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We Are Ron Paul Money Bomb! Tampa or Bust!


Please help us make Paul Festival a success. We appreciate all your support!

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We're raising money to put on an event.....

....in celebration of the man we consider the founding father of our movement. This isn't a competition.

Don't let it go.

There is a valid concern here. I've already bought tickets for my family, and even promoted the festival here at DP. But I think there is a valid concern.

Dr. Paul was criticized and ridiculed for YEARS for those newsletters. You all know what I'm talking about. It was the issue of using his name, his good name, without his explicit permission.

Doug Wead said the following last night with regard to Paul Festival: "Dr. Paul is trying to figure out what the right thing to do is" and "Dr. Paul has to be responsible for his name and how his name is used" and "I don't know what they have planned, or who they've invited, or who they haven't invited, and all the details of it, to be able to speak intelligently on it, and I'm sure he doesn't know yet either... But so many people are interested in it, and want to go down there, that I suspect that he will respond to that." A few minutes later, he said "I urge people to be patient and wait to see what Dr. Paul's decisions are about some of these things." Eventually he did say he would be happy to appear at Paul Festival himself, if it could be worked out.

Now, there is a money bomb (again using Ron Paul's name) and the proceeds will go to the Liberty Unleashed PAC (which can basically use it however they want). In light of Doug Wead's comments, I think the timing of this money bomb could be much better. Shouldn't we wait for Dr. Paul's decision about the festival?

My understanding

My understanding is that Ron himself supported this festival until the list of speakers were announced.

Grass Roots Organizing

To Have A Festival Promoting The Cause of Liberty and Ron Paul..... COUNT ME IN!


See you there! I can't wait. Thank you for all your hard work putting this event together!

Ron Paul Money Bomb/Not Legal

....this is way over the line. There are clear legal ramifications for using someone's name for *exploitative purposes.* All you brilliant armchair lawyers should look it up.

This is the stated purpose of the RON PAUL Money Bomb:
Paul Festival is a fund raising project of the Liberty Unleashed PAC. All proceeds go to support efforts to elect liberty candidates. Not endorsed by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Yes, they have their little *disclaimer*; however, this is clearly using Ron Paul's name for exploitative purposes ie to RAISE MONEY for candidates *little l liberty* that he may or may not want to GIVE money in his name to.

Obviously, it also takes away from the only reason to raise money right now...getting delegates to Tampa. Oh yeah...the fest will say we are doing more than anyone to get delegates to Tampa...housing..free tickets, etc.

This is so juvenile, ill-advised and exploitative.


Regarding Fundraising for Delegates...

My name is Susan Wolfe and I own Revolution Travel Management. I organized the Ronvoys for both Revolution March AND the Rally for the Republic in 2008. I brought them back this year for Paul Festival, with the EXPRESS PURPOSE of getting the Delegates and Alternates to Tampa for the RNC!! And I have been asking for donations for Delegates and Alternates for their travel & lodging for TWO MONTHS!

Do YOU want to know how much has been donated so far for Delegates & Alternates and their travel??? $185 dollars!!!!!!!!!! TOTAL!!!!!! And FIFTY of that was MINE!!!

So the NERVE of all you people to suggest that Paul Festival organizers are FOR PROFIT or that we are trying to make money off of Ron Paul OR the Delegates!! YOU haven't helped out AT ALL!!!!

You're USING the excuse that "we should be giving our money to the Delegates, not Paul Festival", but you're NOT giving your money to the Delegates, either!!! So WHAT are YOU doing for liberty??!!

And you can downvote this comment all you want. I'm SO SICK of all the people who have NOTHING better to do than criticize the efforts of others on this site! I've been a Ron Paul supporter since before MOST of you ever KNEW your freedoms were at risk! And I've NEVER been paid ANYTHING for my efforts. The nerve of you to even suggest it.

Just because people aren't

Just because people aren't giving money to a worthless cunt like you does not mean they aren't contributing to delegates.

That's interesting...

I didn't ASK people to donate money to ME, I asked them to donate money to the Delegates. I don't CARE how the Delegates GET funding. You claim that they are getting funding other ways?? Wonderful!

If they ARE getting funding, then WHY do I have over 180 Delegates registered for funding assistance through my website?? WHY do twenty Delegates a day call me to talk to me about how they need help??

