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The Old World Order

"They," are not new. Not even close.

RNC Theme Song, "Go West"

The video is VERY interesting...released in the early 1990's, shortly after the Berlin Wall fell, America went to sleep, and the two party system officially became one under Bush, Clinton, Bush II and sang kumbayah while worshipping Muloch at the Bohemian Grove.


"This is what we're gonna do."

This video was made 20 years ago, and the communist theme is beyond blatant in the lyrics, and video itself. Lady Liberty in Red...

Here we are today, 20 years later, and what do we have?

Socialism is the kissing cousin of communism. Communism is by their own definition, "internationalist," in nature and order. Internationalism is also known as Globalism, aka the new (old) world order. They all worship Wal-Mart's red star....

Crony Capitalism, Communism, fascism, internationalism, globalism....all, "isms."

Freedom, Free Markets, and Independence are not, "isms."

They are God given rights.

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guess the pet shop boys were commies

Video with a stairway to heaven motif.

What did you mean when you said go west was rnc motto? Literally or symbolically?