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How are YOU doing in trying to find a place to stay in Tampa?

I've been trudging thru Craigs List & Google searches, trying to find a place to stay in Tampa for the convention. I have to come a week early, on the 19th, for the Platform Cmte meetings. Around six of us from Nevada would like to stay together & save some money, as our state host hotel, the Doubletree Inn, costs $250/day. One of our group has been dealing with a serious, life-ending illness in her family, & would really like to stay in a place that has beach access.

What I'm seeing in my searching, is that everyone is moving out of Tampa for the convention & renting their mansions, hovels, garages, untility rooms for TEN TIMES what they're worth, trying to make a fast buck.

Do any of you in the area have any suggestions?

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Rides For Ron Paul and Campfest 2012

Rides For Ron Paul is a volunteer group dedicated to helping as many Ron Paul supporters get to Tampa as possible. They help to coordinate inexpensive rides, and are now coordinating an inexpensive place to camp as welll!!!!


What do you think of this? www.theonlinemarket.org

Lots of motels outside of Tampa.

Yes, you might have to drive an hour. However, you can get something for considerably less than $250/day. Admittedly, the last time I rented in Kissimmee, Florida was over 5 years ago; but, I got a pretty good room for under $25/day. I just checked Travelocity and found rooms for four people as low as $31/day in Kissimmee during the time frame of the RNC.

You might also want to check out camp grounds, if you can handle tent camping in the summer.

I thought the Republican party booked

the rooms for the delegates(at the delegates expence of course)and
bused them into the convention every day.That's the way it was in 08
when my brother was a delegate from Alaska.He had to pay for the hotel right after being elected.Maybe other states are different.

No, CA is the same

We have a hotel 33 miles away and you are expected to stay at the Hotel, and why wouldn't you want to be with your committee and state anyways?

I think the question is about a place BEFORE for convention.

All I can do is wish them the best of luck in all sincereity and boost it with a prayer they be safe and happy.


Delegates: get your lodging now before it's too late and you end up in a hostel or HOA campground.

Keepin' it real.


Haven checked but anything in the bay along the peninsula is not to far. Clearwater is right across from tampa, bridge connects them,

Hey, I may have something.

I was scouting out some hotels here in the area and there is a slightly run-down Howard Johnson's Inn at the corner of I-4 and Hwy 41 (which places it halfway between the FL Fairgrounds and the downtown area where the convention will be, about 15-20 minutes in heavy traffic either way). I called the hotel last week and they said they still have 40 rooms available. Here is their link:


I don't know if they still have rooms available, but good luck.

ALSO, try the privately-owned vacation rental home route, in the Apollo Beach/Sun City/Ruskin/Riverview areas:


and, if you still can't find anything, pm me. I have a realtor friend who knows folks who might be able to find you something.

edit: OR join Tampa Bay for Ron Paul (see below). Why didn't I think of that. :)

Tough Neighborhood, sleazy HoJo

As far a most HoJos go they are clean, not that one and there is a street element present always. The Americas Inn across the street is full of roaches and rundown, a real fleabag, but cheap approx $45/nt.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Thanks Mary, but

the HoJo has HORRIBLE comments - yuck!!!!

I've been all over the other link looking for places. Almost everything either taken, too far, or jacked up in rates.

I'll try the facebook, but so far, I have nothing...

You might have to

go a little further afield, then. Like Lakeland, or Plant City. Did you try the Red Rose Inn in Plant City (right on I-4, easy commute to downtown Tampa)? I drive by there sometimes, and have eaten business lunches there; it would be about 30-40 minutes (depending on traffic) to the downtown convention area.

Link: http://www.redroseinnandsuites.com/index1.htm

It's kind of a nice local hangout but not your typical business-y hotel for the Tampa area, so you might get a break.


Not one comment, nada....I guess none of you care about how we delegates are going to get by in Tampa. Do you have any idea how expensive this is getting?

Join Tampa Bay for Ron Paul

Join Tampa Bay for Ron Paul group on Facebook. Tell all your other friends coming to Tampa to join. Ask for advice, directions, info on good restuarants, a good place to stay, whatever you want. Tons of Tampa liberty-minded patriots on there:

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bump for delegate accomodations;