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Romney Campaign & Mass. G.O.P. Disqualifies Ron Paul Delegates For Not Signing (Illegal?) Affidavit


An affidavit is never mentioned in the Republican Party’s rules for selecting delegates and has never been required of delegates in the past, GOP critics say. Suspicions are steep this year because Kenney and the others are supporters of Ron Paul, the libertarian candidate whose quixotic campaign for president culminated in an effort to take over state caucuses nationwide. The delegates must vote for Romney, based on his strong primary win in Massachusetts, but Paul’s supporters hope to use the convention to draw attention to his agenda, including auditing the Federal Reserve and requiring wars to be declared by Congress.

Stephanie Ebbert, Boston Globe

I have a feeling all these "disqualified" delegates will be joining Lawyers for Ron Paul, if they haven't already. As stated by the surprisingly neutral author, affidavits are not mentioned in state GOP rules.

Anyways, if you want to express your shock or dissatisfaction, I urge civility! You can contact Chairman McGrathed (of MA GOP's Allocation Committee) at mcgrathed@rcn.com or the MA GOP directly at 617-523-5005. Remember; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. By making a fool of yourself, you discredit our movement for Liberty. We advocate freedom because we practice self-restraint (and trust others to do the same).

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This Sounds Like EXTORTION!

"...the unlawful demanding and obtaining of SOMETHING through force" also
"...threatened to hand over goods or else damage to their reputation, or other harm may occur." "Extortion always involves a written or verbal threat".
I would photograph the document, and call the state police (not local police) Immediately and let them decide. If it in fact qualifies as extortion, and several of them plotted to commit this crime, then conspiracy to commit extortion would apply additionally. (That sounds like organized crime.)
Perhaps you can get some of them arrested on the spot. This should be more effective than filing lawsuits in the short term but pursue everything you can.
Time to stick up!

What were the delegates thinking?

The delegates not signing the pledge doesn't appear to have been the smartest thing to do, beings the delegates are not bound after they get to Tampa anyway. So what was the point they were trying to make by not signing the pledge? What did they expect the Mass. G.O.P. to do under the circumstances? Makes me wonder if they really wanted to be delegates to begin with.

They didn't sign for different reasons...

Some were told by the Benton campaign that they should sign an alternate 'liberty' pledge....Many did so and were, not surprisingly, disqualified. Many of them intend to vote for Romney on the first ballot, again as instructed by the Benton campaign. The obvious question is why?

A few refused to sign because they fully intend to vote for Ron Paul and no one else.

The last and only option for a meaningful Tampa convention on behalf of Ron Paul's candidacy is the federal lawsuit. Anything less is background scenery for Romney's coronation.


they definitely wanted to go to Tampa

it is just called political naivete, that is the only problem we have. We are like Ron Paul, kind, of a good nature, and refuse to believe sometimes how dark the opposition is. The opposition has no soul, no heart, no concept of right or wrong. They only respect power We surprised them to some degree but we certainly have not out foxed them. I suggested the delegates just have someone else sign the pledge for them for plausible deniability. If the main goal is to get to Tampa then we certainly have not played this one very well. I would have signed it and voted for Ron Paul, damn the repercussions, but that is just me.

a contract cannot be enforced if signed under duress

The 17 should have signed the contract. Such ageements are unenforcable under duress and considered unilateral cohersion. If a group is going to act illegally sometimes one has to lower the standards they would otherwise not engage in. At the day of conventions delegate vote, they could file a class action stating a breach of performance due to threats to their right to vote under US Code: stating as a group once assembled we realized the MA RNC Leadership threaten them and the contract was not standard procedure but a form of discrimination. There are more torts and performance violations for breach that can be noted as well.

I can't figure out the strategy ...

1. Appease and get votes.
2. Ignore and give Gary Johnson votes.
3. Piss off and give Obama votes.

The only thing I can think is that Romney would rather lose to Obama than to nudge in the direction of Paul on Foreign policy, monetary policy, and civil liberties.

Does anyone have any other rational options that Romney might be thinking about?

it has "always" been

Ron Paul and the "awakened" vs the establishment. Romney and Obama are Goldman Sachs creatures, Ron Paul is not. If you think we are only fighting Romney right now you are way off, we have been fighting the establishment now for 5 years and counting, and it will only get more brutal as this continues and as we inch our way into positions of power. This has been all set up for a Romney fall and I'm sure he is being rewarded handsomely for it either which way.

here's RT's Abby Martin & Tim Cavanaugh of Reason mag

discussing this today:


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

URGENT Breaking News - Lawyers for Ron Paul - PLS share

Breaking URGENT News from Lawyers for Ron Paul

If someone can tell me how to post this on the DailyPaul main header page I'd appreciate it.


Ian Snow Carpenter


GO the upper right & click on post. Then cut and paste the youtube address into the body portion under topic.


URGENT Breaking News - Lawyers for Ron Paul - PLS share

Breaking URGENT News from Lawyers for Ron Paul

If someone can tell me how to post this on the DailyPaul main header page I'd appreciate it.


Ian Snow Carpenter

If this is illegal, it needs to be challenged in court.

Remember what Ron Paul said. We need to play by the rules and be respectful, BUT NOT LET OURSELVES be pushed around!!! If the Mass. GOP violated their own rules by expelling the 17 RP supporters, legal action must be taken IMMEDIATELY to send a message to the national GOP that we will not be pushed around.

