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We Are Ron Paul Money Bomb! Tampa or Bust!


Please help us make Paul Festival a success. We appreciate all your support!

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I hope Paulfest works out Well!

And everybody has a great time!

I am sorry

But there are just too many questions about this event. The Paul campaigns refusal to participate makes me believe something here isn't right. We are going to need more information if you are going to get my money.

I honestly believe the GJ invite is a horrible idea, unless sanctioned by Ron Paul himself.

Anything that could damage our convention strategy should not be supported, IMO.



During the Texas GOP Convention, I was recently selected as an alternate delegate to the RNC in Tampa, FL!!!
The costs are estimated to be $3000+ to $4000+. My chip in goal is $2000, and I can scrape together the rest. I have exhausted my reserves and now need to ask for help.

I have donated $2000+ over the years directly to campaign, organized and fund raised for a major RP parade float, campaigned for several delegates by printing flyers at Texas GOP convention (from my own expense), helped organize a caravan to Austin for a Ron Paul rally, donated my time and resources to numerous Ron Paul events locally in the DFW area.

If you cannot help with chip in, please you can help by giving my DP page an up vote, promote my chipin, or leave a comment.


Mods-since you are deleting threads tonight...

Might as well go for this one too. It is saying the same stuff as the one you just deleted.


Stop that. But yeah, I was going to say "This thread will self destruct in 5...4...3...2...

Then Do Some Very Honorable Things

...in the festival name and money bomb names make it clear that they are *inspired by* not *sanctioned by* Ron Paul.

Refrain from using language like *WE ARE RON PAUL* when you do not speak for the entire support group of Ron Paul.

Give us (and the campaign) some assurances like:

The majority (or the most high profile) speakers are not those who are either Gary or who have prematurely endorsed Gary. Let us know if they are *paid* for their services.

Let us know that they have been asked to *not* make campaign speeches, but rather to honor all that Ron Paul has done and will do and his legacy.

Reveal the time slots of the Gary folks so we will know if they are slotted for prime time when any media, domestic or foreign, will be there. Consider slotting Gary for when Ron Paul's rally is so he can talk to his ardent followers. Do you even have any concerns about when Ron will be holding his rally as far as your schedule or are your plans to compete with him.

These are all reasonable points to anyone who believes something very noteworthy for the entire world that is not *inspired* by Ron Paul...but also part of his strategy may very well happen in Tampa if it is not consciously or unconsciously sabotaged.

Do some very honorable things beyond writing Dr. Paul a letter...that is as though it comes from ALL of us and begging him to come to your Ron Paul Liberty Candidates rally while he is in Tampa for the Republican National Convention.


Honorable about what? WE ARE

Honorable about what? WE ARE RON PAUL PERIOD! This movement has way outgrown Ron Paul, he has told us we are the future. This is not a for profit event anything said to the contrary is simply UNTRUE. This is organized by the same people from revoltuion march, they are legit. The festival is to celebrate the accomplishments of Ron Paul and to attempt to grow the movement nothing more. This is exactly why people like Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Michael Sheuer, Stewart Rhodes etc... are all on board with this event. I just don't understand what all the conspiracy theory and calling it a fraud is about, I don't care if you donate or support the event, in fact it is obvious you aren't supporting it at all and that is fine, but to call this event a fraud is completely unwarranted and the people that have been fighting for this movement like TOM WOODS, PETER SCHIFF, STUART RHODES etc... all know different. support it or don't it doesn't matter to me, but stick to the facts, not assumptions or propaganda.

Maybe I missunderstood what it says on thier website

"Paul Festival is a fund raising project of the Liberty Unleashed PAC. All proceeds go to support efforts to elect liberty candidates. Not endorsed by any candidate or candidate's committee."

Sorry count me out if Gary Johnson (a main speaker at the event) is going to be a recipient on any of the money bomb donations because he's a "Liberty Candidate". They screwed up huge when they got involved with that weasel.

Thanks but no thanks I'll give individually to candidates of my choice rather that have one red cent given to the backstabber.

If the people running the event were actually following the pulse of things they would know that things have changed greatly and Ron Paul will no longer endorse Gary Johnson but people like to remain in denial here,it's safer.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul


We didn't pay Gary Johnson anything. We're not even providing his travel & lodging. Just so you're aware.

Outgrown Ron Paul

...okay, says it all.


Yup, you're right. Good call.

Yup, you're right. Good call.


My take on the whole thing is that this festival is in tribute to the ideals of the man,Ron Paul, NOT that it is created/sponsored/endorsed by him.. It is created by a non-profit .org to give folks (aka We the People) a place to celebrate the Liberty movement as a whole!

