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The Smoking Gun: A Libertarian Action Film

Hello fellow freedom fighters!

I'm an aspiring filmmaker from Southern Oregon, an ardent supporter of Ron Paul, and a dedicated liberty activist. I'm currently trying to use my love for film to further the liberty movement by creating an a thought-provoking, action-packed, modern-day western about the war on drugs. It's called The Smoking Gun, and our goal is to create a film that is both entertaining and enlightening. Something that could be a potentially powerful tool for the liberty movement.

We're currently trying to raise a couple thousand dollars to get The Smoking Gun off the ground. Check out our IndieGoGo fundraiser and watch the video for more information:


If you like what you see, we would greatly appreciate your help! Even if you can't donate, recommending this thread and re-posting the fundraiser on your facebook, blog, and twitter accounts would be a HUGE help.

Thanks guys! Keep fighting the fight!

- David West

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Only a couple of weeks left!

I'd love to see this project get fully funded. I hope you will join with me and make a contribution. Cheers ...

Looks Good

For anyone that hasn't already seen it, go watch "One Man's Terrorist" on their website http://www.BuckTheSystem.tv It's a great anti-war short film. I'm excited to see what you guys can do with a bigger budget and better equipment on this one.

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Neat video...

Hello David. Nice chatting with you. I watched your other film "One Man's Terrorist".... I have to say I was shocked... a modern "Red Dawn"...

Looks like I'll be putting some money down for it after all.

By the way I would like to invite you to post your videos and articles
on http://www.Libertychatter.com you are more than welcome to use the forums to talk about your projects.


Mr. West is a Veteran that deployed

with the 3rd Rangers Battalion into Iraq...Mr. West, I was one of the gentlemen eating upstairs with you at the Veterans March after party in D.C. back in February (I had picked up two veterans and we had driven from Chicago. They had mixed up your food with one of the vets I was with). As with the many other veterans that were there that day, it was an honor to meet you. I watched your film "One Mans Terrorist" shortly after, and I applaud you on your work...Also it was a few days after the veterans march that I ran across the clip of you confronting John Bolton,awesome job. A shame they censored it when they aired the clip, but at least Stossel offered up the UN-edited version.
At the very start of the clip, you can hear Bolton being booed and someone yelling out "It's called blowback"...priceless

You are an asset to liberty and I have a feeling I'll be seeing you in Tampa. Peace to you until then brother, there will be a battle brewing come August.

De criminalize Liberty!

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Looks very cool indeed. So I gather only

the 1st part of the trailer is animated, but the actual film is to be shot with real actors, on site etc, right? Good luck it's a great project; I will contribute next week.

Yes, this will be a live-action film.

The "animatic storyboards" are just for the purpose of the fundraising video. We're actually going to be shooting the animated scene you saw in the video this week on a remote bridge in Northern California.

Thanks a ton for the support, guys! We really appreciate it!

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