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Our Beloved Constitution Hangs By A Thread And Most Are Docile

How can so many have no convictions when it comes to there own freedom and liberty,If we lose the freedom of the net there will not even be a discussion any more.
I pray the upcoming Convention & Paul fest will be sum sort of turning point.

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My belief is this...

Most people are not educated. They went to school in the United States public school system that has gotten worse. I was always told that got is not a word but anyway...

Kids that are growing up are not aware of what's going on around them because they aren't taught in school.

I remember when I was in public school as a young boy and my teachers were always telling us how evil communism was and how bad Russia was as a country. Whether Russia was a bad country or not, teachers are now embracing communism and teaching it to their kids.

Yet another thread for pitchforks,

when what we need is eloquence to spread our message in our communities.

There is a war on right now for public opinion, and we are WINNING it.

Look at Obama's desperate move last week to give 800,000+ illegal immigrants not only temporary amnesty but WORK PASSES. Then, Romney follows up by saying he will implement some kind of more permanent solution (Dream Act), maybe, if, but, etc. I doubt that sits too well with the MAJORITY of voters. We are WINNING the war of public opinion.

But don't stop there. Consider Syria, Fast & Furious, the loss of our free markets, the national debt problem, the health care debacle, etc. etc. People are waking up, and now is not the time to tell them to run outside with their pajamas on and start shooting. (lol)

Give the delegates and due process a chance. Dr. Paul's great strength is that he allows people to make up their own minds.