YOU surely know of SOME way that people are donating to Delegates that I'm not aware of, since you speak with such authority (not to mention your incredible vocabulary). SO SPILL IT - WHERE are people donating to Delegates?? Huh?? I'm sure THE DELEGATES would ALL love to know, and I would LOVE to tell them where to go for the funding.

Great...Your Downvotes

...will tell me just how many of you are all for exploiting Dr. Paul's
name for whatever purpose you choose and by disenfranchising many of us by claiming *WE ARE RON PAUL.* I remember a time when that statement brought tears of joy to my eyes and I felt I was part of a real movement.


I upvoted you, fonta...

... Hang in there, Liberty patriot!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand


free bump=)

Where is the moneybomb to help delegates get there?

That is what a moneybomb should be for. Festival is fine and dandy, but it won't get votes for Ron Paul. Is there a moneybomb for delegates? If there is, could someone post it?

Delegate Donations for Travel & Lodging

Can by paid to http://delegatesponsor.eventbrite.com

I don't know where LibertyUSA's donations are going - or HOW they are having Delegates/Alternates even REGISTER for funding. All I know is that I have over 200 Delegates and Alternates registered for funding and travel & lodging assistance. If YOU can help, please do. Thank you.

Thank you for your wisdom, Mr. Hornsby


Every penny collected goes to our delegates (less the PayPal fees).

The delegates are our win, nothing else.

DR K is a fraud

Don't donate to that PAC, this guy is a fraud, supporting shadow groups like CRU. Rides for Ron Paul(google it) is helping delegates get there. BTW, Dr. K, You are in ENGLAND aren't you? How can you be in England and still own a fucking PAC in the US? HMMMMMMMMMM

Good point

You make a good point. He's just another troll trying to ruin PaulFestival

Now, this is interesting.

If the people monitoring this thread were interested in winning the presidency and supporting the delegates, would they really vote this down?

When You Are a Fraud

Frauds get voted down, nobody likes frauds....its pretty sad that you say not to donate to Paulfest but to donate to you....BTW Rides for Ron Paul will get delegates there free, Paulfest will give them a place to camp free...Transportation to and from the official hotel for credentials will also be provided.

Easy with the mudslinging

As far as I am concerned, Dr. K is a patriot and has never done anything to suggest otherwise. When I was looking for materials to pass out on our primary day, Dr. K sent me slim-jims free of charge and even covered the shipping. That was incredibly helpful to the cause and incredibly generous. It makes more sense to me to get our people to Tampa in the best shape possible, rather than worry about funding a festival that Paul won't even be at. Just my 2 cents...

Wow..the bar for being called

Wow..the bar for being called a patriot has been lowered quite a bit over the last 240 years.


I consider anyone fighting for the cause of liberty a patriot.


Dr K is from the UK, and owns a US PAC. secondly, Paul WILL be at paulfest, it just takes time, and dealing with stupid a$$ Jesse Benton

Some things are just too ridiculous to respond to, but since

you insist:

a) not from UK and not a UK resident
b) born in Cedar Rapids, IA
c) live in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago
d) am a U.S. citizen
e) do not support the CRU in any respect
f) only support Dr. Ron Paul; never voted for anyone else
g) only donate to the good doctor and any absolutely real liberty candidates
h) love the grassroots supporters of Dr. Paul; support them now and will continue to support them forever

Hope that helps.

Sorry but you are too

Sorry but you are too delusional to exist on this planet. When Ron Paul doesn't show up. you HAVE to kill yourself. It is the only way to save some honor for your family.

Look...you have NO hope of a happy life. No job skills. No woman. No hope of EVER having either. So just do it now. Even the loneliness and shame

I'm all for Paulfest, I think

it is a wonderful idea, but I think we should really prioritize. We should focus on putting funds where they are most needed first.

It would be great if Paul decided to come to the event after all, but I was under the impression that his campaign is intending to hold a completely separate event one day before the convention.

Then WHY

...does their website explanation of the money bomb say something totally different?


I don't understand what you

I don't understand what you mean. Please elaborate.

paulfest tampa 2012 wooooo

paulfest tampa 2012 wooooo

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