nothing to combat this rapidly unfolding crisis. State governments have failed. So why don't you get a "grip" and recognize reality and stop judging the people who are actually trying to do something and have been for YEARS.

So you want non GMO food

So you want non GMO food right? The producers of Non GMO product need to label "GMO FREE" No government needed... I would also buy the GMO Free product... If the majority does soon any producer who is not labeling will be assumed GMO and go under.



"Nothing" is exactly what is needed from government. And it's been way too long in coming. It is the root of THIS problem, and every other problem in the world today.

It's the totalitarians like you who got us into this mess we are in today, with all your "demands to control how others act, so it suits you".

What I want is for every one of you control-freak assholes to get the hell out of everybody's life and quit telling everybody what to do, and backing it up with some thug with a gun.
Just get OUT and stay out!

Yes, that's right. NOTHING is exactly what we want from you tyrannical assholes, AND your f*cking police-state government.

we don't want to tell people what to do

we just want people to be aware of what they are doing.

we get it, consumer rights are just for commies and you are a hero for promoting a golden age of ignorance about what we eat.

Bring back snake oil, let the courts decide.

monsanto are at war with your food, they already own your body, don't let them take your mind.

I presume your non-aggression policy doesn't mean you sit back and take it when under real attack but apparently it does.

Oh, I get it.

In your fantasy world, laws and regulations aren't "telling people what to do at the point of a gun".

When you wake up, please do let us all know, won't you?

The "attack" we are under is from the government and its oppression.

I'm awake

and gmo free. You've just woken up and are riddled with the stuff.

Tell me, how long have you known you are a test subject in monsanto's field trials? Will it take liver failure or an autistic child to care?

I hope you have your day in court. I really do. I doubt it though. Libertarians said all the same stuff about cigarette labels. You know the problem? Marketing renders the free market a fraud.

You don't have any real choice about avoiding gmo in the usa.

Not sure.

But I know for a fact that how soon we will be under the thumb of an oppressive gov't, because we're already there, and you are helping them along.

See, I get the fear-mongering scheme. Point at the boogeyman, so that people think gov't is needed to "solve it". Problem is that gov't oppression turned out to be far worse than anything the fear mongers could dream up.

I really don't need "my day in court".
What I need is for gov't to get out of the market, quit giving regulatory favor to Monsanto and others, quit regulating the market, close their regulatory doors, and there won't be any "Monsanto problem". The "Monsanto problem" is nothing more than evidence of a big government problem.

Amazing you get to use profanity on

this website and attack members repeatedly, BigT. Are you abusing your mod status? Is that honorable? YOU will not prevent ME from holding Monsanto accountable by any means possible. If I have to use the current system to engage them, I will. We don't live in your fantasy world. WE live in the real world. Monsanto has poisoned our farms and food for YEARS and NOT ONE STATE government did anything to stop them. Yet you rant like a lunatic in your post toward me. You are witnessing a failure of the government theory you adore so much. Your inability to recognize this is a weakness and Monsanto is exploiting you like a child.

Let's get one thing straight right now.

I don't give two f*cks what you think or what you want.
You're at least a two-time returning banned troll of an evil kind, and you're not fooling anybody with your game. We all know who you are.

You can take your leftist boogeyman and fear-mongering agenda for big gov't, and shove 'em where the sun don't shine.

I will fight against you and everything you promote until there is no breath left in me.
And I don't give a f*ck whether you don't like it.

Sounds like you've

lost this argument there T-boy. When you start to rant with profanity it is usually a sure sign. And since you appear to be against disclosure then I agree that you are wrong.

No, I just know a troll when one comes back

for the 3rd time.

As for your agreeing with him. okay Stalin, but you won't be instituting your Soviet government without a fight.

Just a little more tyranny at a time. You'll never notice it.
Or, at least that's what your ilk has tried to sell us, and now look where you've got us.

you're so tough and scary, BigT. It's kind of sexy.

I have lots of friends here and we agree on a bunch of stuff. I have support here on the DP. I will also fight. I will not watch the Liberty Movement get taken over by neo cons and fundamentalists. I will never stop fighting and you know that :)



Even Alex Jones agrees with me on this one as well as www.heathfreedomusa.org They are heatlh activists on this issue and have been fighting to get food labeled and have worked with Ron Paul on many issues.

Alex is wrong. We don't need

Alex is wrong. We don't need to force producers selling poison to label it... We need people producing non GMO to label it as GMO Free. Then the market will decide... Soon the producers with no labels will be assumed to be GMO and go under if the majority agrees with our view of GMO. No government needed.


Alex is mostly a friend to Alex, and tdd4ron has it exactly right, twice. First by rejecting the all too transparent logical fallacy of "argument to authority" (of Alex), and second with his affirmative labeling policy.

Let various "legitimate" governments prosecute fraud and enforce proper contracts and if Brand X or Fred G Meyer insist on labeling their GMO products as non-GMO take them to court and take them apart.

As for this genetically modified organism (by dint of two million years of natural selection), I am quite happy with the option of purchasing disease resistant triticale or golden rice.

Let the market act, and if marketeers misbehave, let the courts hammer them into the ground

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Monsanto is operating as a socailist or fascist company!

If they were operating as a free market company, farmers would have a choice whether to plant GMO's or organics. They have no such choice, all organic farmers are finding themselves in court. The are put through the judicial wringer for years, which usually bankrupts the farmers that won't settle out of court. Monsanto has Billions to spend in the courts, and they never really want a trial.

