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Ron Paul: Documentary

Remember Fahrenheit 911?

Ok, bad example... BUT... Ron Paul needs a movie/documentary that can bring the incredible State Convention footage of insider corruption, rule changes, fraud, and in some cases violence being used to stop Ron Paul.

Ideally this movie would be released prior to the convention, with hopes it would sway the delegates. If not possible, such a movie would wake up an even greater audience and expand the Liberty base.

The video from the web is extremely compelling on its own, but if all the videos, from all the states were to be combined to tell the entire story (including Ron's giant crowds of 2-8k people)... Interwoven with music, interviews of key Liberty champions.

I don't have the resources to pull this off... But I'd much rather see the guy who is filming the fictional movie Electable spend his time on a documentary. Think michael Moore type quality of production, minus the left wing nutty bs infused into it. I just watched the movie/doc that's already out there on the web... But we need a new version. I mean... The Louisiana Convention video is crazy compelling (the delegation turning all of their chairs around and backs towards the corruption).. Is a great example.

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Louisiana Convention


Link to a first hand account of the LA Convention with video of the delegates turning their chairs and backs to the establishment.