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2012 National Republican Platform for LIBERTY

National Delegates and delegate assistants - I am a national alternate delegate from Texas and I need your help... I'm trying to compile a list of all of the National Platform Committee members (one man & one woman from each state & territory). If you know your state's Platform Committeeman and Platform Committeewoman please send me a message with their names and contact information if you have it. I am working on a strategy for the national platform and need help from every delegate in every state!

Additionally, if you are interested in helping put more liberty and constitutional conservatism into the 2012 GOP platform to give liberty candidates a standing in 2014 and 2016 please let me know. I need people willing to read through the 2008 Republican National Platform make notes, think about where we can insert language regarding high priority issues, then help to draft the language so that we can get it to the Platform Committee people and National Committee people. This work must be done BEFORE the convention. The sooner the better so that they have time to prioritize and review.

Thank you for your help with this effort to greatly influence the 2012 Republican National Platform!

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