I dont really understand why this is a hard concept for some people to accept. It is plainly stated that any net profit from the festival expenses will go towards Liberty candidates and endeavours, if you would rather go to a Status Quo festival, then just stay home!

Everyone: shouldn't that $100,000

if that is the correct amount, go to our delegates? Divide 100,000 by 3,000 and that pays for total transportation for 330 delegates. That's huge.

Can anyone post here the actual costs of the event?

What makes you think 330

What makes you think 330 delegates need funding to get to the convention? I have personally worked with many delegate groups and most of the delegates are already funded or will be funded by other delegates. It seems to me that you are trying to raise funds for something that is almost non existent. I believe that if a delegate neds finds they should talk to their own group or statr their own chip in and it will be funded without your help. BTW, this has been a legit question asked by many people that you have still refused to answer so I am asking you answer it now, arent you from the UK? How can you have a legal US PAC living in a foreign country?

If you really want to know, you can call the PAC attorney to

confirm that this is legitimate-plus. His name is Dan Backer.

The UK claim: do you have any proof for this, while making this accusation? I'm waiting.

Delegates have contacted me who desperately need funding. Money is in short supply. Same point: any monies which are available must first go to help these freedom fighters. I'm wondering: why is this a point of contention? I would think any serious Ron Paul supporter would know the crucial nature of this.

I can't imagine that anyone, here, would discourage people from collecting funds to help our delegates.

Absolutely Not!

From now on, no more of my money will go to MoneyBombs, events, causes or someone's personal project.
What little money I can spare will go to help delegates get to Tampa. At the exorbitant rates they are expected to pay (upwards of $3,000) I'm sure everyone in town will be making a big haul with this convention.
By the way, isn't this the 'event' where Dr. Paul is NOT going to be speaking? (Maybe I'm mixed up about that.)

Please, do NOT donate to "Paul" Festival!

This is NOT a Ron Paul event!!!

They have asked for volunteers, they have asked for free or discounted equipment, and now they want donations to fund their expenses on an event that they are CHARGING ADMISSION FOR!

Make no mistake... This is a FOR PROFIT EVENT. You do not need to donate to these clowns.

I URGE all of you. Do not be taken in be these SCAM artists!

Where is your evidence of this?

Going around spewing lies and slandering people is not going to bode well for you.

What a lie!

That is totally innacurate. This is an EXPENSIVE event location, at a PREMIUM price because we are right across from the RNC. Stop lying, the costs to put this on are outrageous! I usually pay anywhere from 60-90 dollars to attend a all day music event like edgefest, lollapalooza, and others like it. this is 77 FOR THREE DAYS, AND parking, AND camping. Come on man, what a liar.WOODSTOCK 2000 Tickets for the event were priced at $150. This is a STEAL!

I dont think I would trust anyone

That is aasking for donations, without first fully vetting them. Just sayin. SHOW US RECEIPTS...

That's the way I feel about it.

So I don't support either this fest, or a certain "lawyers" group either.

If it's not part of the official campaign, then I'm not interested.
I don't support any group that I'm not fully comfortable about.

That's hilarious.

We feel the same about transparency. We know how Ron Paul people are, because we ARE Ron Paul people. I HAVE the contract IN MY HAND that shows the Fairgrounds contract is $120k. Everything else is generally itemized ON THE MONEYBOMB WEBSITE at http://www.paulfestival.org/moneybomb and I'm SURE the organizers of Paul Festival will do everything we can to be as transparent as possible. And we are ALL volunteers! None of us is making a DIME off of this festival, and I know that I, personally, have put in HUNDREDS of hours getting the Ronvoys ready so far, and it's not over by a long shot! I DO it because I believe in the cause.

We're TRYING to be transparent. We WANT people to know what their money is going toward. But people are so ready to criticize - to call us names and talk a bunch of shite - without taking a single moment to speak to us in a civil manner. WHAT gives ANYONE here or anywhere else the right to CALL me NAMES because I want to throw a festival?? (Not you, by the way...someone else in this thread.)

I don't understand what happened to the Ron Paul movement, but I can say that a LOT of changed in four short years. NO ONE would ever have spoken to someone in the way I've been spoken to, back in 2008.

If people had questions, they asked questions. And I appreciate you coming straight out and mentioning what your concerns are. But some people are so hurtful, it stings. It's enough to make one leave the liberty movement entirely.

Woodstock, Lollapalooze, etc.

Woodstock, Lollapalooze, etc. all have bands that people actually WANT to see. You have nobody. You have people that should be paying US to listen to them.

Doesn't seem like a steal then.

