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After the convention...

I've been thinking...
Obviously, we're going to try to do what we can in Tampa, but if the worst happens and Romney is 100% the nominee and there's nothing left to do in the 2012 race, would it not be wise to throw our support to Gary Johnson?

Let me explain.
Gary Johnson is part of the liberty movement and if dr Paul is 100% out...why not get Gary polling at 15% or higher, therefore, putting a liberty candidate on the presidential debate stage against Obama and Romney. This will only give the movement more airtime and let more people see what we're all about.
The people will be more able to compare and contrast the candidates and seeing that the Democrats and Republicans are both bought and paid for and basically have little to no differences.

I believe this can do nothing but help the cause allowing mr Johnson to be able to debate Romney and Obama and exposing them for what they are... Thoughts?

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