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What Does the Ron Paul Campaign Have Up Their Sleeve?

In an interview on June 23rd, Doug Wead was asked about the Ron Paul delegates going to Tampa. He answers the question starting at about 7:30 into the interview. He states: "We're not gonna announce what we're going to do in advance...Obviously we have a reason behind getting those delegates and we're not going to announce it."

I'd rather we didn't waste time trying to speculate what the reason is. The point of this post is to help those who have lost faith to maybe re-gain faith. Keep fighting and keep getting delegates!!!


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For the record

For the record, I'm one of those people who lost faith in the Ron Paul 2012 campaign after everything that happened: the Ron Paul email saying Romney has the delegates needed, the whole thing with Jesse Benton, Rand Paul endorsing Romney, the questioning of Doug Wead, the supporters wondering why the campaign didn't seem to fight back.

I have no idea what their big secret is but I'm starting to wonder if I should have ever given up. If you're friends with me on Facebook, you also know I deleted about 500 Ron Paul supporters as well. Anyway, this gives me a little bit of hope. My hope was that sharing this interview would have the same effect on others. RON PAUL 2012 and beyond! We can not let this rEVOLution die!

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Right, IMO. Silence/rationalization is not the way to proceed.

A grassroots movement like this must be continually fed, i.e. wide open communications and frequently, a clear strategy this is unwavering. Consistency of purpose under any circumstances is the driving force behind this movement.

I hear ya, brotha!

I hear ya, brotha. I think I just needed a break from it all. I haven't stopped informing people about Ron Paul since 2007. I'll probably never stop but it was as if it was taking over my life.

The plan

What I heard was that the RNC holds all the cards and can basically do what they want, HOWEVER, you never know what could happen.
I think you'd be wrong to assume they don't have something awesome up their sleeve, but will they be allowed to play their cards? That's the real question.
I love Doug Wead. The best thing I took out of this is that Ron Paul is one of a kind and we all owe Ron Paul, but our allegiance should be to the Constitution and not one man.
My advise is to hope for the best and plan on the worst.
I also like what he said about Rand. He's been beat up by the DP and maybe deserved it, but there's stuff happening that we just don't know about. The question you should ask yourself is do you trust Ron Paul? If so, who am I to question. Ron Paul has earned all of our trust so let's believe in him.
Don't lose hope!

Nothing. More shenanigans

Nothing. More shenanigans will be pulled at the convention and Ron will tell everyone to be respectful. Our delegates will wonder why they paid thousands of their own money to watch Romney get the nomination unchallenged.

clap clap clap

they have no plan. Paul is just john the baptist, he gets the message out but he is not the one to drive out the money changers.

Without lawsuits to bring the whole thing into chaos there is no hope for paul. because so few delegates will have made it to tampa, only evil bootlicking toadies will be there. You can bet your bottom dollar that state chairs will simply be submitting vote lists and declaring Romney the winner.

Awesome interview

It's not over. Thanks, Mr. Wead

secret secrets are no fun

You understand it's hard for a campaign to run a campaign when the supporters do their best to figure out all the plans and blab it all over the internet? I mean, if the Romney campaign wanted to know how to beat RP, all they would need to do is read this forum.

I think it's something to do with a generation of people that has been taught to speak or write all their thoughts as they happen, whereas the older generations were taught to think before they speak.

I'm not saying you shouldn't talk, but please understand there is a reason that the campaign doesn't announce all of their plans to you.

