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Tampa Convention: Ultimate source of truth

Have Questions about what actually happens at the Republican National Convention? Let's get our info straight from the source... Their own website.

First, let's quash the perceived notion that Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee, as one might believe listening to the MSM.

Primaries are important, but the American people really start paying attention to choosing a president once the major political parties have their nominating conventions.

The purpose of the convention.

Along the way, there will be plenty of other work for delegates, especially their most important task: officially nominating the Republican candidates for president and vice president...

Choosing a presidential nominee is the key event and that nomination usually occurs on the convention’s third day, followed by the official nomination of the vice presidential nominee.

The final day concludes with the acceptance speech by the presidential nominee. Shortly after the acceptance speech – and an enthusiastic demonstration of delegate support – the convention adjourns and the fall campaign begins.

What will be accomplished at the convention?

The purpose of every nominating convention, both Republican and Democratic, is to officially nominate the party’s candidate for president and vice president, and to adopt the party’s platform and rules.

How are delegates selected?

Rules adopted during the 2008 Republican National Convention established the formula for determining how many delegates and alternates are allocated to each state during the 2012 election cycle. They also set the timeframe as to when delegates and alternates can be elected. Other than these overriding requirements, how and when delegates are selected is left to each state party to decide and that process is reflected in the rules established by each state party – typically in conjunction with state law.

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