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Ill. Supreme Court: Sex With 17-Year-Old Was Legal, Pictures Were Not

The sex was legal but taking pictures got him 8 years in a cage. WTF is going on in this country?


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The system is a joke.

Cops, attorneys , D.A.s and judges are all a part of the travesty of our so called legal and justice system. If you get arrested, you are not innocent until proven guilty. The D.A. will trump up more serious charges. Then you "get" to hire an attorney for at least 5K. Then the attorney you have paid 5K will negotiate with the D.A. and force you to plea bargain, even though you are innocent or offer you the choice of a trial... Hooray! The attorney now wants another 10K to go to trial. No matter which way you go, you are screwed. You plea bargain, you have a record, probation and court costs. You go to trial, you risk going away for years. If you go away then you have started supporting the prison industry. Someone want to tell me again as to how we have the best justice system in the world. This system works if you are rich.

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