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The case for mandatory GMO labeling - even if you believe in limited government and the free market

(NaturalNews) Now that the GMO labeling ballot measure has been officially accepted onto the California ballot, Monsanto is gearing up its propaganda campaign that aims to convince people you don't need to know what you're eating! Trust us, we're the food companies! We never lie, do we?

For the record, I'm an opponent of most government mandates against individuals. When the government says you have to give your children vaccine shots, that's a violation of your liberty. When Mayor Bloomberg says you can't buy a 16 oz. soda in New York, that's a violation of your liberty, too -- even though I am opposed to soda consumption in general.

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Let the markets figure it out

Let the markets figure it out


I've been a libertarian, a farmer and a horticulturist all of my life. What can't some of you understand about these GMO producers (i.e. Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, etc.) infringing on my property rights as a farmers. I guess if you work in some high-rise in the fantasy world and don't know what a plant looks like you don't know about pollen and genetic drift.

Some armchair observers on this site think they know more than someone in the professions affected. Some of these "fake Glen Beck libertarians" need to get a life and go bye-bye!!

"Now that the GMO labeling

"Now that the GMO labeling ballot measure has been officially accepted onto the California ballot, Monsanto is gearing up its propaganda campaign that aims to convince people you don't need to know what you're eating!"

This is why i don't like Monsanto, are they not concern about the GMO dangers that may occur? I mean the health risk of GMO?

Anyone who doesn't appreciate poetry doesn't understand that it's all about seduction.

What don't y'all get

about the fact that BECAUSE of the GOVERNMENT it is ILLEGAL to label things GMO FREE?????

What don't y'all get about CORPORATISM and CORPORATIONS utilizing the use of force as enabled by the GOVERNMENT???

Why in the world would ANYONE HERE support STATISM enabling the CORPORATE WILL???

Is this a neo-con globalist site or a libertarian one, in terms of Dr. Paul's philosophy?

Some of y'all AIN'T THINKING!!!!

Another alternative may have already been

suggested. Label all foods that DO NOT CONTAIN GMO foods as NON-GMO, and let people buy those foods.

Refuse to buy anything that is not labelled NON-GMO. I guess in an ideal world that would put Monsanto out of business.

Rinse and Repeat

Listen, I agree with the article about how horrible GMO's are. But their solution is flawed.

I posted the following just now in another thread bashing Rand on his vote. But he's actually right on this.-------

We don't need FORCED labeling we need OPTIONAL labeling

If you give the manufacturer the ability to write the words "NON GMO" Or "NO GMO products included" Or simply "GMO FREE", people who are aware of the evils of GMO will know what to buy. This would automatically drive the market away from GMO products.

It is my understanding that currently someone marketing a bag of chips is not free to label it with "GMO FREE". Manufacturers hands are tied. FDA will not allow foods to be labeled "GMO Free". Clearly the FDA is bought and paid for by the likes of Monsanto.

My point is, we don't need a bill that forces labeling
we need a bill that establishes a companies freedom to label their food the way they like and restrict the FDA. Or better yet get rid of the FDA and let individual consumer groups do testing and reporting on products.

You are exactly right!

You are exactly right!


"Government force is never good, unless I"m holding the hammer."

I LOL'd!

The organization that

The organization that spearheaded the whole labeling craze is a Merck and Rockefeller funded organization: The Organic Consumers Association. Unfortunately, the momentum of Natural News has been co opted by their dollars in many cases. They hyped up labeling to divert activists attention from more effective things like...ending subsidies to the biotech industry, or reigning in their monopolistic intellectual property. They are like the moveon.org of the anti-biotech movement. The executive of the organization also frequently trashes John Mackey, a Ron Paul supporter and CEO of Whole Foods.

This is a weird issue. You would probably have more people on your side in this thread if you conflated this with auditing the fed instead of trying to tie it in with individualist-libertarian ownership principles. Maybe even the fact that the industry wouldn't even exist without subsidies. However, labeling isn't going to accomplish much. We need to end subsidies and abolish intellectual property for this industry first and foremost.

As long as ...

As long as there is a Department of Agriculture that is allowed to be run by corporate shills there should be legislative means and methods employed to protect farmers and consumers. And as long as our court system upholds the ridiculous patents on life the idea of a free market will never exist.

To put it in common terms - labeling GMO foods is the agricultural equivalent of auditing the Feds. With hopefully the same result ...

Farmers need protection against GMO contamination

What we need is a law which clarifies that allowing the pollen of a GMO plant to contaminate another farmer's crop is by definition negligence, with award of damages acual damages, meaning disposal and replacement of the crop and rehab of the soil if necessary.
for the value of the crop, and disposal, and rehab of the soil if necessary.

I expext that GMO labeling law can ONLY pass if supported by industry, ergo it will be used against GMO-free small farms in some sort of regulatory compliance scheme.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

You can't believe in limited government the free market.

If you support mandatory GMO labeling.

Also you guys already have a thread on this here:


This topic should be locked as it's just a dupe.

I disagree

So you think that a corporation that never dies should be allowed to do what ever it wants without regulation to you, your children, your grandchildren and so on. They should be able to introduce anything they want no matter the long term affects into our food supply with no consequences and you and I should have no right to know what they are poisoning us with.

Your idea of limited government is ignorant of reality. Do you think that limited government will make Monsanto a better company? Geese.

one thing the government could actually do

... right would be to protect the consumer from fraud. GMO is fraud in that parts of the food are actually from some other animal parts or food derivative or god-forasken laboratory frankenfood. I DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT'S IN THE FOOD YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL ME.

Total boycott of all grocery stores until this is resolved.