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Australian Government Begins Testing Three-Year-Old Children for Mental Illness

In an another attempt by Big Brother to intrude on the development of our children, the Australian Federal Government has begun to systematically test three-year-old children for signs of mental illness via a national program aptly named “healthy kids check”.

The Australian Federal Government claims that the aim of the program is to improve the health and well-being of Australian children by identifying lifestyle risk factors that three-year-old children may be exposed to (for example, sleeping with the light on, having temper tantrums and being shy).

The healthy kids check program is expected to start July 1 2012 and will be predominantly managed by local General Practitioners who will be expected to report their findings to the Federal Government upon completion of an assessment form.

This test will form part of a standardised evaluation program for developmental problems such as hearing, vision and speech impairments. The Australian government expects that 27,000 3-year-old children will be assessed for “mental illness” within the first few months.

However, the Federal government is not only ordering general practitioners to look out for three-year-old children who are suffering from shyness, temper tensions and sleeping with the light on, they have also been instructed by the Federal Government to look out for the following “unusual” behaviours by three-year-old children:

Ask questions about eating habits (Child’s appetite and variety of food they eat)

Ask questions about the child’s toilet habits (do they need assistance, can they go independently or does the Child wet the bed)

Ask questions about the child’s behaviour and mood (how well do they sleep, what’s the social and emotional well-being of the child and can the child separate from the main carer.

Many experts have warned that by introducing such intrusive checks at such an early age, doctors and general practitioners who are well-intentioned, will most likely end up prescribing antipsychotic medicines to 3-year-old children who are not technically suffering from any formal mental illness, but are simply showing signs of normal behaviour.


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They have been doing this in Massachusetts

for kids on MassHealth. I raise a now 17 year old high functioning autistic (aspergers) granddaughter. I of course had to protect her from forced drugging up until I decided to get her out of the public school system and home school her.

Two years ago I had read that Mass Health required Pediatricians to start doing preliminary mental health screenings. I had to bring my GD for her yearly check up. We were sitting in the car before we went into the MD's and I told her that the MD was most likely going to try to do this mental Health screen on her. Keep in mind she is autistic so I had to do a little role play with her to prepare her.

What is so hysterical about this role play was that I was shooting from the hip and it actually went down exactly according to how I imagined it would and every single question that I guessed the MD would ask is exactly what she asked.

One of the things I expected was that the MD would ask my GD if she would like to talk her alone without her grandmother. I told my GD to say no.

Well sure enough the MD asked if she would like to answer some private questions without me in the room, and when she asked the question the first thing my GD did was look at me and smile, before she said NO!

The next question I expected she would ask was how was school going and if she had friends Etc, Etc. AS we agreed she would say everything was great. Then the MD asked her if she ever felt shy, or anxious around her friends. This was another question I knew she would ask. At this point my GD said to her (the MD) Are you trying to find out if I have a mental illness? I almost shit. You should have seen the look on the MD's face that this kid saw through her questions and came right out and asked her.

At this point I was pretty pissed off and when the MD answered no, I said yes you are, and we are not here for a psych eval so we are done with the questions. We ended the visit.

When we got into the car my GD said Nana she asked every single question you said she would ask, and I almost burst out laughing but I didn't.

I think for an autistic kid she did a fantastic job so we went to lunch and had a great conversation about the whole episode.

SteveMT's picture

The Aussies have gone off the deep end of the pond.

The land down-under has gone under. With three y/o mental illness testing, all will fail. Carbon taxes starting also down there, and fines for anyone speaking-out against them.

Don't serve carbon lies, ACCC warns
By Phil Hudson - May 25, 2012 9:57AM

SHOPS and restaurants could face fines up to $1.1 million if waiters or sales staff wrongly blame the carbon tax for price rises or exaggerate the impact.

And households are being warned to watch out for telephone scammers offering to deposit carbon tax compensation into their bank accounts.

Aussie Politicians

Should be tested for Mental Illness.


Something to think about.

"This has been going on in New Zealand for about 4 years. During that time Pharmac figures show a 140 percent increase in antidepressant prescriptions for 0-4 year olds, between 2009-2010, and an average 10 percent increase in mood stabilising drug prescriptions in the last 5 years for children aged 5 and over".
Source, Sunday Star Times June 24 2012.
Big Phama is out to medicate your perfectly normal children for exhibiting their perfectly normal toddler behavior.
It makes me want to weep!