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Doug Wead: In the Trenches of the Washington State Battle!

Doug reports on what happened in Washington, and posts a memo by local r3VOL activist Peter Chiou from Tacoma-metro, who assesses pros and cons of what occurred, and what we can do to change it!

In the trenches of the Washington State battle

In the last few months I have been inundated with emails and memos and got to this one late but I kept it for months and read it and re-read it. This is from Peter Chiou in the Tacoma, Washington area and it was written in March when the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum people were working together to stop Romney. There is good advice here for Ron Paul people still in the trenches. And this is a good archival piece to have for the future. It offers needed insight into the process.

One correction? Peter Chiou is a very humble, self effacing leader but he is wrong to blame himself. We have taken on the establishment and it is no easy task. There will be successes and times that we fall short. It is a process and his experiences here will help others in others states win delegates and it will help in the future.

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