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Fox News Lies- Says Ron Paul Told Delegates To Vote For Romney!

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your title is misleading

in the video the anchor says "they are free to vote for Mr Romney" - which is in itself true. Whether Dr Paul actually said it or not I don't know. It's a fact they are not bound in Iowa and can vote for whomever they choose, including Romney.

The video is edited...so its not true.

Remember we can only win by going along and losing Ron Paul tells us so. Jesse Benton will help us lose with the most respect possible. So Be respectful, saying that Paul has us voting for Romney is practically the truth.

Smile every time they kick you in your teeth. Wave happily every old person they take to the ovens. Be respectful as America dies, it is a funeral after all.

"At least as a serf we had cows, now we are the cow"

Why isn't Jesse Benton

Why isn't Jesse Benton correcting this? Shouldn't the Paul campaign be out in front on this? Those who make excuses for Jesse and the other incompetents/infiltrators surrounding Paul are really deluded.



Let's flood

their emails and phone lines demanding a retraction. That ought to curl their toes.

Keepin' it real.


The anchor lost control of his tongue for a second. But then again, it wouldnt make for a tantrum-fury thread here about how libertarian Rupert Mourdoch, who has wrote articles about how great Rons policies are, (nevermind that), is conspiring to take over the globe...e

Sure! Lmao don't make me

Sure! Lmao don't make me laugh man. Rupert is a libertarian? Hahaha that's a good one!

juan maldonado

Im just saying

take it out on Roger Ailes

Murdoch is apolitical as far

Murdoch is apolitical as far as I know. He is interested in two things: himself and his business.

and Israel

and Israel

This is normal behavior...

...for Fox News!

Yeah I'm starting to realize

Yeah I'm starting to realize that now lol

juan maldonado

If Ron Paul delegates are

If Ron Paul delegates are free to vote according to their conscience then by the same token Romney delegates should be free to vote for Ron Paul according to their conscience. This news item is a perfect example of how the News Media puts a spin on things even as he's choking on his own words.

Why would he do that, if

Why would he do that, if we're gonna win the nomination?

juan maldonado