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THIS man is the hope of the Ron Paul campaign?

Someone widely known among his "peers" as a complete wacko. A publicity seeking whore who rarely wins cases, because that is not what he is AFTER?

Someone who is SO far removed from reality that he actually thought he had a "good chance" to get California split into two states a few years ago?




Yup...THERE'S your savior, delegates.

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Don't be cynical.

Don't be cynical.

Californai and Texas ought to get split up...in fact, the USA

ought to get split up and make up 2 or 3 separate countries. Why? Because the US has emerged as the most unpopular country in the world which has been taken over by theives and robber barrons...Texas and California are both like the US in that they are corrupt to the hilt...oh, maybe we ought to consider doing the same ot the robber barrens in Maine by splitting up Maine as well.

I think Florida is a good one too to split up and we could join other states like Virgina and Rhode Island.

Isn't this a wonderful idea?

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Gilbert is NOT the only attorney involved.

Besides, the idea of dividing California into two states has been around since at least the 60s.

At least OUR savior doesn't think he can start wars without Congressional authority, like "Rhymes with..." Romney.