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URGENT Mass. Republicans oust Ron Paul delegates for the "affidavit affair". Delegates! read this post!

A few weeks ago we discussed this affidavit here, on a DP thread. I know that we all were rather confused and upset - how not too be so? But, in the end, have we helped the Mass. delegates to make a right choice on time or not? Has anyone? That is the thread. Have we helped the confusion? Does anyone have a link to that post?

"(...)But earlier this month, Kenney was one of 17 delegates and alternates disqualified by a Republican committee deciding who gets to represent Massachusetts Republicans at the national convention in Tampa. Kenney and others had failed to deliver in time an affidavit swearing, under the penalty of perjury, that they would support Mitt Romney’s nomination for president


I know I am doubling - I want to check the DP original before I delete.

Ok, go to this post for commenting on what's the scoop with Mass. as of today:


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Warning letter of criminal liability to Reince Priebus et al

Today Richard Gilbert published A Warning letter of criminal liability to Reince Priebus, The RNC, & all 50 State Party Chairman. Evidence will be submitted to the Dept of Justice

(Please paste the link below in your browser)


It's illegal I just posted the Supreme Court Decision

that shot down the rule that delegates can be bound in open primary states (Mass is one).

It's settled law, the lawyers need to file an injunction stopping any delegates from being removed, based upon this decision.

Please Re-Post a Link to the Supreme Court Decision

We will then share it with the attorneys at L4RP who have filed the Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit. That way everyone will be on the same page. Thanks!

You need to get lawyers in

You need to get lawyers in the State to do it if you are one of the delegates.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.



Ron Paul ... forever.

Mass. delegates: time to fight back wth everything you have:

File your affidavits. It was a crime to force you to sign those affidavits (coercion): call Hope Henley at toolsforjustice: 1-561-747-8486.

David Callihan: 850-417-8543. Honestly, these people are working 18-hours a day-plus on our behave.

Just call and find out.

I think the Lawyers were hoping to hear from them as I think

(but I am not sure) that the delegates have to contact the lawyer rather than the other way around.

The lawyers are seekiing national delegates now and the lawyers NEED THE DELEGATES TO SIGN UP THIS WEEKEND at toolsforjustice.com and/or

The delegates have NOT JOINED THE LAWSUIT. We need them to do so.
ASAP as another filing has to be made soon with delegate names on them.

Please sign up, MASSACHUSETTS DELEGATES --you will help strength the lawsuit for everyone.


Delegates: if I was a delegate, wouldn't hesitate in the least

to sign up. Your signing on is the best protection for you, so you're not forced to vote against your conscience.

Plus, it protects you from being brutalized. There are major federal laws in place to protect plantiffs and witnesses from being attacked.

In other words, the RNC thugs are forced to back off, because of your status as a plantiff. It protects you from being hurt MORE to be a plantiff than to not be one.

We have to fight this enemy in every way we can.

Let's have some fighting spirit and go after them in every way we can.

bump for visibility.

bump for visibility. Hopefully lawyers for Ron Paul are all over this one!