This is what is killing all the Honey Bees. I could really care less about GMO's, it is actually the systemic pesticide used on the GMO's that is deadly to the bees and all insects. When a bee visits a blossom of a systemic plant it will die from the nectar that was suppose to be the food. The plant will then reproduce this pesticide hundreds of times stronger than any farmer sprays it on. This continues as long as the plant is alive, and these systemics are past on to weeds. So eventually the bee is going extinct, no way around it.

When this happens all fruits, nuts, and vegetables will skyrocket in price because we need the Honey Bee to pollinate approximately 80% of what we eat. Can we say starvation coming our way soon!

I would suggest that Monsanto should not be able to patent live, strip them of their patent rights. Patenting life as in seeds is pure lunacy. This would break up the monopoly Monsanto has on the whole farming business. Monsanto is operating as a socialist company.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

I really do appreciate the back/forth on this

Honestly, I'm just responding with my initial libertarian reflexes. I am still convinced that playing into the hand of the state is bad for all of us in the long term...but I'm very interested in legitimate studies about the effects of GMO's and especially free-market responses we can take.

Are there any organizations who are doing legit studies and publishing guides to what foods are "safe?"

I link to one group that lists non GMO products at the bottom of the link:

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

We already have a law.

Its called the "Law of Unintended Consequences".

And this law kicks in every time some do-gooder on a mission decides that he is going to save people from themselves by convincing the federal government to "help".

Do you believe in the constitution?
Do you believe that the evidence against GMO's is overwhelming; that Monsanto, et al. are committing fraud?
Then SUE them in court.
But don't give the feds any more power over my life.
And get off Rand's back for making a VERY reasonable vote.

The Virtual Conspiracy

lucky that law doesn't apply

genetically modifying nature eh?!

You are the ultimate GMO

Your DNA, along with all other humans, is riddled with viral DNA that nature has incorporated ibto the human genome. We are only mimicking natural processes. Where do you think we got the idea and the ability?

There is a lot of fear mongering being pushed by the "natural food" culture about GMF. I encourage everyone to look beyond the Natural News and InfoWars propaganda (yes they pump it out generously) and read some dissenting scientific opinions about genetics and chemistry and food. Personally I find using DNA recombinant technology to improve certain characteristics of crops to be quite logical (and impressive).

You should at least know that it is not very attractive

to animals, which instinctually reject these crops if at all possible.

When the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) did their study on the effects of the consumption of Monsanto modified soy protein versus milk protein on pregnant rats here is what happened:

* milk protein-fed rats: all offspring born alive and thrived (all normal)
* Monsanto-fed rats: 55% of the offspring died and the rest were deformed

Not a very encouraging result for the apologists of GMO foods.

That is the whole point

Capsaicin isn't appetizing to most animals either. Every organism has developed intricate defenses through genetic modification. That is how life functions.


you have a drugs agenda. You encourage people to ingest substances that change them. That's why you are a fan of gmo. You think it's some sort of evolution to eat bath salts and turn into a zombie. imo you want nano-technology asap too. I'm not saying that's a bad thing and you can take all the drugs and put all the machines you want into your body but when you want all people to be part of a grand genetically modifying experiment that most of them are not even aware of then I object. I don't think deep down you care about the consequences or else you wouldn't be putting out views that everyone should be trying psychotropic drugs. You're a transhumanist really, aren't you? Your dream is to be a genetically modified, chemically enhanced cyborg of some description. Good for you if you want to destroy yourself. Give others the choice please.

I can accept 100% Rand voting no of this. If it means he'll be taking truly libertarian stances in votes for the rest of his career then that'll do me. I would think that conservatives/social conservatives would be against man genetically modifying the food supply and future life but no doubt you'll mention jesus genetically modifying loaves and fishes or some such nonsense. Jesus loves GMO. lol

Anyway I enjoyed your blog:) It was an interesting insight into your agenda. Don't pretend you care about people in general or what happens to them.

Have you been to prometheus yet...I bet you can't wit to f*ck up your dna.:D

Do you realise you're not actually some original, open minded guy? You're just a turkey arguing for christmas. A drugged up turkey in fact.

Please, please use me for your drugs experiment, Me, Me, Me!

The fear mongering exists because gmo is so scary. Do you think infowars had some sort of influence on the rest of the world that avoid and/or banned gmo?

Seriously man, lay off the drugs and recognise your own agenda. You're already well on your way to being a zombie.

Oh and by your logic aren't abortions just as natural as miscarriages?

I am a braindead zombie?

Because I oppose your superstitous, primitive understanding of science?


Dude maybe you should take a few science courses before you spew any more pseudoscience at us. You are extremely confused about basic concepts in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, immunology, and pharmacology. Unfortunately you are not alone in your ignorance, and you and a few other science reactionists are dumbing the DP community in an annoying circlejerk. I roll my eyes reading your comments.

Psycotropics do not alter your neurochemistry in the manner you drscribed. If your fear mongering was true, then humans and other organisms would not exist as we know them as endless chemicals would permantly alter our genetic make up. We would be at the mercy of the environment instead of in homeostasis. If your fear mongering is true, then we could use ibuprofin to permantly alter pain receptors, or proton pump inhibitors to permantly alter parietal cells. Fortunately it works completely opposite to this as our bodies continuously metabolize chemicals and repair damage and oppose changes, which is why we have to keep ingesting drugs to maintain the effects.

You are scared of science it seems in the same way some fear the voodoo practiced by witch doctors. You have been taught to fear what you do not understand.

By the way I am atheist and I keep it to myself for the most part. Please do everyone else a favor and keep your pseudoscience to yourself. We are exposed to enough propaganda and we do not need it on the DP too.