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Man...these cops are just thugs...unbelievable :(

This is disgusting. Many cops are clearly not here to protect and serve the public but to protect and serve themselves at taxpayer's expense, an expense mind you which keeps going up with every new arbitrary "rule" and "regulation" passed by the army of idiots we call "our" government.


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*whistles and walks away from rager*


Those guys are really over-weight imo.

No wonder they do the job they do, they will definitely need the benefits.

Other than that, those guys have to get out more instead of playing video games and playing with Star Wars figures ;)


Typical crowd. No one has

Typical crowd. No one has any nerve. Folks stare at there feet, look away, and do nothing. Been there multiple times. Cowards everywhere.

she's white so ron paulers do their typical knee jerk reaction

Without knowing any facts.

But with trayvon, silence.

i fail to see

how treyvon's death has anything to do with police being bullies and jackboot thugs. Rodney King being assaulted, yes, but Treyvon?

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what randomly picking a few out of the crowd?
asking for an ID from a girl in a bathing suit?
where was she going to keep it?
the law says if there is victim,then there is no crime
she was kidnapped against her will
if she has to post bail or pays a fine,she has then
been held for ransom
the girl was right,they had no reason,nor the right
to do what they were doing
the ones who committed the crimes were the ones wearing
the badges

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She was suspected of being an intoxicated minor - the cop

attempted to ask where her identification was located without any specific response or help from the suspect. I am sure he would have worked to discover where the ID could be located and checked, but the suspect attempted to leave the scene - that is what I saw - check the video yourself.

Having said that - the cop was heavy-handed and I certainly would not treat a,clearly unarmed, female in such a manner - he had at least 100 lbs. on her along with backup - he cold have just cuffed her until the situation was resolved.

Are you crazy? Suspect

Are you crazy? Suspect attempted to leave the scene? Suspect of what? If there was no official complaint backed up by an affidavit, then there was no crime period. There was no warrant so they violated her protections under the 4th amendment at a minimum. Police can only stop you if they have reasonable probable cause of a felony. Being an intoxicated minor is a violation of a statute or an ordinance and is not a crime at all as there is no injured party but either way its definitely not a felony. Statutes and law are not the same thing. I hope she finds someone with the knowledge to bring a title 42 lawsuit against those jackboots. If you think police have the right to arrest you without cause then you are wrong. Its time to stand up for the rule of law in this country and believe it or not, being an intoxicated minor is not against the law.

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right ehartle

the governments cannot create laws
against the people,so they create an agency
that mysteriously has the power to do the
governments bidding
so they create statutes,ordinances,which
are color of law,meaning,they appear to be
but are not
this newly formed agency is none other than a corporation
and is for profit, corporation created by
another corporation,but all for profit,this is why
they create more and more laws,so they can
steal more to but more,with ultimate goal of making
everything illegal just to perpetuate more of
the same
the judges everyone go before are for profit themselves
as they work for the same corp as the cops,lawyers
attorneys,both defense and prosecuting
in fact the judges get a piece of all fines they impose
on the people before them,all tax free,of course
since when is an average person answerable to any corp?
why do judges,lawyers and such hide the fact that they are
an administrative and not judicial?
it has been said that they are in all a private for hire
entity,not even connected with the government at all

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typical pig behavior

can you image how these thug tyrants act when the cameras are not on them.

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That pig is a straight bitch.

That pig is a straight bitch. Taking down a harmless, weaponless civilian is an act of tyranny! I wish he would try that on me and see what the outcome would be. I would probably end up in jail for assault on a peace officer. I'm not trying to promote violence but what that officer used in that video is what I consider UNNECESSARY use of violence.

What is worse

is that all those people just stood there and did nothing. I have no idea as to why cops were there but watching the sheep stand there with 1 thumb in their mouth and 1 in their ass and allow this to happen is so disgusting. I doubt there were any victims of crimes committed by these 2 girls.

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those are not

peace officers,those are revenuers for the
corporation they work for
peace officers look out and protect your
peace,not take it from you
their only reason for being is to take
anything they themselves do not have to work
for to get,they steal it by force

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You're right, they're no

You're right, they're no peace officers. I was just being particular to the charge that would have been implemented. They consider police, probation, and parole officers "peace" officers.