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During Russian Parade- Commentators Talk Openly About Weather Modification / Cloud Seeding

On RT Today: At least the Russians are honest with their people:


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It's old news.

I remember watching a childrens news program about ten years ago talking about cloud seeding (using silver oxide IIRC) in Tasmania.

Although, thinking back it might not be Tasmania, as it constantly rains there naturally.

Weather as a Force

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025
A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025 by

Col Tamzy J. House
Lt Col James B. Near, Jr.
LTC William B. Shields (USA)
Maj Ronald J. Celentano
Maj David M. Husband
Maj Ann E. Mercer
Maj James E. Pugh
August 1996


We've been controlling the weather since at least 1976 ~


Blessings )o(

URL is invalid

That's what I'm getting when I click your link.

Interesting, it works for me

Do you have a PDF reader installed in your browser? What if you right click it and save the link as a file and then open it?

The Scribd link above appears to be a duplicate.

Volume is way too low

Interesting though. Is there a weather war going on?

A weather war? Oh we got

A weather war? Oh we got those damn Russians this time by making it not rain...

You do know that cloud

You do know that cloud seeding has been around since the 50s and is used to create rain not to stop it... right?

The video does not claim that cloud seeding stops rain

So why are you misinterpreting that?

um because the video mentions

um because the video mentions cloud seeding then praises the beautiful weather with no rain.


It mentions it was raining like cats and dogs, and that it just cleared up, but they're not really sure if it was from cloud seeding.

As you pointed out, cloud seeding makes it rain, not the reverse.

why would the Russians seed

why would the Russians seed their own clouds an hour before their own military parade that makes no sense... I think the clip was meant to show cloud seeding stopped the rain... Besides who would trust this stupid clip anyway with audio so low you can't even hear what the commentators are really saying... The person pushing this video has an agenda they could have made up everything that is being said. It is not a reliable source of any information. baba booie babba booie!!!!

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they can do both

make it rain or dry it up

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

It's old technology

It's old technology predominately used to make rain, and I don't know of anyone or anyone that knows anyone that has gotten sick or hurt from cloud seeding...

I don't know anything about

I don't know anything about chemtrails if they are real or not. But I know about contrails... A jet engine or any engine on a plane for that matter will suck in a huge amount of air. There is water in that air but not enough to be seen from the ground. Lets say its 1 part per 10,000 for the sake of argument. When so much air is compressed in the engine the water condensation is concentrated to form a cloud behind the engines. Or on the outer edges of the wings because the airfoil actually compresses the air as well.

Read the disclaimer in the

Read the disclaimer in the document. This document comes from the air force academy too. They can write a paper advocating a death star, doesn't make it so...

Besides I will not advocate a topic I can not verify my self, that's just me though. So to each their own.

Read the actual paper

And begin to learn something.

alright ill read the thing,

alright ill read the thing, but not right now time for me to play my MMO

Okay I read the report, and I

Okay I read the report, and I still fail to see how one would use UHF and VHF band to refract off the ionosphere to control weather patterns. Frequencies over over a couple hundred MHZ go right through the ionosphere rendering them useless except for communications with satellites. The frequency would have to be incredibly high to effect the weather and the amount of power required to send such signals is ungodly.

People have been shooting RF off the ionosphere since the first short wave radio again nothing new... but as I stated before those bandwidths do not have nearly enough power (watts) to effect the weather.

It is a theoretical paper why? Because if it wasn't why would it be on an unsecured network and not on SIPRNET or JWICS with only the highest clearance to see. That's my opinion on this paper.

Are you aware of HAARP?

This paper is from 1996, over 15 years ago. That's a long time technology wise. Watch this:


yeah of course I am aware of

yeah of course I am aware of HAARP. One place in Alaska... you really think can control weather patterns around the globe? And your reference is a stuttering bastard on youtube... show me real evidence.

"the HAARP program manager describes the experiment of earth penetraiting capibility using quote frequencies of 10 to 20 HZ pulses per second ( why would he say HZ per second it redundant a HZ is measured by seconds) or maybe one HZ"

Again get a short wave radio and send these signals in to the ionosphere yourself and find out for your self. Instead of talking out your ass.

The video you use to refute

The video you use to refute facts is made by a moron plain and simple.

I am getting pissed by

I am getting pissed by ignoramuses. This is exactly what Ayn Rand talked about by people being lead by emotions instead of facts. I told people about contrails before and got down voted because morons don't know the facts and they act on their emotions. Do your own research figure this shit out its not hard geez... let the facts speak for themselves.