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504 message/censored by Bernanke?

I've seen this a few times: all of a sudden, a thread I was interested in suddenly is deleted with 504: (censored message, from of all people, Ben Bernanke, lol).

Why and who censors these messages, and what does it mean? Sorry, only been here less than a year and these things still startle me.

Thank you.

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In case you didn't see it on the other thread

Here you go

State Director: Mark Cross – markc@ronpaul2012.com – 407-908-2749

Thank you very much.

Sorry for my rant here last night.

I see such a tangled web, and it is frustrating to finally glimpse some order in the chaos only to have it yanked and censored.

But thanks for the name/number. I'll give him a call.

It happens to me also . My

It happens to me also . My comment, thread totally disappear with a "big access denied" in your face. There is no explanation or reason given. Big Brother is at work.

OK, no answers,

only questions.

The mods want to create an environment of suspicion and distrust, I see it now. Instead of only being suspicious of one another, we are also encouraged to be suspicious of the administrators of Daily Paul. We are to destroy ourselves, or each other. That is the plan.

And by the way, mods, when were you planning to hand out the lithium?

Well, that does it for me. I'm convinced now that Lawyers for Ron Paul, Paul Festival organizers, and Dr.K.Research (come on now, what real doctor writes his name with no spaces between the periods?) and maybe that Christopher guy who claims to be a liaison between LFRP and DP are ALL bad guys.

Since my account is likely to be deleted forthwith, I just want to bid you all good luck. I'll be somewhere in the background, fighting the good fight for my 5 greats grandfather Minuteman of the AR, Ezekial Kellogg, may he rest in peace.

Sorry for the rant, folks.

I needed some time away, I guess. I was very frustrated by the censoring last night; this is such a tangled, complex campaign. We need all the clarity we can get, and censoring folks' comments makes it that much harder to discern who is who and what is what.

And Bet He Does Rest in Peace

...with a five greats granddaughter like you...fighting the good fight and making certain it is a fight worth fighting.

Thank you for questioning along with me. I connected the same dots. I read all past posts of folks that confuse me. Usually tells the story once you get past the self-ingratiating ones perhaps meant to establish a following.

Good luck to you to Mary1 if you make the wise decision (like I am considering) to continue being exactly who you are with what you came into believing in tact...no longer visit a place that makes you sad like losing a close relative and wondering if you ever were really related....and, most importantly, a place that is no longer a wonderful, inviting library stocked fresh each day with information and commentaries like you never see elsewhere.

Thank you for sharing Ezekial, Minuteman. That was the kind of sharing the DP used to be all about...and we would marvel at our connectedness to history and all the things we believed in.

God Speed

Nena (known as Fonta)


It's supposed to be funny.

It'll be okay.

Love thy enemy.

Well it's not.


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you mean 403, see:




403 == Access Denied == mods only

The redacted message from Bernanke, as linked, is referencing how ludicrously redacted their public minutes transcripts from 2008 were (or how much access was denied).

Some liked the 404 pages...win some lose some.

The 504 message is a server timeout, which we unfortunately don't currently have direct control over.

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Aha, yes perhaps it was 403.

The Bernanke reference is there. But WHY? do threads suddenly disappear this way?

"So be off now, and set about it."

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see faq link above for usual reasons

exact reason in this case was the post was calling out other DPers, personal attacks are generally not allowed, and particularly if it's just a feeling without cited & concrete evidence.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

This is what I got

Access Denied
CHAIRMAN BERNANKE: Good evening, everybody. I am sorry, once again, to have to call you together on short notice. We live in a very special time.

Keepin' it real.

Would Seem the Mods

...are deleting some threads tonight. It may well be that there are some topics that are not to be questioned. One thread on the RP MoneyBomb and another by Rhino that I thought was valid went away while I was commenting.

The DP has changed quite a bit in such a short period of time. I guess I have been a trouble maker lately . Funny because I've been here over five years and never was considered a trouble maker before.

But this is a different DP then it used to be..


The bad thing is the mods are getting involved in the feuds

They need to re-fresh some of them.

Yes, me too.

I was particularly interested in Rhino's thread, and I have some info for him that I wanted to post. It was an extended post. The second I hit submit, the 504 message appeared.


So Was I

...and the explanation given makes no sense. Rhino recently posted it. Would seem that (a) the mods consider his observations invalid or something or (b) the mods are in on it.

I, too, was connecting some dots. I miss some of the incredible voices of reason from the past. They are not here any more. Used to be when crazy stuff came up, it got snuffed by people far wiser than me so I just read.

Answers to so many good questions have been just bizarre lately. Sounds like network tv or something . Driving me crazy. Whew. I'm going to give it a rest.

Wonder if this thread will get deleted also.


Happened to me, too

On several occassions. I think it's very weird. There's some splaynin to do, Lucy.

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I put in a comment and it went into neverland.

I hope it wasn't something reasonable I said.

no clue

it's stupid.