And it is not our fault that you are horrible planners. IT started when you started selling tickets BEFORE HAVING A VENUE! Shows that you are amateurs.

You are ignoring the fact hat

You are ignoring the fact hat ever single one of your bands.entertainment PUT TOGETHER doesn't ad up to the worst band (both cost-wise and quality -wise) at any of those events.

Saying "Look! We we may be offering crap...but it is CHEAPER than good stuff, so it is a STEAL" is absurd.

I never said it wasn't expensive...

I said, "This is a FOR PROFIT EVENT". They are charging admission.

I love that a supposed "Ron Paul" event is asking for handouts!!

If they want to charge admission then they do not need donations.

If they want to charge admission then they can pay for the labor.

If they want to charge admission then they can pay for their equipment at market price.

If they need money to pay for expenses, then they should depend on pre-sale tickets. That is a true gauge of attendance to an event. It will also let them know if they should pull the plug and just pay the deposits they made for bookings.

There is no comparison between Woodstock 2K, Lollapalooza, or Edgefest.

I have seen events at Florida Fairgrounds that don't even charge admission. Oh wait... those are the ones that take donations and it's elective.

I don't want this to be a free event. I think they should charge, but asking for donations and still charging is wrong.

If they need money? Ask for pre-sales! Come up with VIP packages... do something, but don't ask for handouts!

Paul, How Much Has Been Raised

...for the festival? It there someplace where this is shown.

I see the goal is $300,000 and only $70 has been raised so far. I would imagine a lot of tickets have been bought with all the promoting. Will ticket sales be included in your Ron Paul Money Bomb..or is that separate?

Also, Doug Wead said that foreign press would be descending on Tampa...said second only to the Olympics. He also said that many foreign countries are watching the Ron Paul movement very carefully.

Given that, I am sure that Ron Paul is very interested in how he is portrayed in Tampa to foreign press. Do you expect them to also descend on the Festival that carries his name. Seems that would be even more reason to make certain that he agrees with the way he might be portrayed by a festival carrying his name and paid for, in part, by money bombs carrying his name.

Does anyone see my point? Perhaps you could *ask* how he feels about his name being used. Hey, if he says "I think it is great"...I will think it is great also. If he does not....then I personally will hope it does not reflect poorly on his future plans or his legacy.


Dr. Paul has stated to us that he appreciates our efforts.

And in case anyone forgot, this man has done more to bring diverse groups of people together than anyone in our modern time. Why on earth would we be opposed to having people from all over the political spectrum involved in this event? This is one of the primary purposes of having this event - to show our numbers, to show our diversity, and our unity in the message of individual liberty.

Ron Paul has always shown support for our diversity. He has even bragged about it. Diversity finds unity in the message of freedom. This is a way for us to show the world, for the first time, our true numbers as we converge on Tampa, Fl. in a moment of celebration, and unity.

Please Donate..

On the website, the purpose of the WE ARE RON PAUL Moneybomb:

This is the stated purpose of the RON PAUL Money Bomb:
Paul Festival is a fund raising project of the Liberty Unleashed PAC. All proceeds go to support efforts to elect liberty candidates. Not endorsed by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Donate your heart out. Who are you donating to? I'm just reading..."all proceeds go to support efforts to elect liberty candidates."

Which ones? Who? The ones the organizing arm of this things says are liberty candidates. Any of them. Johnson? Come on you guys.

It DOES NOT say this money bomb is for delegates. It associates Ron Paul's name with the moneybomb for ???liberty candidates??? and then says it is not endorsed by any candidate and YET USES one candidate's name.


The money bomb is to help pay

The money bomb is to help pay for the festival fees, a whole list of fees is right there for all to read. The fairgrounds alone just to rent and insure is over $100,000

There is also a seperate chip in for delegates only from paulfest as well, which will continue to be promoted heavily after the moneybomb is finalized tomorrow. All delegates and alternates receive a free 3 day VIP pass to the festival.

Paulfest is organized by many of the same people that founded the revolution march with Ron Paul in 2008, which was the first event that had over 15,000 people show up and march the streets in DC and hear Ron Paul speak. These people are credible.

I Am Only Questioning

..the use of Dr. Paul's name for raising money without his permission.

I am sure those who have worked hard to organize it have good intentions. Posts are sometimes misleading. This moneybomb is to support the Festival. Why couldn't it be called something other than Ron Paul. That is my only point. If Ron Paul was ice cream (or if liberty really is) then you could donate to vanilla or strawberry. But Ron Paul is a candidate. The name association is what I am questioning since it is not at this time authorized by the Ron Paul Campaign. Perhaps nobody else has a problem with that. I will let it go.