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New way for us to WIN the General election using Facebook and is freeeee!

Celebrity profiles on Facebook. Many of these profiles have 10,000,000+ "likes" or "subscribers" which means those "likers" or "subscribers" have the content of the celebrity profile added in their news feed unless manually deleted or edited or unsubcribed. Below will be a short list of Ron Paul videos to post preferably in the "Post" section of their profile but if not, post it in the comments. The post section is viewed longer that's why it's better. Now doing this after 5-6 or so times, facebook will temporarily block you for being a spammer but it's only for a day or 2. This method is so effective that we can obtain billions of views with only a few hundred people doing this. We could actually surpass the views porn gets on the internet if we all do this. Think of sports celebrities, actors, talk show hosts, politicians, musicians etc.
I cannot stress enough, these videos must be the best of the best , I mean they have to have the ability to make you cry or be emotionally moved to be effective. I've reviewed just about all of them. Never before have I ever condoned a use for spamming until it came to Ron Paul's views. Profiles, I have done this so far include, Justin Beiber, Kim Kardashian, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Obama, Romney, Bill Oreilly, Santorum. Think of celebrities that you'd see on TMZ. That's how you wake up the rest of America. Actors, sports stars, talk show hosts, news anchors, anyone who's popular on tv or radio. Sports stars alone would instantly bring in millions of views. Just look at the attention Tiger Woods got not too long ago. Lets grab some of that attention. Just think how many people talk about and watch the Superbowl and Nascar and other major sporting events. We've all heard of Alex Jones for example but Romney and Obama people have never heard of him because he's not regularly on TV. This is how we win the general election as the first candidate to win as a write in candidate. Who cares about the nomination? We still have a chance to win the general which costs nothing.
Copy and Paste till your spam blocked on facebook, wait 2 days and do it again.

Videos to post (Copy and Paste people! We must save America!)

1) http://youtu.be/gBQKpe8bZrA (Why people are supporting Ron Paul)
2) http://youtu.be/yRX3fUwUtIE (Patriot act, NDAA, 4th Amendment)
3) http://youtu.be/cD1d4fy5vyE (Delegates and Huge Rallies)
4) http://youtu.be/Sok0oU8R-uU (Truth Injector)
5) http://youtu.be/FLv8c2nlF0E (Imagine ad)
6) http://youtu.be/tjuUWr9vaXo (The famous "what if" speech)

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My celebrity facebook spamming idea is WORKING!!!! I know so because I'm getting like updates. If all of us keep doing this, we still have a chance. What are you waiting for, get cracking!

The most ignorant comment

The most ignorant comment ever written on a Ron Paul support group forum EVER. (Which is saying A LOT given the ridiculous comments here and RPF)

That is the quickest way to get people to HATE Ron Paul even MORE.

There is a REASON why your entire family thinks you are a mother fucking joke and ignores you. No one likes a broken record, turning EVERY conversation into your bitchfest.

Your mother wants you dead. She can't wait until August when you plan on killing yourself. She may do it sooner. She would rather be in jail than have to admit you are her child.

I know that you mean well

but be careful about doing things that will just annoy people and perpetuate negative stereotypes about Ron Paul supporters. This could do more harm for your cause than good.

Also, Justin Bieber fans don't vote.

Re: Justin Beiber fans don't vote

Yes, but your forgetting, they might bug their parents to vote.

and they are the future.....

and they are the future..... why not target young girls.

I think this idea is brilliant.

Re: another great video

I posted that video in my original post.

I like it=)

Let's do it. As well as sending super brochures to all elected delegates and alternates.

RP AD bf Tampa Conv