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Ed and Ethan 1X06 June 24, 2012 with Euro Pacific Canada


Ed and Ethan take on the stupendous and the stupendously stupid. On this week's show, we take on recycling. Does the city need an oligarchical style recycling regime? We wonder, do Conservative Members of Parliament actually know anything about the 425 page budget bill that they passed? Elizabeth May has offered up a simple quiz for government MPs to show off their know how, but none of them took it. A father in Ottawa wants to take custody of his children, but family services says no. It seems like the primary motivation is the father's weight. If this is the case, is it at all justified? And 84-year-old Frank Myers is facing the grim specter of land expropriation because the government wants the land for a military project.

Quotes this week covers PEI's health minister and a rather off colour remark from Immigration Minister Jason Kenny.

Also, new mortgage rules are about to take effect in Canada in an effort to restrict credit markets and insulate Canada from global financial problems. Dan Simon with Euro Pacific Canada, an investment firm with offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, joins us from Toronto to explain what this means for the Canadian economy.

Finally, Ethan wanders through The Garden of Ethan, explaining just what inflation really is.

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