I hate to say...told you so

Who did not see this coming. This is why so many are mad at Rand Paul and his support of Romney. Ron Paul should pull all delegats out and have a separte convention just like he did in 2008. When they kick you out, silence your voice, and tell you to support Romney.... how much more do you take?

We are not zombies to prop up the establishment. Lets pull our delegates out and raise hell!!!!!

Let US make the news for once instead of how we are constant targets of the GOP mainstream.


That's the worst idea I've heard... they'll just replace our delegates with the alternates.


They have already done that. LOL
So your point is to sit back and let them remove the Paul delegates state by state.
Or take them to court? Oh that will really scare them LOL and do NOTHING.
Good articles around on Politico and other places that says the Revolution has been put out and stopped. To go along with this nonsense is so dumb. Rand Paul will be at the convention endorsing Romney and telling everyone else to do so.

I dont like the surrender I see from the people that take these insults and removal from the GOP process.

I dont see many true patriots in the revolution anymore. Maybe the Politico is right......the revolution is over. And I see the surrender in this forum.


Reality is not observed or perceived. It is experienced through participation as made manifest.


I meant to post this as a reply six comments down. :D

To ALL Mass. RP Delegates:

I really hope that you organize and get legal advice about how to proceed. I think it would be outrageous if what they pulled was legal. You need legal expertise to find out your legal rights, you need to be organized and you need to take legal action immediately. Complaining about this and going on about how they screwed you isn't going to help anything. Saying we just need to keep fighting for our liberty isn't going to either. You need defined action and you need it NOW!!!!!



"Be Respectful"

It's not voting or winning that matters it how you play the game. Be respectful they need to elect Romney to continue to rape the American people. Be respectful they can only do this with massive fraud bribes and cheating. Be respectful you can't be allowed to vote or cause trouble only by going along with pure evil does Ron Paul have a chance of winning, errr... I mean losing...err... I mean of BEING RESPECTED and that's what being respectful is allll about. so be respectful when they break your bones and kick you in the teeth. It's important. Ron Paul tells us so.

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I'll take some cheese with my whine

But I'd like my Saturday back. It is disheartening to actually go participate in democracy and then have it not count anyways.

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It's Not Up To Ron Paul!.... It's Up To Us..It is Our Fight..

It is time for us to take over. Ron Paul has taught us well. We must become Ron Paul...We must run for office, write emails to our congress people. pass out flyers and leaflets, and whatever else it takes to win our liberties back..

All it takes is an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires in the minds of men and women...

Ron, you go ahead and retire to your garden. You did all you could for liberty, Now it is time for us to step up.

Ron, we will take it from here.

...Still sick to my stomach

Ok, this might be the third time I have commented on this thread, but everytime I see it in the active topics the title of the post makes my stomach churn.

Dear Delegates, please embarass Mitt in Tampa. Preferably in the form of a flash mob.


Notice how Ron Paul ignores all this

At first it was strange that RP ignored what was really going on.

Now it's obvious.

He says nothing about clear vote fraud captured on camera with witnesses and sworn affadavits, he says nothing about delegates having bones broken by police, he says and does absolutely nothing about his own delegates now being shut down.

People are being deceived.

RP is not what he seems.

The world does not work the way it appears.

People are being profoundly deceived about the true nature of this reality and what is really going on.

Cows and sheep live in sophisticated farms. Their entire lives, from cradle to grave, managed for the nourishment of their "betters". But nothing as sophisticated as Humans though. Human farming involves manipulation of human perception at every level. That's all this is. Just more human farming.

Time to wake up exponentially and see the reality for what it is.


The nature of reality is not observed or perceived. It is experienced through participation as made manifest.

"RP is not what he

"RP is not what he seems"

What the hell are you talking about? Human farming and RP being a con man... Get a grip.

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How do you know he's ignoring it?

His silence may indicate he's working on it. You make it sound like he does not care. That's pretty ignorant and I hope you will eat your words in the end.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

yeah like you know the deal?

yeah like you know the deal? when you allow these things to happen and do not bring them up at all. It is called ignoring it. please show some evidence he is not ignoring it and taking action? All evidence points to ignoring it. just look at benton,wead and tates releases. keep living the dream. But betting on all this to explode in tampa and backfire on romney is a huge gamble. I could of saved alot of money if i had known the plan was to gamble alot in tampa. good luck though i do hope ron paul is the nominee.

Ron Paul 2016

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I don't know the deal

And you don't either. I don't use tunnel vision to determine the campaign is ignorant of this matter. I don't think they are. Just because they aren't talking, does that earn them the label of being ignorant? Sometimes bad communicators aren't always ignorant, so I am holding out and not labeling the campaign being ignorant.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

i never said i knew anything.

i never said i knew anything. i just said they have taken no action and even went on tv and said they would not. I heard ron paul distant himself from any actions by the corrupt gop. Just last week. I also heard benton,tate and wead throw the grassroots under the bus after all the gop corrupt bs. blaming the grassroots instead of the corrupt gop is what i call throwing us under the bus. wead,tate and benton and other ron paul campaign workers fall under this category.

Ron Paul 2016

please show were i used the

please show were i used the word ignorant? so far the only ones addressing it are campaign workers benton and wead and tate and they wrote a different picture .Where we caused the problems etc , You only have to look at the campaign releases to see they have done nothing to address the gop corruption, only lawyersfor ron paul is addressing the issues and the ron paul campaign came out clearly not doing anything about it. I have no tunnel vision. it just seem you want to dream so keep dreaming. i dream to! Ron paul 2012

Ron Paul 2016