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The RNC Delegates Are About To Have An Epiphany

If they haven't already had one...

Latest polling numbers place Obama well ahead of Romney, even though their politics are similar, if not the same. Government controlled health care, here we come. Obama is going to play the class warfare card, and take Romney's Bain capital woes all the way to a 2nd term in the White House if the RNC delegates do not stop it.

There is only one REAL choice to win. Only Ron Paul can defeat Barry Insane Obama.

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if it were only possible

i beleive most of the rnc delegates that are not ron paul delegates are establishment types. most of them are picked by the establishment and are part of the establishment. they already know that romney is a horrible candidate, but they don't care. what they care about is doing what they are told, so that they might move up in the establishment heirarchy some day.

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This,you have written is more truth than most



1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

It would be about time!


What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

GOP-Democrat Coin is Seriously Bent

Please get this idea out of your heads that this is about a Republican or Obama occupying the White House.

The GOP establishment would let Democrats win for a thousand years rather than to ever let a Ron Paul take the GOP nomination - let alone the presidency!

Because GOP-Democrats are bankrolled by the same people. They are the same people - regardless of party. They are two sides of the same coin - and that coin is seriously bent!

dem and repub parties are same

In some ways I agree, in others I disagree. However, the complete corruption is why we need to take back the party. Contrary to what the establishment is saying, we're not taking over the GOP, we're simply taking it back.

Doesn't matter if Obama or Romney wins

The puppet masters will still achieve their agenda. They don't care which puppet's in office.

I was talking to a friend

the other day.He said if the Paul people don't vote for Romney and
Obama wins it will be our fault.I said,no,it will be the Republican partys and your fault for running such a weak candidate,after all,his positions are the same as Obama's.He got a funny look on his face and had no come back.

Get a New 'Friend'

Their comment was re-Todd-Dead. Your come back was good, though.


I did the same thing. It turned out the same too.


I did the same thing. It turned out the same too.

Actually they will get exactly what they want

They know Paul can beat Obama. Problem for the establishment, Paul will beat them as well. And so, they are happy with Obama because they already own him.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo


The RNC and the GOP screwed up

Big time thinking they can fraud the entire US out of a fair and just FEDERAL election process.

The delegates are unboud, the RNC know this but they are trying to violate our voting rights by intemidation, coersion, election fraud, and outright violence as was witnessed by millions in LA.

If you are not ourtraged then you are not paying attention.

It started out about the election fraud, delegated disenfranchizement but now it has become obvious that they've included the entire US and it's citizenry in their criminal acts of ELECTION FRAUD. They are basically telling us that our vote and voice doesn't count and they will install whom they want regardless of what the American Citizens have to say.

The have gone too far for too long. When the American Citizens stand together against this criminal cabal with the FEDERAL LAW on our side, they don't have a chance.


The state chairs will simply turn in totals

no delegates will get to vote.

And that is when you object and demand

that the delegation be polled.

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