I keep saying

but no one listens usually.
Paul is a student of history, he has studied winning strategies and uses his own platforms to win election after election.
He doesnt spend one dime we send him, instead he saves it and waits till the others are so far buried in defense of their putrid records and vile history, then- he pounds them. Blow after blow while they are busy having to defend themselves every hour of every day. Thats why Romney stayed hidden for so long, while Dr. Paul was enlarging his base.
Paul can walk onto ANY college campus, the others cant even step foot in a college town!lol

Ron Paul has been seriously underestimated and he counts on this.
He chugs ahead while the others spend money, lie and spin themselves into a tizzy.
Paul keeps a clear head and anyone who thinks Rand or Jesse are doin
something Dr. Paul is not one hundred percent behind then they havent studied Paul very much..
Ron holds his cards close. He has to. Look at his record. He has spit shined it for 76 years, and it will pay off for him.
It all ready has.
He is the only politician I know that can go ANYWHERE, to ANY meeting and be welcomed.
Think about that.....
Think of the worst and best groups in America and he can stand tall in front of them all and give them something they can be proud of.
An honest, constitutional following country family dr, who wouldnt tell a lie if his life depended on it.
So there ya have his trick.
He uses truth and the same message.
He has the rules up his sleeve. He is prepared to call them out, and let us have our way with them. He knows we hold the power, NOT THEM.
Ron Paul has received a good message and he wants to pass it on to the kids, he really loves the kids.
One can see it in his eyes when he looks at them and delivers them.
For sure he has, all ready won.


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

They have cannons full of

They have cannons full of hidden delegates up their sleeves, ready to fire.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I pray you are right. With the news about MA delegates

being removed, I nearly hurled on my PC. What is going to be done about that one?

it breaks down like this:

If you're a delegate (my heroes) go to Tampa and vote your conscious. If you are not a delegate, do what you can to support them. If you're not in a position to help financially, support them by keeping any negative, gloomy thoughts to yourself- no matter how well-intentioned. Do these and we win. No matter the outcome.

Good post.

I've kept an eye on the comments Doug Wead has made on his own blog posts, replies and such. There have been a few times when people have asked point blank what the campaign's plan is.. and he's been very.. nonchalant I guess? Hard to describe, but it's as though he's saying:

'Shhh - trust us. There's some awesome stuff planned, but it has to stay quiet - capiche?'

I know people get discouraged when there isn't any good news to keep them motivated.. but I for one believe there's something big up the good Doctor's sleeve in store for Tampa.

Hoping I can get an online broadcast in New Zealand. :)

I don't want to know

because the answer would be NOTHING. All you get are patronizing answers from Wead. He still needs to collect his paychecks. (motive) I could be wrong about him but I sincerely doubt it.

Keepin' it real.

My guess is that they'll try

My guess is that they'll try to engineer putting Ron's name up for nomination, which will, as I understand it, give Ron an opportunity to speak, and not only to speak, but to deliver HIS speech, as opposed to one first approved by the Romulans. Wead hinted at this in his interview, and Ron did too in a recent interview.

Rand probably got a speaking slot for the endorsement, but the only way Ron will get one is this way, or if he too endorses, which doesn't look likely to happen, and hopefully doesn't happen.

Short of a miracle hail Mary nomination, this is the best I can hope for out of this convention.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

wont happen

because of the loss of MA and LA delegates. Heck they will probably not even HAVE open nominations or recognize any attempt to have them.

They want to Paulinate the convention.

to grow liberty.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Now that's a fruit of labor I

Now that's a fruit of labor I can live with!



RP is dangerous, so dangerous

Whatever it is...

...they are wise to keep quiet. Probably something simple but good. If they were outspoken about it, no doubt that the GOP will try to screw with it. There is no end to what they are capable of.

On Sept 1st...

We can talk all we want on Sept 1st. Until then I am not speculating. Doug said too much already.

. I have faith that the team has way more knowledge and experience than I ever will, so my speculation is worthless. I am going to wait for orders.

. This is the big leagues...

I agree

I think that's why they won't announce details about the rally and delegate meeting that Ron mentioned in his last video to supporters until much closer to the convention. Heck, if I were in charge, I would come up with a way to make sure that the delegate meeting is an exclusive very private meeting with the BOSS.

is that supposed to be on Sunday?

I know I know...very private - but I want to make sure my plane tickets won't have to be changed.