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Crimes of Bain Capital in 2001; A Reason Mitt Romney's camp is lying on CEO status

It is a fact that the Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (MNAT) law firm represented Bain/ Romney's entity (The Learning Company) merger with Mattel Toys in 1999 (source SEC MNAT letter).

Also a fact that MNAT represents Bain & Goldman Sachs in Delaware (source PACER public docket records in Delaware (eToys 01-706) (Kay Bee Toys 04-10120)

Paul Traub of Traub Bonacquist & Fox was hired by Barry Gold in Stage Stores in 2000. MItt Romney owned the controlling shares of Stage Stores (800,000 +) and Barry Gold worked for Romney, Jack Bush (Dallas TX) and Michael Glazer (Glazer was CEO of Bain's Kay Bee Toys)

MNAT & Paul Traub submitted over 34 erroneous Affidavits in eToys for MNAT to become eToys Debtor'ss counsel and Paul Traub to become eToys Creditors counsel. Who then conspired & placed Barry Gold in as President/ CEO of eToys.

Where upon Barry Gold, Paul Traub and MNAT illegally sold (OUT) their court approved clients (eToys & Creditors) to their (secret) UNdisclosed clients (Bain / Kay Bee Toys) for FREE (illegally)


It is a FACT that Mitt Romney was the defacto CEO of Bain Capital until August 2001 and has publicly disclosed he gets millions upon millions from Bain as a (purported) retired agreement ever since.

Thus, if Bain is benefiting from Federal Fraud - Mitt Romney has resultantly benefited from Federal Frauds.

Paul Traub & MNAT have confessed to lying under oath 34 times to Chief Federal Justice in the eToys case.


Through murder, mayhem, federal frauds massive & federal corruption; Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs & their attorneys have NOT yet been investigated for their criminal actions.

This is because the US Attorney in Delaware was an MNAT law firm partner; who refused to investigate & prosecute for 7 years.

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Proof Romney's campaign is lying about when Romney CEO

Mitt Romney was the defacto CEO of Bain Capital Until August 2001
even his own attorney has confessed this publicly.

Can Al Capone escape culpability by saying he was away on a project?

Is Jamie Dimon excused from being held accountable because he claims one of his workers lost the $2 Billion - it wasn't actually him doing it?

Mitt Romney can't escape the fact he was CEO of Bain Capital and benefited from their frauds. Especially since he has confessed he still gets millions upon millions each year from Bain and they are trying SO HARD to hide the fact Mitten's was their in 2001.

Which is compounded by the fact that one of your attorneys was made the US Attorney - who refused to investigate or prosecute one of his own.


Please see all the links documenting Mitt Romney WAS CEO of Bain Capital until (at least) August 2001.


Justice Delayed is Justice DENIED!